Misaka 15110 (ミサカ一五一一〇号 Misaka Ichiman Gosen Hyaku Jū-gō?) is a Sister, a clone of Misaka Mikoto, that appears in Toaru Majutsu no Index. Originally supposed to be killed in the experiment against Accelerator as part of the Level 6 Shift Project, she was later transferred to an unknown organization outside Academy City.


She looks the same as Mikoto, although for emphasis, her eyes are drawn in a different way. Like all Sisters, Misaka 15110 wears Tokiwadai Middle School's uniform (though residing in a different country she could now wear a typical attire like Misaka 10777), goggles, and blue-striped panties.


She has the same personality as most clones, with emotions that have been suppressed as they weren't beneficial to the experiment. Similar to most of the other clones, she likely has feelings for Kamijou Touma and would likely display envy towards the other clones advances towards him.


Not much is known about her, though as a clone she was most likely produced a few months prior to her introduction in the story.


Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume SS2Edit

Main article: Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume SS2

She was one of the Sisters sent to the Gemstone Mining research organizations to destroy the facilities and rescue the Gemstone there. On the Second Friday of October she was in Deseado, Argentina, at the Human Sports Analysis Center. During her periodic progresses report she had just finished taking control of the secure electronic lock to to the secret area of the facility.[1]


Like all the Sisters, her ability is known as Radio Noise (欠陥電気 (レディオノイズ) Kekkan Denki (Redio Noizu)?, lit. "Flawed Electricity"), a subset of the Electromaster (電撃使いエレクトロマスター Dengeki Tsukai (Erekutoro Masutā)?, lit. "Electricity User") ability. As an esper around level 2-3, the ability allows her to generate 1/20000 of Misaka Mikoto's power, the Railgun, so her ability has a maximum output of only 50000 volts. However, unique to this ability is the Sisters having a form of telepathy that is formed from the similar brainwave patterns, forming a brainwave network. This collection of Sisters connected linked to each other is called the Misaka Network, this also allows her to share memories and experiences with the other clones.

Other abilitiesEdit

  • Military training: Included in the information that was transferred with the Testament machines, like the other Sisters, she is proficient in combat methods such as the aforementioned use of specific weapons, can track targets, and shake off pursuers.


  • Weapons & Gear: She wears a special set of goggles that enables her to see electron beams and magnetic field lines, which like all the Sisters she cannot perceive without aid. She also uses a F2000R Toy Soldier and a Metal Eater MX and is capable using any weapon the other Sisters have used.



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