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Misaka 19090 (ミサカ一九〇九〇号 Misaka Ichiman Kyūsen Kyūjū-gō?) is a Sister, a clone of Misaka Mikoto, that appears in Toaru Majutsu no Index. Originally supposed to be killed in the experiment against Accelerator as part of the Level 6 Shift Project, she is one of the few Sisters that remained in Academy City for readjustments.


She looks the same as Mikoto, although for emphasis, her eyes are drawn in a different way. Like all Sisters, Misaka 19090 wears Tokiwadai Middle School's uniform, goggles, and blue-striped panties.


She has displayed more personality than most clones as feeling embarrassed in a conversation about the comparison of the creation of the sisters to the conception of an embryo. Similar to most of the other clones, she seems to have feelings for Kamijou Touma as shown when she displays envy towards the other clones. She was the first one to implement a plan to attract him over the other clones.

It is later revealed in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S, she is shown to now have emotions, courtesy of Nunotaba Shinobu.[1] Moreover, as a clone, it is hoped by the Heaven Canceller that she and the other clones will develop their own individual personalities.[2]


Not much is known about her, though as a clone she was most likely produced a few months prior to her introduction in the story.


Toaru Majutsu no Index

Academy City Invasion Arc

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Misaka 10032 inspects Misaka 19090's body, while Misaka 13577 looks on.

The morning before Vento of the Front's attack on Academy City, Heaven Canceller is seen talking with the sisters regarding separate measurements for them, Misaka 10032, Misaka 13577, and Misaka 10039 agree that they only need to take one set of measurements since they share the same genes. However, they discover that Misaka 19090 has been dieting in secret, due to Heaven Canceller's suggestion that men, and possibly a certain high school boy, like slender women. Misaka 13577 reveals that Misaka 19090 also has obtained information that receiving a ring on the left ring finger makes one a "winner" inciting a jealous response from the three. Misaka 19090 attempts to get away, but the other clones jump on her.[3] As one of the few remaining clones she was guarding the patients that were evacuated into Hospital buses and taken into the basement of Heaven Canceller's Hospital.[4]

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun

Sisters Arc

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Misaka 19090 was the clone in the Testament machine as Nunotaba Shinobu tried inputting stronger emotions, like fear, into the Misaka Network.[1]

She is shown getting a Gekota badge from the Gacha Gacha Machine at the end of the arc.

Silent Party Arc

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Misaka 19090 was present when the clones received Mikoto's request for assistance in saving Febrie and Janie. When Shinobu was trying to wake Janie but lacking enough computing power, Misaka 19090 contacted her, asking if they could help as they provided support from the outside. When Shinobu asked why, Misaka 19090 said it was thanks to her for giving her a heart and stated her serial number, which Shinobu recognized as the one from that time. Misaka 19090 added that the two girls share the same base program as them, making them their sisters as well, meaning they didn't need a reason to help them.[1] After the destruction of the AIM bomb at the hand of Mikoto, they look up to its debris falling towards the Earth.

On September 2 Misaka 19090 is briefly seen enjoying milk tea together with Misaka 10032, Misaka 10039, and Misaka 13577, under the caring eye of Heaven Canceller.

Other Appearances

Side Stories

Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume SS2

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The Fourth Friday of August

In a waiting room in an off limits portion of Heaven Canceller's Hospital called the clinical research area, the 10 Misaka clones having "adjustments" in the hospital come upon a magazine and look up their individual horoscope of their zodiac signs based on their creation dates. Misaka 19090 stutters, refusing to accept the love fortune she was given, while the others are all hung with their own individual fortunes.[2]

Finally breaking their confusion of their fortunes, Misaka 10032 wonders what time should they consider to be their birth. She says that the creation dates match the time they are taken from the culture equipment, but they were not taken from the container at exactly 0 years of age, only after they were physically 14 years old through drugs. Misaka 10039 compares it to being inside a mother's womb for 14 years before finally coming out. Misaka 13577 joins in and says that it doesn't matter how long they grew, and says that the time someone comes out of their mother's womb a good enough definition for their birthday. Misaka 19090 protests, saying that the Misakas were taken between various machines while growing, and asks how they should classify it in that case.[2]

Misaka 10032 suggests that the Misaka's date of birth is the day the plan to create them from the DNA map was approved. Misaka 10039 gives a rebuttal however, saying that it would be analogous to the day that the mother and a father decide to have sex. She comments that it would be more like when the sperm was created inside the father's body. Misaka 19090 is shocked by the current direction the conversation is heading. Confused, she recalls that the project to create the Misakas were split into the Radio Noise Project and the Level 6 Shift Project, and asks which of the project's acceptance be taken into consideration. Misaka 10039 suggests that it should be whichever one was the first. Misaka 13577 comments that former wanted a full Level 5 while the latter wanted mass produced experimental subjects, and says that getting a proper definition may be difficult. Here, Misaka 19090 mentions Full Tuning, Misaka 00000, and asks what had happened to her, the clone created by Amai Ao that was cut from the Network.[2]

The girls, tired of their bickering, decided that they did not understand zodiac signs, and decided that they would open up their futures on their own. However, Misaka 10032 adds more fuel to the fire, and shows them a blood type horoscope. The girls who are all Blood-type AB, try to one-up each other who is the superior Type AB as the love fortune of a Blood-type AB is apparently positive to them, leading them to a quarrel.[2]

The second Friday of October

On the second Friday of October as one of the few remaining clones she was guarding the 7th Level 5 Sogiita Gunha when Ollerus infiltrated Academy City in order to put across a point to Academy City's Board of Directors and Aleister Crowley that if they misuse the Gemstones due to their actions in the Gemstone Mining incident. She was beaten by Ollerus along with the other Sisters.[5]

Anime appearances

Toaru Majutsu no Index Movie: Miracle of Endymion

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She and the others first appear in the hospital, eavesdropping in the conversation between Touma, Stiyl Magnus, and Tsuchimikado Motoharu, regarding the doom that will befall on earth with Endymion, to which they quickly relay to Last Order.

They later contact Mikoto's friends, who are suprised, regarding on how they will assist them in destroying the explosive bolts. Misaka 19090 holds a Toy Soldier rifle to cover Misaka 10032, who uses a large prototype Railgun to aid Mikoto in destroying the mobile weapons that would've overwhelmed her. As the Endymion begins to break away, she and the others quickly escape the underground base of the Endymion.


Like all the Sisters, her ability is known as Radio Noise (欠陥電気レディオノイズ Kekkan Denki (Redio Noizu)?, lit. "Flawed Electricity"), a subset of the Electromaster (電撃使いエレクトロマスター Dengeki Tsukai (Erekutoro Masutā)?, lit. "Electricity User") ability. As an esper around level 2-3, the ability allows her to generate 1/20000 of Misaka Mikoto's power, the Railgun, so her ability has a maximum output of only 50000 volts. However, unique to this ability is the Sisters having a form of telepathy that is formed from the similar brainwave patterns, forming a brainwave network. This collection of Sisters connected linked to each other is called the Misaka Network, this also allows her to share memories and experiences with the other clones.

Other abilities

  • Military training: Included in the information that was transferred with the Testament machines, like the other Sisters, she is proficient in combat methods such as the aforementioned use of specific weapons, can track targets, and shake off pursuers.


  • Weapons & Gear: She wears a special set of goggles that enables her to see electron beams and magnetic field lines, which like all the Sisters she cannot perceive without aid. She also uses a F2000R Toy Soldier and a Metal Eater MX, and is capable using any weapon the other Sisters have used.



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