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Mibuki Kazan (未吹華散 Mibuki Kazan?)[2] is a student of Tokiwadai Middle School, currently a member of Shokuhou Misaki's clique and formerly a member of Hasekura Reiri's clique, prominent in both.[3][4]


Mibuki Kazan has long straight black hair with a partial hime-cut and wears oval-rimmed glasses. She has her hair tied at the back in the present day.[3][4][5][6][7] As a Tokiwadai student, she wears the school's uniform.


Like most members of Shokuhou's clique, she is highly loyal to Shokuhou Misaki,[3][8][9] respectful to both her and her second-in-command Hokaze Junko,[8] and was similarly loyal to Hasekura Reiri before her.[10][4]

Aside from a degree of the refinement and etiquette expected of Tokiwadai students,[3][8] Mibuki Kazan displays seriousness in her role as a clique higher-up,[10][4][8][9] and has displayed an inclination towards dealing with adversaries decisively on a couple of occasions.[4][9] Although serious in her role, she does still have a touch of naivety.[8][9]


The girl's background is largely unknown, but she was in Hasekura Reiri's clique during Misaka Mikoto and Shokuhou Misaki's first-year at Tokiwadai, and would later join Shokuhou Misaki's clique.[4][3]


Toaru Kagaku no Railgun[]

Daihasei Festival Arc[]

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Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T E01 20m 40s

The girls were stopped by Shokuhou's Mental Out.

Around the time the Daihaseisai planning committee were trying to get the Level 5s for the opening ceremony, the girl was present with Shokuhou Misaki, Hokaze Junko, Asato Kisa and other clique members at a café when the topic was brought up. When Keitz Nokleben made his presence known, the girl stood up but was stopped by Shokuhou's Mental Out and sent away along with the others, the encounter to be forgotten.[3][5]

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T E04 19m 27s

Mibuki among the girls observing Mikoto.

On the second day of the Daihaseisai, she was among the members of Shokuhou's clique who were tasked with taking care of Misaka Mikoto, keeping her occupied and restricting her movements,[11][12][13] while Shokuhou was away dealing with the situations regarding Misaka 10032 and Kihara Gensei.[14][15]

First Year Arc[]

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Mibuki Kazan was with Hasekura Reiri, along with Asato Kisa, when she ran into Mikoto and the other two top clique heads in a hallway junction. When Hasekura returned after taking the Level 5 away for a brief contest, she asked how it went and on Hasekura saying she lost, the unsure girl told her that a clique leader should not say that out loud like that. She and Asato then discussed the situation regarding the clique and the two Level 5s.[10]

When Hasekura Reiri first encountered Shokuhou Misaki, Mibuki was accompanying her, together with Asato.[16][4] When Hokaze Junko tried to impede Hasekura's attempt at engaging Shokuhou in conversation, the girl started a fight with her, which the two continued elsewhere while Hasekura talked with Shokuhou. The two became quite enthusiastic in their battle, which was eventually ended inconclusively by Shokuhou's Mental Out after Hasekura and Asato had finished their respective conversations with her, with the two made to awkwardly walk off in opposite directions.[4]

Four girls around a table

Shokuhou, Hokaze, Asato and Mibuki together.

Several days later, Mibuki and Asato were assigned to accompany Shokuhou and Hokaze when Hasekura was creating the appearance that she and the Level 5 were working together in order to provoke movement from the mastermind behind the inter-clique conflict, with the two aides there ostensibly to protect Shokuhou in case the mastermind tried to attack her but also to reinforce the plausibility of the rumor.[2]

Montgolfier and Hasekura

Mibuki disguised as Hasekura, with the rest of the Hasekura clique during the confrontation at Montgolfier's HQ.

After Montgolfier was identified as the culprit behind the attacks that instigated and aggravated the clique conflict, Mibuki joined the rest of the Hasekura clique, with later reinforcements from the Mikagami and Sha cliques, for a raid on the company's headquarters, and was involved in the subsequent battle with Montgolfier's operatives and their prototype weapons.[17][18]

Deflecting flame attack

Mibuki deflecting a flame attack.

