A Mimetic Predator (ミメティックプレデター Mimetikkupuredetā?) is a type of cytoplasmic organism weapon, utilized by A. O. Francisca.[1]


The Mimetic Predator is a creature with no definite form and a mass limited to 32kg, capable of altering its color and shape according to its situation. Its standard hunting strategy is to scan its surrounding environment, camouflage itself as bait most likely to draw in its target while blending in, and then do nothing but wait until the prey is within its lethal range.[2][Notes 1] In certain situations, when its targets can't be hunted only by waiting, the Mimetic Predator may move autonomously. In the case of a civilized metropolis like Academy City, the Mimetic Predator may take the form of a young girl (typically 130cm tall) that might draw in people through a sense of justice, protective urges or indecent motives, before splitting open down the center like an iron maiden to reveal a gaping maw.[2]

Aside from the aforementioned method, the Mimetic Predator is also capable of forming tentacles used as spears to skewer targets from multiple angles.[Notes 1][1][3] They are also capable of damaging targets that make contact with them,[1][4] as well as producing an unpleasant sensation when struck.[1] Additionally, they are able to learn and adapt to their target's strategies.[4]

The Mimetic Predator is derived from an experiment which Aleister Crowley carried out at Loch Ness. While Aleister never mastered it, a side-effect of the experiment resulted in several half-formed spirits forming, leading to a fuss about a surviving dinosaur with a newspaper eventually dubbing the apparently elusive creature the Loch Ness Monster.[5] In this case, the experiment is intentionally set to fail to mass-produce monsters with immediate strength and crushing power (apparently surpassing that of the average dinosaur).[6][5] Additionally, the aspect of a truth that no one managed to discover for so long has been taken and redefined as 'something able to take on any form'.[5]

Being products of magic, Mimetic Predators are vulnerable to Imagine Breaker,[5][7] and due being biologically based and able to 'picture', they are affected by Spiritual Tripping.[8]


Processor Suit ArcEdit

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Hamazura Shiage faces A. O. Francisca, both in Processor Suits, with the latter equipped with Mimetic Predators

On December 11th and 12th, A. O. Francisca (a Coronzon-possessed Karasuma Fran) made use of hundreds of Mimetic Predators during her attacks on Hamazura Shiage, in order to fully claim the Bank in the form of the Processor Suit.[2][1][6][3][4][9][5][7][8] During these attacks, she made use of the Mimetic Predators both separately and attached to her suit to gain an edge.[1][3][4] In the last battle, with Kamijou Touma and Aleister Crowley involved, the Mimetic Predators were annihilated by Aleister's Spiritual Tripping Big Bang Bomb.[8]


  1. 1.0 1.1 With regards to these aspects, the Mimetic Predator is described as being more like a jellyfish or sea anemone than a squid or octopus.



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