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Misaka 10032 (ミサカ一〇〇三二号 Misaka Ichiman Sanjūni-gō?) is the 10032nd clone of Misaka Mikoto, a Sister, that was first introduced in Toaru Majutsu no Index and plays a relatively small role in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun. Originally supposed to be killed in the 10032 experiment against Accelerator as part of the Level 6 Shift Project, she is one of the few Sisters that remained in Academy City for readjustments. She becomes the most prominent clone in the series after being rescued by Kamijou Touma, and is referred to as Misaka Imouto (御坂妹 Misaka Imōto?, lit. "Misaka's little sister", Yen Press: Little Misaka) whenever they meet.


She looks the same as Mikoto, although for emphasis, her eyes are drawn in a different way. Like all Sisters, Misaka 10032 wears Tokiwadai Middle School's uniform, goggles, and blue-striped panties. At first, these were the only ways that Touma could tell a clone apart from Mikoto, who wears shorts under her skirt.

In addition, she wears a necklace with a heart accessory that Touma bought for her when they met up in the Underground Mall,[2] allowing him to distinguish her from the other Sisters and Mikoto.

She is normally accompanied with a small black cat which does not appear to mind the electromagnetic fields produced by her body.


Like all the Sisters, she showed little emotion and never considered herself to be a living being until Touma saved her. She later develops an attachment to life, even protecting chocolate chicks from being eaten. She has fallen in love with Touma, even getting territorial with him whenever Misaka Mikoto is around, teasing her for not being honest with her feelings towards Touma. Her detailed "study" about society through shoujo manga has led her to believe that if a male puts a ring on a female's ring finger, absolutely every "problem" that female is facing up to that point will mysteriously vanish into thin air and she will begin a very happy existence. Thanks to this misconception, she harbors a hidden aspiration of having Touma endow her with a ring.[2]

She is described by people as a cool beauty, a character archetype that applies to girls that aren't easily moved nor easily experience feelings when subjected to normal situations; instead they always show themselves as an elegant and level-headed person. Later, it is hoped by the Heaven Canceller that she and the other clones will develop their own individual personalities.[3]


Not much is known about her, though as a clone she was most likely produced a few months prior to her introduction in the story.


Toaru Majutsu no Index

Sisters Arc

Main article: Sisters Arc

She first appears before Touma while he was carrying the canned beverages he had gotten from a certain vending machine.[4] After he trips on a tennis ball, she helps him pick them up and bring them to his dormitory. Touma confuses her for Misaka 10031 whom Mikoto took away to talk with, but she corrects him, saying she came from another direction.[5]

After arriving at Touma's dormitory, she discovers that Touma is living with Index and Himegami Aisa. She is suspicious at first, referring to it as a hobby, but he denies her accusations. Before leaving, Misaka 10032 helps Touma get rid of the fleas on Sphynx by electrocuting them and also advises Touma on how to get rid of the remaining fleas in his room.[5][6]

The next day, Touma sees Misaka 10032 attempting to care for a cat, and she convinces him to carry the cat because animals don't like the electromagnetic fields produced by her body. During their walk, Touma has Misaka 10032 name to the cat, but he rejects all of the ridiculous names she comes up with.[7] They stop by a bookstore to buy a reference book about taking care of cats. Touma, realizing that he can't bring the cat into the bookstore, throws the cat to Misaka 10032, telling her that true friendship is born if they surpass barriers (such as her electromagnetic field). She waits outside, but she senses Accelerator and is forced to leave the cat on the sidewalk for an experiment.[8]

After leaving the store and finding her missing, Touma discovers the dead body of Misaka 10031 and mistakes her for Misaka 10032.[9][10] However, when he returns to the scene after alerting police, he sees her carrying the dead clone in a body bag. He discovers that there are many clones of Mikoto, but is not told any information about the experiment.[11][12]

10032 and her feline companion.

The next evening, Misaka 10032 faces-off against Accelerator in the 10032nd experiment, and finds her thoughts wandering to her encounters with Touma. In the battle, she tries to take advantage of the windless night to suffocate Accelerator with ozone, but, he soon realizes this and counterattacks. However, Kamijou Touma stops Accelerator from finishing her off. She protests that she is merely a clone that can be created with a push of a button, but Touma tells her that she is the only Misaka 10032 in the world.[13][14]

Misaka 10032, almost at the edge of death.

