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The Professor manipulates Mimosa through his phone.

The Mimosa (オジギソウ Ojigisō?, lit. Mimosa, Yen Press: Bowing Images) is the codename for the microscopic bits of reflective alloy that can decompose organic matter and is used as a weapon.[1] The name Mimosa is used by the Professor,[2] though it is unknown if it is just a nickname he gave to the technology as is preference or if he was the one who invented it in the first place.


Mimosa is named after the Mimosa pudica, a creeping annual or perennial herb more commonly known as the touch-me-not.


According to the Professor, the Mimosa is not a nanodevice, though it is still very small and can be only be seen through special technology like an electron microscope or the Tweezers. However, the Mimosa can still be noticeable as it reflects light.[1] They are little bits of reflective alloy which give specific responses to specific frequencies.[2] The microscopic specks of metal have tiny arms which open and close in response to electromagnetic waves.[3] They have no circuitry or power, but by using various frequencies, they can be controlled much like controlling a radio controlled car with a TV remote. Normally, they are placed on microorganisms in the air and then spread around.[2] It can distinguish between animal and plant cells one by one, and can also be used to power bullets used by Powered Suits.[1]

When gathered and used, it lets out a sharp metallic noise.[2] Although small its effects on a target are nothing less than horrific. It is described by Kakine Teitoku as "tearing the cells one at a time", referring to a henchman of his from SCHOOL's subordinate organization who had the unfortunate honor of being first seen being killed by the Mimosa. Here, Kakine could see on how the man's body was slowly stripped of its flesh, leaving only his clothes and bones.[2]

As it is carried by the air it is still subject to atmospheric changes, as such it can be blown away, making the user unable to use it if they are far away.[2] Also, if the transmitters used by the controller are disabled, they won't be able to operate the Mimosa.[3]


Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Battle Royale ArcEdit

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Kakine is being attacked by Mimosa.

The Professor used Mimosa to attack SCHOOL while they are hiding out in a refrigerated warehouse for meat in School District 4 of Academy City. With them he cut out a door-shaped portion of the thick wall of the warehouse and kills SCHOOL's driver before the Tweezer in Kakine Teitoku's possession detects the Mimosa. The Mimosa disintegrated the skin, fat, muscles, and brain of the driver leaving only his bones and clothes which fell to the ground. After a short conversation the Professor attacks Kakine Teitoku with them. He controlled them from a program on his computer terminal and did so from just outside the warehouse. Despite the Professor's confidence that the Mimosa would easily kill Kakine, the Level 5 was able to fend them off and created a large explosion which blew them far enough away for that the Professor could not control them anymore.[2]

Acqua of the Back ArcEdit

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Acqua of the Back's conversation with Matthai Reese, the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church, is interrupted by the arrival of the Mimosa and unmanned Powered Suits. Here, he also notice that School District 22 has announced that the 3rd level district is low on air and advises people to evacuate designated buildings and wear their oxygen flasks, which Acqua of the Back notes later that Academy City is testing his battle strength and at the same time create a battlefield without bloodshed. Acqua of the Back is amused by their mobilization and despite the technology Acqua of the Back easily overpowers them, and merely seeing the excursion as a way to pass the time until the Amakusa-Style Remix of Church have come to their decision.[1]

His endeavors have allowed him to move to quite a bit of distance from the park where the Mimosa first attacked him. Just before the Amakusa confront him, Acqua of the Back has taken down a total of 8 self-propelled Mimosas, 17 armored vehicles, 38 androids, all unmanned.[4]

Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Kamijou ArcEdit

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Accelerator made use of Mimosa in conjunction with a satellite weapon and Flower Resistance during his battle with Elizard at Windsor Castle.[3]


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