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A Miracle (奇蹟 Kiseki?) is a mysterious phenomenon that occurs in the world of Toaru Majutsu no Index that allows for beneficial events to transpire that is statistically unlikely to occur.

Concept and creation

According to the director of the movie, Nishikiori Hiroshi, he wanted to portray miracles as the third force alongside magic and science, referring to it as if fate "held out its hand and caused a miracle," instead of simply waiting.[1]


The Miracle of Endymion.

How a miracle works or how it comes up is currently unknown for even Aleister Crowley could not make anything of it. He, however, makes a hypothesis regarding that events that lead to the Miracle of 88. Here, he states that Shutaura Sequenzia's "wish" for a miracle to happen on that plane, the Spaceplane Orion, changed her perception, which coincided with everyone else's wishes to be safe, inducing a distortion powerful enough to interfere with the laws of causality. The power, seemingly took away the things she cared for, her father, as if compensation, though this maybe because Shutaura worded out her wish in her giving up the things she care for just for a miracle to occur. The event split Shutaura into two independent persons, her and Meigo Arisa. Moreover, Shutaura's merging with Arisa also caused a miracle to occur, allowing for the space elevator Endymion to stop from falling.[2]

Miracles are very powerful, able to be unaffected by the Imagine Breaker and allows, for lack of a better term, miraculous things to occur. For example, the creation of a fully functional human being, Meigo Arisa, that is totally different from the likes of Kazakiri Hyouka or Aiwass. Meigo Arisa herself causes miracles to occur by her mere presence when the need is dire, though her voice seem to trigger it more often.[2]

In the movie, when a miraculous event occurs, the place where the miracle is occurring becomes surrounded by multi-colored auras.[2]



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