During this time, Mibuki was disguised as Hasekura (and barely able to see without her glasses) to cover for their leader's separate move against a possible hidden mastermind, with Mikagami reinforcements only realizing when she intercepted a flame attack against them in a different way from Hasekura.[17][18]

In October, the day after the art appreciation elective and theatre fire in School District 9, Mibuki greeted Hokaze and remarked that she wasn't escorting the 'princess' today,[19] to which Hokaze replied that Shokuhou had said she wanted to be alone (being highly embarrassed at having ending up needing to be rescued after yelling at the other students to take action during the emergency).[20][19]

Astral Buddy[]

Astral Buddy Arc[]

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Ch3, Ch9

Mibuki was present at a clique meeting, during which Hokaze was drawing a picture of the ghost following her and an exhausted Shokuhou came in after having her bag stolen by a lemur, with the girl participating in the clique's retrieval operation afterwards, as part of the group's Wasp Unit.[8]

When Shokuhou was incapacitated and kidnapped by Yumiya Iruka and Houjou Arei, the girl, Kobayashi Satori and several other clique members were attacked en route and prevented from coming to their queen's aid in time.[9] After looking at the injured Komaki, she was surprised when Kobayashi slapped Hokaze's cheeks and urged her to pull herself together rather than lament as they still had a chance to save their queen. With Hokaze having recovered her composure, Mibuki followed her directions along with the rest of the clique as they sought to track down Shokuhou and her abductors.[9]

She was present when the 'ghost' phoned Hokaze while possessing Shokuhou, enabling GPS tracking, with Hokaze explaining it to her, Asato Kisa and Kobayashi as an emergency avatar prepared by Mental Out.[9] As the clique discussed what to do, she considered that the destination could be a lab in District 10 and that they should take it over once they confirmed which one, though Asato rejected the idea as it might provoke their enemy, prioritizing their queen's safety.[9]

During efforts to rescue Yuuri Senya and stop the out-of-control individuals connected to Ideal, Shokuhou decided not to utilize her clique as members had been using Indian Poker and might have seen the Ideal card, and subsequently be susceptible to its influence.[21][22] A depiction of the Mibuki's face, along with Kobayashi and Asato's faces as well as an apology from one of them, during an explanation to that effect suggests she might have been among the ones who had used Indian Poker.[22]


Hokaze's battle with the glasses-wearing girl

The girl's battle with Hokaze, including the deflection of attacks through her hands.

Mibuki's esper ability allows her to "grab" the infrared radiation emitted by objects. As a student of Tokiwadai Middle School, it can be presumed to be at Level 3 or 4.

She is an expert in hand-to-hand martial arts, being able to match a second-year Hokaze Junko during her time in Hasekura Reiri's clique.[4] Well practiced in the principle of Aiki, Mibuki can divert attacks through the movement of her hands, including kicks, launched rubble and flames, presumably the result of her esper ability, though the exact factors involved are not currently known.[4][18]

Character Art Designs[]



Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S E24 22m 11s stitch

A possible cameo alongside Shokuhou and others, with different hair colors.

  • In the last episode of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S, she seems to appear in Shokuhou's cameo alongside Hokaze Junko, Asato Kisa and another clique member,[23] however in that case, she and Asato have different hair colors/shades than in other media, such as the colored manga-related illustrations (such as on the cover of Volume 11) and the character designs for Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T.[23][6][7]
  • Episode credits refer to her using the term (食蜂派閥), which can be translated as "Shokuhou Clique", instead of her name.[13]
  • After the airing of Railgun T Episode 5, Ogino Kentarou confirmed the voices for the unnamed members of the Shokuhou clique. Ogino referred to this girl by 'straight long glasses-san' (ストレートロングの眼鏡さん).[1]
  • While her current school year has yet to be confirmed, the fact that she was in a higher-up position with Asato Kisa (then a second-year) in Hasekura Reiri's clique one year before the main story,[10][4][2] seems to suggest that she is a third-year student in the present day.



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