Micromanipulator (マイクロマニピュレータ Maikuromanipyurēta?) refers to the mechanical gloves that Kihara Amata wore.


KiharaAmata MechanicalGloves

Amata's pair of Micromanipulators up close.

The gloves were delicate pieces of technology that allowed the wearer to perform sensitive work on a scale of 1μm (one-million of a meter). The gloves were reinforced with small motors and electrically contracting artificial muscles as so the wearer could perform super delicate work.[1] It is similar to the Tweezers which works by grabbing that are even smaller than atoms.[2]

It is unknown for what purpose Amata used the gloves for, as he could easily bypass Accelerator's Redirection without it after it was destroyed.[1]

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