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Mikagami Nagisa (水鏡 凪紗 Mikagami Nagisa?) was a student of Tokiwadai Middle School who appears in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun.[2] She was the leader of one of Tokiwadai's three great cliques; one year before the main story. She graduated Tokiwadai at the start of the school's current year.[3]


Mikagami has freckles, green eyes and blonde hair, tied into a shoulder length braided ponytail with a blue ribbon. She wears the Tokiwadai Middle School uniform.[2][4] She also wears a flexible sports bra and bike shorts under her uniform, which can withstand a drastic expansion of her body from her ability that would damage or destroy her uniform.[5][6]


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In her years before middle school, Mikagami was continually approached by people who sought help from her ability, to the extent that most of her free time was taken up by it.[9] In an effort to change this, when she entered Tokiwadai, she formed a clique and made it a rule that she would only use her ability for others as a reward, in an effort to minimize people approaching her.[9] However, she underestimated how many people cared about their appearance and were willing to join, as well as the effort they would put in to get results, to the extent that the Mikagami Clique overtook the Hasekura Clique to briefly become Tokiwadai's number one clique before being overtaken by the Sha Clique.[9]

At some point in the past, Kadosaka Rina and Sukezawa Sena did Mikagami's hair up in her current ribbon.[5]

At the start of Misaka Mikoto and Shokuhou Misaki's first year at Tokiwadai Middle School, Mikagami was in her third year and leader of one of Tokiwadai's 'big three' cliques.[2] The Mikagami Clique was apparently made up of students who were mostly drawn to her oil control ability and sought her to fulfill their own desires (such as manipulating fat in their body to enhance their bust or slim them down), with Mikagami only doing this for those who contributed the most to her clique. The clique was in second place and of the three, was said to be working the hardest to get results.[2]

She is the youngest of five sisters and told her family that she can only control her own fat to keep her sisters from using her.[1]


Toaru Kagaku no Railgun[]

First Year Arc[]

Main article: First Year Arc
Big Three surrounded Mikoto - Railgun Ch132

The encounter between Misaka Mikoto and the three clique leaders.

Mikagami first encountered Mikoto in early May, just after the Level 5 had first met Sha Danshan. As Mikoto was introducing herself to Sha, Mikagami and Hasekura Reiri appeared from separate directions, with Mikoto between the three main clique leaders. After a brief exchange between the rivals, Hasekura dragged Mikoto off for a contest.[7]

Mikagami, Sukezawa and Kadosaka (Ch135)

Sukezawa and Kadosaka, accompanying Mikagami and oblivious to her worries.

Around the time tensions were rising between the Mikagami and Hasekura cliques, with several skirmishes having occurred, Sukezawa and Kadosaka were with Mikagami, bringing up and offering sweets. As Mikagami was considering apologizing to the other clique to settle things, the two rejected that course of action as it would be the same as saying they were at fault for the initial incident, both vowing to protect her before asking for a few favors with her ability, though Mikagami had already started to leave.[8][9] The two accompanied Mikagami, seemingly oblivious to her worries and internal dismay at how things had turned out.[9]

Not long afterwards, as the three were walking together, they were attacked by Yasutoba Suika, who sought to crush the Mikagami clique's leader. After briefly getting away from the assailant, Mikagami urged the two to go a different way to her as she was the target, and ended up shouting to them as they refused, venting her feelings regarding her ability and the circumstances it had caused. Mikagami left hoping they would get to safety, but the two instead stayed behind to stop Yasutoba, to make up for the stress they and others had been putting Mikagami under.[5]

Mikagami ultimately returned to defend the two after they were defeated and about to be struck after defying Yasutoba's demand to call for Mikagami.[5] Using her ability to quickly shift her body shape and weight, Mikagami began pushing Yasutoba back.[5][6] Yasutoba attempted to rattle Mikagami with comments regarding her clique, silencing the two when they tried to speak, but Mikagami was not rattled and after turning it back on Yasutoba, she proceeded to finish her off with a body slam.[6]

Mikagami Clique - Meeting (Railgun Ch141)

Mikagami addressing her clique.

After Hasekura returned and gathered electronic evidence with Mikoto's aid that suggested that the accused in the unseen attacks were not responsible, Mikagami agreed to a truce in the light of a potential external culprit. Although members of her clique objected to it, Mikagami was able to quieten them with her words (and the promise of using her ability for everyone if this led to the culprit being caught).[10]

Three Clique Leaders Meeting

Mikagami meeting with Hasekura and Sha.

Following a foiled ambush on Hasekura and Sha, she met with them as Hasekura revealed her intention to raid the company pulling the strings. Sha suggested that their cliques should join forces, given that Mikagami's clique was also a victim, though Mikagami was reluctant to do, given the lack of definite proof and the danger to her girls. After Hasekura said she'd send her clique in first and the others waiting outside would only join in if their suspicions proved correct and a fight broke out, Mikagami said she'd present it to them but wouldn't force them to do something this dangerous and the choice would be theirs. As she left, she warned them not to be disappointed if only she showed up, though her clique ultimately accepted the proposal.[11][1]

Mikagami reinforcing the Hasekura clique

Mikagami arrives to reinforce Yasutoba and the Hasekura clique against Montgolfier.

When the Mikagami and Sha cliques reinforced the Hasekura clique in a raid on the headquarters of Montgolfier, the culprit behind the attacks that instigated and aggravated the clique conflict, Mikagami was involved in the resulting battle with Montgolfier's operatives and their prototype weapons.[11][1]

After the conflict was resolved, Mikagami gave everyone in her clique beauty treatments as she had promised, though by October a number of them were regretting their choices and asking her to fix their respective problems.[12] Not long afterwards, having fulfilled her pledge, Mikagami disbanded her clique.[13]

At some point after the incident involving Konoe Nagisa and Spark Signal, Mikagami was present in the audience when Sha Danshan was tentatively awarded the Majesty emblem.[14][15]


Mikagami Nagisa - Belly inflation (Ch136)

Mikagami blocking an attack by inflating her belly with fat.

Mikagami is a Level 3 esper[1][Notes 1] and her esper ability is Oil Direction (油性操作オイルディレクション Yusei Sousa (Oiru Direkushon)?, lit. Oil Control),[2][1] which allows her to manipulate any oil she touches.[1][Notes 2][16]

This manipulation of a target's oil content includes the fat within a human body,[2] not only subcutaneous fat but also visceral and blood fat.[17] This includes for purposes such as bust enhancement or slimming, which she does for those who have contributed the most to her clique.[2][12]

Mikagami is capable of fattening and slimming her body immediately,[5][6] the former being used to resist attacks and increase the weight of her own attacks,[5][6] and the latter being used for speed and mobility or to slip out of bindings when ensnared in her fat form.[6] As imagined by Yasutoba Suika,[6] she is capable of fattening opponents and putting them of action with a touch,[17] though she doesn't tend to do so, instead using it on herself in battle.[5][6][Notes 3][18]


  1. 1.0 1.1 Although Mikagami is officially ranked Level 3, her profile notes that there is a significant possibility that she is actually around Level 4 as she didn't take the System Scan seriously.
  2. According to Ogino Kentarou, when asked which had the strongest control between Oil Direction and Military Oil, Oil Direction is the stronger ability in terms of control when it comes to oil, regardless of its origin or purity.
  3. On being asked about how she only seemed to use her ability on herself in battle, Ogino mentioned that she didn't have good memories associated with using her ability on others, so she probably didn't like such a combat style involving debuffing opponents like that.



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