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For the high school student, see Kidera Minori.

Minori (みのり Minori?) is a minor character that appeared in the second season of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun anime series.


Minori tends to have brown hair with brown eyes. She is also shown wearing a blue hoodie with a pink shirt underneath. Her hair is short, and makes her have a tomboyish look to her appearance.


Toaru Kagaku no Railgun[]

Sisters Arc[]

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Minori and her friends looking for the "lucky" cash card.

While clones are killed everyday during the arc, focus is instead given to Shirai Kuroko who finds Minori and her friends searching for the cash cards that Nunotaba Shinobu has dropped in order to delay the experiment where the clones are killed. Apparently, a ridiculous rumor has spread that when one finds a cash card and if the serial number has a digit that appears twice, the card will bring good luck. Naturally, since they are searching for it in a dark and dirty alleyway, Kuroko makes them go on their way, but not before Minori melancholily looks on the alleyway.[1]

Later Minori was shown looking for another cash card on the side of a street. A car passing by almost hit her, but thanks to Kuroko's teleporting ability she was saved. It was revealed that she was going to give the cash card she found to her friend, as a gift, since she was moving away. Saten Ruiko and Uiharu Kazari come along and decide to help out Minori by searching for it with them. Kuroko and Kazari both agree that even if they did find a cash card, they would have to treat it as a missing item. Konori Mii then suggests that they go look for a four-leaf clover on the riverbank as a present instead of a cash card. At the end of the episode both Kuroko and Minori find a four-leaf clover.[1]

Silent Party Arc[]

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As Kuroko makes her rounds of patrol, she meets up with Minori again in the morning, whom with her friends, have rounded up several four-leaf clovers. Kuroko reminds them not to go out too late to which the girls acknowledge. The children return to their search of clovers, where one girl even picked up a five-leaf clover.[2]