Military Oil

Aizono Mio using Military Oil

Military Oil (油性兵装 (ミリタリーオイル) Yusei Heisō (Miritarī Oiru)?, lit. "Oil-based Armament") is the term used to refer to White Alligator's members' esper abilities that allow them to control oil and other petroleum products as well as freely change their properties.[1]


All members from White Alligator have esper powers that allow the user to control oil and other petroleum products as well as freely change their properties. Technically speaking, it is possible they should all be given different esper names, but those controlling them simply refer to them all as Military Oil.[2]

White Alligator's Military Oil espers belong to the all-purpose type high-level espers that put together many different varied forms of attack. Due to its versatility they can use their power in several different ways.[3] For offense, users can do things like manipulate oil around their arms to strengthen their physical blows, create solid oil projectiles and then ignite the oil to launch them at the enemy like missiles, create oil blades, oil spears or oil whips easily capable of cutting through concrete and metal,[3][4][5] release a guillotine-like projectile from their oil blades to slice things at distance[3] and create gasoline[6] and napalm.[4][7]

Composite Armor Dress

Aizono Mio's composite armor dress

For defense, users normally manipulate oil to create a black composite armor dress that is neither wholly solid or wholly liquid, strong enough to withstand a direct hit from Misaka Mikoto's Railgun with minimal damage, survive a direct hit from a napalm attack,[4][8] and offer some resistance to electricity, though an electric current with a high enough voltage can still get through.[9] They can also create a low-elasticity substance to absorb physical shocks.[10]

For mobility, users can spread oil in the ground to slide at high speeds, transform oil into something like highly elastic rubber and use it as a trampoline to jump higher or quickly change directions by bouncing, grow wing-like parts from their backs and thighs to slow down falls and change their angle of descent[3] or ignite oil to use as a physical booster.[4]

Other uses for their power include dissolving some materials, like clothes or the layered plastic used to make guns,[6] or spreading out a thin rubber membrane to hear voices and other sounds from quite a distance.[8] Users can also manipulate oil so that it has a different appearance. For example, Aizono Mio and other White Alligator members use clothes made of oil so that they can carry oil with them everywhere. They can turn their clothes into their composite armor dress for battle and turn it back to clothes after the battle is over.[11][12] Aizono Mio also proved to be capable of creating a silicone doll replica of herself, even simulating things like fat or muscle, in an attempt to trick three other ex-White Alligator members into thinking they had killed her with their attacks, similar to a ninja's substitution technique.[3]

Military Oil users can interfere with the oil being used by other Miltary Oil espers,[3] or they can collaborate to achieve greater power or control. For example, four Military Oil users were capable of combining their powers to create a large oil pit and ceiling and disguise them so as to trap and try to asphyxiate Misaka Mikoto.[13]

Multiphase Straight HammerEdit

The Multiphase Straight Hammer (複合手順加算式直射弾道砲 (マルチフェイズストレートハンマー) ?) is a combination technique designed by the members of White Alligator that creates several black bands to form something similar to a giant slingshot. The technique combines the elasticity of rubber, the explosive power of burnable oil, and super high speed propellers to fire a projectile at high speed. This was originally a strategy of the White Alligator's project to be used against the #4 or the #3. Five of them would be prepared by a group of 8 espers each, while the remaining ten Military Oil espers would hold down the target while the massive high speed projectiles are fired from multiple directions to reliably kill the target.[3]

Despite never having been tested in an actual battle against a Level 5, the researchers had predicted that it would be more effective if the projectile had intentionally increased air resistance, so the White Alligator members purposefully make sure the projectile will break apart partway through. The shockwave would then assault the target as a surface a few dozen meters across rather than in a single point, preventing the target from evading. It also functions to hold them in place. As long as a portion of the initial attack struck the target, the target’s physical strength would be worn down enough to prevent any quick movements. Then the same shockwave would strike again and again while the target could only stand in place and have his or her life slowly but surely worn down.[10]

A smaller and weaker version can be created by three White Alligator members, which they believed would still be enough to kill Aizono Mio in her weakened armor dress.[3] Indeed, Mio barely managed to survive one shot of the hammer thanks to absorbing part of the shockwave with a low-elasticity substance.[10]

Known Military Oil usersEdit


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