Touma is at first outclassed in the fight, but discovers that Accelerator is physically weak, and uses his street fighting abilities to attack him. However, Accelerator uses his powers to compress air into a plasma. Misaka Mikoto arrives on this scene, and realizes that disturbing the wind could disrupt the plasma ball. Mikoto begs Misaka 10032 to help protect "Touma's dream" of ending the experiment without anyone having to die. Misaka 10032 doesn't understand why Mikoto's words resonate strongly with her, but she agrees. Using the Misaka Network, she contacts the other Misaka clones in the city to spin the wind turbines, creating enough wind to disrupt Accelerator's attack. Thanks to their help, Touma is able to defeat Accelerator.[15]

Misaka 10032 later visits Touma's ward where she touches his hand to her chest to measure his vital signs. To Touma's disappointment, he wasn't able to feel her breast because of his anesthesia. She tells Touma that the clones need special treatment to extend their lifespans, as their bodies were only supposed to last until their battles, but assures him that she and Touma will meet again.[16] In the anime Misaka 10032 leaves before Mikoto's arrival and is last seen taking care of the black cat, but in the manga adaptation she is taken away by Mikoto after she discovers that she is willingly allowing Touma to touch her chest.[15]

Three Stories Arc

Main article: Three Stories Arc

Mikoto reveals that only 10 of the clones remain in the city and the others were sent out all over the world for their treatment.[17] After Accelerator is shot in the head and is taken to a certain hospital, Misaka 10032 arrives to look out after Last Order. Heaven Canceller uses the Misaka Network as a way to compensate for Accelerator's lost brainpower after being shot, though only half of it could be replicated using the Misaka Network.[18]

Tree Diagram Remnant Arc

Main article: Tree Diagram Remnant Arc

Misaka 10032 is later seen going to Touma's dormitory to ask for his help, despite her weakening health, after discovering that the experiment could be restarted again if Tree Diagram gets repaired.[19] She gets him to the scene where Musujime Awaki is battling Shirai Kuroko. However, Touma only manages to save Kuroko, because Accelerator destroys the Remnant first. In their discussions over the Misaka Network, the clones seem unaware that Last Order is with Accelerator.[20]

After the conflict, Touma sees her naked in an oval cylinder filled with liquid recuperating. She doesn't get angry and just covers the lower part of the body, but Index flies into a rage and bites Touma after hearing it.[21][20]

Academy City Invasion Arc

Main article: Academy City Invasion Arc

The morning before Vento of the Front's attack on Academy City, Heaven Canceller is seen talking with the sisters regarding separate measurements for them, Misaka 10032, Misaka 13577, and Misaka 10039 agree that they only need to take one set of measurements since they share the same genes. However, they discover that Misaka 19090 has been dieting in secret, due to Heaven Canceller's suggestion that men, and possibly a certain high school boy, like slender women. Misaka 19090 attempts to get away, but the other clones jump on her.[22]

Misaka 10032 later meets Last Order, who was locked out of Yomikawa Aiho's house. Last Order is envious of Misaka 10032's goggles so she steals them and runs off. Misaka 10032 responds by pursuing her with her Toy Soldier armed with rubber bullets.[23]

In her chase for Last Order, Misaka 10032 accidentally bumps into Shirai Kuroko who mistakes her for Mikoto.[24] She later meets Touma in the underground mall. After he confirms that she is a clone, Touma buys her a necklace to differentiate her from the other clones as well as Mikoto.[24] Though at first upset that Touma didn't buy a ring for her (the Misaka Network recently discovered the significance of a ring on the left ring finger), she eventually accepted Touma's gift. Touma then feeds Misaka 10032, a reflex he adopted to placate Index, in a store that sells food modeled after animals. Touma buys a pack of food modeled after chicks, which Misaka 10032 mistakes to contain living animals. To her horror, Touma tries to eat one of them, so she electrocutes him.[25]

Their scuffle is soon interrupted when Mikoto, who just finished her and Touma's cellphone registration, arrives. Mikoto wants to see the chicks that Misaka 10032 was holding, but Misaka 10032 tells her to have Touma buy some for her. After Mikoto argues with Touma and tries to electrocute him, Misaka 10032 asks Mikoto what she was doing in the mall. Mikoto answers that Touma lost a penalty game with her, and she has been dragging him around. However, Misaka 10032 concludes that Mikoto is not being honest to herself about her feelings for Touma. Misaka 10032 then hugs Touma's arm and shows Mikoto the gift she got in order to make her jealous. Then, Last Order suddenly shows up and latches on to Touma's other arm.[25]

Misaka 10032 hands over her pack of chick-shaped food and orders Touma to take good care of it lest she beat him to death, before leaving in pursuit of Last Order again.[25]

Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index

Ichihanaran Festival Arc

Main article: Ichihanaran Festival Arc

Misaka 10032 debuts in Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index during this arc, enjoying the festival on her own way with her cat. and as she rested upon a bench, she removed her shoes. However, the black cat took a liking for it and proceeded to enter and not leave.[26]

She later leaves, carrying her the shoe with the cat still inside it. She later comes upon Kuroyoru Umidori and Misaka Worst, the latter harassing Umidori for companionship. Upon her arrival, Umidori quickly then points out that she now has a friend for her, to which Misaka Worst says that she hates clean people without that nasty look in their eye like her. Umidori comments on how everything she does tells her that she has no intention of being her friend, to which she ignores. Misaka Worst then tries to open a conversation with Misaka 10032, regarding of her current actions. Misaka 10032 states that she removed her shoes to rest her feet while she took a break on a bench, but a black cat climb inside one. Still now, the cat remains inside her shoe. Seeing this, Misaka Worst suggests that she should drag it out with an iron claw, to which Misaka 10032 does not take lightly.[26]

Misaka Worst states that three is not enough, and asks if there are others with nothing to do. Coincidentally, Kinuhata Saiai manages to pass by and forms a disgusted expression after coming them, especially at Umidori. Misaka Worst, seeing her, agrees that she has that nasty look on her face, seeing at they are ken to the ways of the dark side. Seeing them all, Saiai then asks if they are a bunch of villains trying to create their own faction. Misaka Worst comments on how with dark people like them around, she could enjoy the Ichihanaransai honestly without holding back.[26]

Souyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index

Christmas Eve Arc

Main article: Christmas Eve Arc
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Christmas Day Arc

Main article: Christmas Day Arc
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On Christmas Day, Misaka 10032 was one of the four Sisters who made a move on the hospitalized Kamijou Touma, taking him from his bed to the bath in the amenities room, with Mikoto being embarrassed to find the four of them naked around him in the bath.[28] After the clones were sent out of the room by Shokuhou Misaki,[28] Mikoto prevented them making any further moves on Touma from the hospital's research sector.[29][30]

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun

Sisters Arc

Main article: Sisters Arc

Her role is relatively the same in the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun rendition of the story arc. However, after the morning after the battle, after she visits Touma in his room, Mikoto meets up with Misaka 10032, who isn't as severely injured, and later goes into a playground, and after some much needed bonding time with a couple of children, Misaka 10032 and Misaka Mikoto starts talking. Hither, Misaka 10032 speaks of the strange feeling of being alive, even though she was supposed to have been killed last night, which was the reason for her existence. However, because of Mikoto and Touma, she no longer has any reason to exist. Misaka 10032 then asks Mikoto to help her find the meaning of living, to which Mikoto agrees.[31]

Silent Party Arc

Main article: Silent Party Arc

Misaka 10032 appears briefly after Mikoto finds out Febrie is artificially made. She expresses a bit of jealousy that Mikoto has not visited her at the hospital at all, and yet she spent all night outside Febrie's room waiting to see how she was doing. She mentions that she talked to Febrie during the night, and that Febrie also has a big sister somewhere.[32]

She later reappears with the rest of the clones left in Academy City, and gives their assistance to Mikoto's cause. They later use the Misaka Network to aid in the calculations on how to launch the Ekaterina II S into space as well as aid Nunotaba Shinobu in giving a calculation boost to the machines Janie is connected on in order to free her, telling Shinobu that they deem Janie and Febrie as their little sisters.[33] After the destruction of the AIM bomb at the hand of Mikoto, they look up to its debris falling towards the Earth.

On September 2 Misaka 10032 is briefly seen enjoying milk tea together with Misaka 10039, Misaka 13577, and Misaka 19090, under the caring eye of Heaven Canceller.[33]

Daihasei Festival Arc

Main article: Daihasei Festival Arc (Railgun)

Misaka 10032 reappears during the Daihaseisai, lamenting the fact that she could not participate in any competition as she does not have a proper school. She is later taken away by Wannai Kinuho, mistaking her for Mikoto, and is thrown into the midst of a competition. She is later left behind, as the opposing school lures Tokiwadai Middle School, although, she tries to remind them not to scatter.[34] After single

Misaka 10032 participating in the Balloon Hunter event.

handedly taking out a number of competitors from the other school, they decided to surround her from all sides in hopes of defeating her. She is able to successfully dodge all of their attempts at knocking her out due to the combat data from the over 10,000 fights with Accelerator. They only succeed when Baba Yoshio's Mosquito Needle injects her, but she dose not process what had happened at that time. She then apologizes to the original Misaka for her failure in the competition. Mikoto then asks her if she had fun confused she responds yes, Mikoto then explains that it is fine then considering that she had been mistaken for her. Before departing she gives her some coupons for food, while wondering what she should try she collapses[34] Keitz Nokleben and Shokuhou Misaki comes upon the clone and tells her how she was injected with a nano device due to being mistaken again for the original Misaka, as such the antivirus software for her would not be able to heal her at the Exterior facility.

