Miniature Pilgrimage (縮図巡礼 Shukuzu Junrei?, Yen Press: Pilgrimage in Miniature) is a special portal-based teleportation magic that is exclusively used by the Amakusa-Style Remix of Church.


The Miniature Pilgrimage is derived from the Great Japanese Coastal Map, an atlas book collecting all the survey work the cartographer Ino Tadataka made. The Great Japanese Coastal Map is where Ino plotted the 47 portals, knowing full well that the source and the duplicate will affect each other. These portals did not originally exist in the Japanese islands but became realized after Ino's plotting of the portals, which should allow people to come and go into the portals as they please, a complete reversal of the principles of Idol Theory.[1]

This pilgrimage can only be used at midnight, and the ritual to prepare it has to be completed before the appointed time. As the timeframe in which the portal could be used is only 5 minutes long, it would be too late if they wait until midnight to begin the ritual. The ritual has to be finished exactly at midnight, however, so if necessary, they can finish it first and then activate it at midnight.[2]

It is unknown exactly if a normal magic set-up like magic circles can be used to prepare and activate portal, but it has been shown that the Amakusa Church can do it using their incredibly complex mastery of Idol Theory, using carefully choreographed normal gestures, actions, and objects, representing codes or logos that is used for the spell, like a clever substitute for a magic circle and spell.[2]

The portal can be destroyed by the Imagine Breaker if it is already open.[3]


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