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Mina Mathers (ミナ=メイザース Mina Meizāsu?) is a recreation of the Magician of the same name, who was a Magician of the Golden Dawn and the wife of one of its Three Founders, Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers. A thought entity accidentally produced when Aleister Crowley incorporated the Thoth Tarot into the Reading Thoth 78 parallel processing device in the Windowless Building and created a grimoire, whose names and identities she also bears, she was given the reproduced identity and role to remind Aleister Crowley of his trauma.[1]


Mina Mathers appears as a young woman, wearing black risqué mourning clothing which exposes her legs and her large breasts. She has long white hair which is covered by her mourning veil. She also has black cat ears and a tail. Her dress has a star motif, with the images of constellations on her veil, dress and stockings, and several large silver stars fastening her dress.[2][3]

As the recreation was adjusted to a form which Kamijou Touma would be comfortable with, it isn't entirely clear which particular details were down to Touma's preferences rather than being possessed by the original Mina Mathers.[2]


Aspects of Mina Mathers' personality have been shown through her recreation by the Reading Thoth 78, though it isn't fully known if the recreation is completely accurate or deviates in any way.

In the past, she prioritized her goal like the other magicians of the Golden Dawn and she didn't regret the days when she had to beg her friend for living expenses, though she showed signs of jealousy for certain adorned figures who tended to forget they were protected by the state and the people's taxes.[4] The recreated Mina also claimed to be truly jealous for the modern society and it's civilized definition of sexual harassment.[5]

She appeared to like explaining things, leading Touma to wonder if she might have be lonely,[6][7] and was slightly sullen after giving a long explanation only to be told she hadn't actually explained anything.[8]

Though Mina conducted herself in a reasonable mature manner, frequently acting as a mediator when her husband and Westcott got into childish arguments,[7] she also displayed a witch-like tendency to tempt, tease and lead astray, to Touma's mild misfortune.[6][8][9][10]

Though she acknowledged him in a way and didn't blame him,[4] the recreated Mina showed little love for her husband.[4]


The original Mina's past isn't fully known however she was a painter who married Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers, a co-founder of the Golden Dawn, and was a member of the cabal herself.[4] Mina's artistic skill gave form to the uncertain inspiration held by the Golden Dawn's magicians and played a key role in the creation of the cabal's ceremonial tools.[11] She also often acted as a mediator to settle things when some of the eccentric members of the cabal, including her husband and Westcott, got into fruitless debates.[7] Prioritizing the goal of the cabal's magical research like the other magicians, there were days where Mina had to beg her friend Annie for living expenses.[4] At some point during the downfall of the Golden Dawn, Mina was among the many magicians struck down by Aleister Crowley, doomed to either die or live a cursed life devoid of all possibilities for success.[12][11]

Later, Mina's identity was recreated by the Reading Thoth 78 and given to the thought entity and grimoire born within the parallel processing device, to remind Aleister Crowley of his trauma.[1]


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Aleister Crowley Arc

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On December 11th, the recreated Mina guided Kamijou Touma through a series of visions displaying Aleister's past.[1]


The exact degree of the original Mina Mathers's skill isn't fully known however this Mina has displayed some of her abilities.[1][11]

Mina Mather's primary skill is her art, which has given solid form to the uncertain imagination held by many magicians and her primary tool is a silver palette knife which draws a rainbow line through space. These are the ultimate source that drew, colored and constructed the many cards and ceremonial tools used by the Golden Dawn. Because of this, she has been compared to Prometheus, who gave fire to humanity.[11]

She is capable of exerting an influence over cats, intentionally and unintentionally, leading to a large number gathering at her feet like a shadow, the likely source of her epithet.[2][13]

Mina is also capable of reading thoughts to a certain degree, though it isn't known if the original could.[1]

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