Misaka 10032 being infected by the virus.

As Misaka 10032 slips in and out of consciousness she asks Keitz if he was the one who saved her and at that tries to thank him. Keitz tries to tell her that it just part of his job and says that their relationship is not something that deserve thanks, referring to him being the security supervisor for the Level 6 Shift Project. As the building has been taken over by Kihara Gensei's forces he flees with the unconscious Misaka to the roof. Upon arriving there, he manages to make contact with Misaki only to be interrupted by the sudden appearance of Gensei. Gensei quickly stuns Keitz with the power of Mental Out, and later taunts Misaki on the phone he then destroys the security that Misaki set-up for the Misaka Network using her powers by using her powers via Exterior. With that it shatters the security against electrical viruses, and all of the Sisters in the world are quickly infected by it.[35] Black electricity covers the sky as the power caused by the virus infecting the Misaka Network manifests itself through each Sister across the world bringing about his latest experiment, wondering aloud if Mikoto can become a Level 6.[35] Misaki later has Kuroko teleports both Misaka 10032 and Keitz away to safety.[36]

Mikoto visits her "sister" in the hospital.

After Gensei's experiment is stopped by the combined efforts of Shokuhou Misaki, Shirai Kuroko, Sogiita Gunha, and Kamijou Touma, the first passes the information on the virus to Heaven Canceller to treat the Misaka 10032 immediately after she was delivered and confined to the hospital. She is then visited by Mikoto to see her condition. According to Heaven Canceller, it may take a few days before she can recover. 10032 is then observed by him at night while Mikoto is walking with her friends outside.[37][38]

Miska 10032 sensing a deja vu.

Mikoto later visits Misaka 10032 after the festival. Misaka 10032 laments that the festival ended while she was lying in bed. Mikoto says that she shouldn't sulk, and tells her that she should take her somewhere at some point, and asks where she would want to go. Misaka 10032 immediately answers the beach, to which Mikoto says that the beach is season has ended. Misaka 10032 says that she doesn't know why, but says that she wants to make an exciting promise with someone important with her, describing it as a sentimental sense of deja vu (this is caused by Dolly's connection with the Misaka Network and by extension with Misaka 10032).[39]

Dream Ranker Arc

Main article: Dream Ranker Arc

After the defeat of the Doppelganger, Misaka 10032 is visited at the hospital by Mikoto. She is a bit dejected that she can't go out, so Mikoto gives her cake to cheer her up. The two then meet with Kongou Mitsuko, who was walking by, and Mikoto presents Misaka 10032 as her sister. She thanks Kongou for helping Mikoto during the Daihaseisai, and introduces herself as Misaka 10032. Perplexed, Kongou nicknames her Icchan and in return, she can call her Mitchan.[1]

Other Appearances

Side Stories

Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume SS2

Main article: Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume SS2
The Fourth Friday of August

In a waiting room in an off limits portion of Heaven Canceller's Hospital called the clinical research area, the 10 Misaka clones having "adjustments" in the hospital come upon a magazine and look up their individual horoscope of their zodiac signs based on their creation dates. Misaka 10032 reads that the month of August is a chance for her to change occupations, which confuses her, with the others feeling the same about their own individual fortunes.[3]

Finally breaking their confusion of their fortunes, Misaka 10032 wonders what time should they consider to be their birth. She says that the creation dates match the time they are taken from the culture equipment, but they were not taken from the container at exactly 0 years of age, only after they were physically 14 years old through drugs. Misaka 10039 compares it to being inside a mother's womb for 14 years before finally coming out. Misaka 13577 joins in and says that it doesn't matter how long they grew, and says that the time someone comes out of their mother's womb a good enough definition for their birthday. Misaka 19090 protests, saying that the Misakas were taken between various machines while growing, and asks how they should classify it in that case.[3]

Misaka 10032 suggests that the Misaka's date of birth is the day the plan to create them from the DNA map was approved. Misaka 10039 gives a rebuttal however, saying that it would be analogous to the day that the mother and a father decide to have sex. She comments that it would be more like when the sperm was created inside the father's body. Misaka 19090 is shocked by the current direction the conversation is heading. Confused, she recalls that the project to create the Misakas were split into the Radio Noise Project and the Level 6 Shift Project, and asks which of the project's acceptance be taken into consideration. Misaka 10039 suggests that it should be whichever one was the first. Misaka 13577 comments that former wanted a full Level 5 while the latter wanted mass produced experimental subjects, and says that getting a proper definition may be difficult. Here, Misaka 19090 mentions Full Tuning, Misaka 00000, and asks what had happened to her, the clone created by Amai Ao that was cut from the Network.[3]

The girls, tired of their bickering, decided that they did not understand zodiac signs, and decided that they would open up their futures on their own. However, Misaka 10032 adds more fuel to the fire, and shows them a blood type horoscope. The girls who are all Blood-type AB, try to one-up each other who is the superior Type AB as the love fortune of a Blood-type AB is apparently positive to them, leading them to a quarrel.[3]

The Second Friday of October

On the second Friday of October as one of the few remaining clones she was guarding the 7th Level 5 Sogiita Gunha when Ollerus infiltrated Academy City in order to put across a point to Academy City's Board of Directors and Aleister Crowley that if they misuse the Gemstones due to their actions in the Gemstone Mining incident. She was beaten by Ollerus along with the other Sisters.[40]

Toaru Majutsu no Index: Love Letter Competition

Main article: Toaru Majutsu no Index: Love Letter Competition

Misaka 10032 is contacted by Last Order through the network after finding out that she and Misaka Mikoto found a love letter directed for Kamijou Touma. Misaka 10032 begins to argue with Last Order after she finds out that she intends to use the network to simulate all of Mikoto's tactics to beat her in order to get the letter.

Anime appearances

Toaru Majutsu no Index-tan

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MMR: Motto Marutto Railgun

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Toaru Majutsu no Index Movie: Miracle of Endymion

Main article: Toaru Majutsu no Index Movie: Miracle of Endymion

She and the others first appear in the hospital, eavesdropping in the conversation between Touma, Stiyl Magnus, and Tsuchimikado Motoharu, regarding the doom that will befall on earth with Endymion, to which they quickly relay to Last Order.

They later contact Mikoto's friends, who are suprised, regarding on how they will assist them in destroying the explosive bolts. Misaka 10032 carries a large prototype Railgun and aids Mikoto in destroying the mobile weapons that would've overwhelmed her. As the Endymion begins to break away, she and the others quickly escape the underground base of the Endymion.

Video game appearances

Toaru Majutsu no Index (PSP game)

Main article: Toaru Majutsu no Index (PSP game)

Misaka 10032 is a playable character in the Toaru Majutsu no Index video game. Most of her moves involve attacking in synchro with other sisters clones.


While she is not featured in the game, her goggles are an equipable item in the Korean MMROPG Lunatia.


Like all the Sisters, her ability is known as Radio Noise (欠陥電気レディオノイズ Kekkan Denki (Redio Noizu)?, lit. "Flawed Electricity"), a subset of the Electromaster (電撃使いエレクトロマスター Dengeki Tsukai (Erekutoro Masutā)?, lit. "Electricity User") ability. As an esper around level 2-3, the ability allows her to generate 1/20000 of Misaka Mikoto's power, the Railgun, so her ability has a maximum output of only 50000 volts. However, unique to this ability is the Sisters having a form of telepathy that is formed from the similar brainwave patterns, forming a brainwave network. This collection of Sisters connected linked to each other is called the Misaka Network, this also allows her to share memories and experiences with the other clones.

Other abilities

  • Military training: Included in the information that was transferred with the Testament machines, like the other Sisters, she is proficient in combat methods such as the aforementioned use of specific weapons, can track targets, and shake off pursuers.


Character Art Designs

Design Evolution

The clone's design has remained static throughout all their appearances, barring characters such as Misaka 10032, and clones that are forced to wear different clothes due to weather.

Their designs are based off Mikoto's design, though they do not retain the light in the eyes, and blush, as it is apparent often in Mikoto's design. Haimura thought his first draft with goggles were lame, and as such, changed it before drawing the illustrations. Their looks were deliberate so the reader will not get confused when the clones are next to Mikoto.

By volume 12, Misaka 10032 becomes affected by deformed art style that Haimura has for the characters.



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