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Misaka 9982 (ミサカ九九八二号 Misaka Kyūsen Kyūhyaku Hachijūni-gō?) was a Sister, a clone of Misaka Mikoto, that appears in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun She is the 9982nd clone to be produced and killed by Accelerator for the Level 6 Shift Project, and she is also the first clone to be introduced to Mikoto and in the timeline.


She looks the same as Mikoto, although for emphasis her eyes are drawn in a different way. Like all Sisters, Misaka 9982 wears Tokiwadai Middle School's uniform, goggles, and blue-striped panties.


While she was similar to the other clones, Misaka 9982 had a rather unique personalty, as she was very interested in the outside world. She was very snarky to people, often giving long detailed critiques on their taste in food. The one thing that she desired was to meet her older sister, Mikoto, the girl whom she was cloned from. Upon their first meeting, the two had an awful start due Misaka 9982's refusal to reveal to Mikoto what the Sisters were involved in, but they both later bonded somewhat after Mikoto gave her a Gekota badge.[1]


Cold and naked, Misaka 9982 is "born" into the world.

She was produced three months prior to her meeting with Mikoto as part of the Sisters Project, and part of the overall Level 6 Shift Project where she would be used as targets for Accelerator to defeat (kill). Initially she had the mentality of a newborn, but that was corrected after being put into the Testament machine. Later she shared some tea with one of the female researchers and commented on how horrible it was, lecturing her on how to best prepare the tea. Misaka 9982 later laments on how her first tea is in such horrid taste. She also asks about the outside world, seeing as the experiment is to be moved outside and comments on how she is prepared for the outside with her knowledge, she is also told that she may meet Mikoto, her onee-sama.[2]

She is later asked by one of the researchers to clean-up the room full of dead bodies where other Sisters have been killed for the experiment. Misaka 9982 simply complies.[3]


Toaru Kagaku no Railgun

Sisters Arc

Main article: Sisters Arc

Misaka Mikoto is feeling unusually elated after realizing that the Sisters Project have been halted indefinitely, however her judgment was wrong and that the Sisters Project have been continued.

Mikoto first sensed Misaka 9982's presence after she obtained the Gekota badge is sought after and was sending the children she met home, after some searching she discovers the existence of a clone, the clone being Misaka 9982.[4] Mikoto was at first apprehensive on Misaka 9982 demanding to know her identity, however Mikoto is surprised by Misaka 9982's answer where she simply meowed, she later explains that a cat was scared into a tree because she used her powers to unlock a car which had a baby trapped inside. Mikoto shouts at her for not answering her question, but Misaka 9982's careful wording coerces Mikoto into helping the cat. The cat, however, slips and Misaka 9982 is forced to use her skirt in order to catch it, embarrassing Mikoto.[1]

Misaka 9982 later confirms Mikoto's suspicion, that she is indeed a clone of Mikoto but cannot tell anymore of the experiment to her for security reasons, this irritates Mikoto and tries to use force on her to reveal the information however stops shortly after seeing the expression on Misaka 9982's face and allows her to leave. However she is stopped once again by Mikoto after she remembers that their could be more than one clone, she yells at her until an ice cream merchant notices them and decides to give them ice cream as he sees that it is not good for twins to fight. Misaka 9982 gobbles her ice cream and apparently approves of its taste, the ice cream merchant leaves saying that Mikoto and Misaka 9982 should make-up, Mikoto later finds out that Misaka 9982 has also eaten her ice cream and now asks for some hot drink, Mikoto somehow complies with this however she is embarrassed that they are seen as twins by other people.[1]

During the evening Misaka 9982 states that she will be heading to the experiments and will allow Mikoto to follow her, Mikoto inadvertently gives Misaka 9982 the Gekota badge she obtained earlier since it was like "checking how it would look", but 9982 comments that it is horrible and childish, hearing this Mikoto tries to take it back but is denied by Misaka 9982 repeatedly, saying that the badge is hers now and that it is the first present she ever got from her onee-sama, they part ways afterwards where Mikoto is frustrated by the events that have taken place.[1]

Misaka 9982 in her final moments.

Misaka 9982 later meets up with Accelerator to start the experiment carrying a large case with her which holds a Toy Soldier within it, the experiment commences whilst Mikoto figures out the truth behind the Level 6 Shift Project with the help of Uiharu Kazari. Misaka 9982 battles Accelerator who is obviously toying with her, she fires her guns but is injured after Accelerator redirects the bullets, she flees and Accelerator follows her, commenting that this chase is where her life is on the line. Accelerator catches up and brutally attacks Misaka 9982, injuring her severely but is still able to stand up, eventually Misaka 9982 falls down and concludes to herself that she does not know the extent of Accelerator's power stating that he is covered by some sort of barrier. Misaka 9982 activates a mine that is underneath Accelerator, believing that his powers do not cover him underneath, however it was futile as Accelerator escapes unharmed and retaliates by ripping off Misaka 9982's left leg. Even then Misaka 9982 continues to fight on and drags herself towards the Gekota badge Mikoto gave her. Misaka 9982 dies clutching the gift Mikoto gave to her, she is killed by having a train carriage thrown at her by Accelerator to crush her.[5]

Aftermath and Legacy

Having arrived too late to prevent the death of Misaka 9982, Mikoto flies into a rage in an attempt to combat Accelerator, but is obviously no match for him. She is fortunately spared by Accelerator, as the other Misaka clones explains that their battle may cause certain anomalies in the experiment.[6]

Misaka 9982's death forced a great change upon Mikoto. First, Mikoto regrets having said to Kuroko that she wanted to have a clone of her disappear from her sight. Second, Mikoto also regrets giving her DNA Map to the scientist. Third, upon meeting other clones she gets irritated by their appearance but she truly cares for them. Because of the events that have transpired, Mikoto became incredibly depressed which worried Kuroko even though she tries to cover it up with a facade, Mikoto however decided to take all the fault of their deaths to herself, and decided to stop the experiment on her own by destroying the cloning facilities, which had failed due to the realization that the experiments were still ongoing despite destroying the facilities. In a last ditch effort to sabotage the experiment, Mikoto is willing to sacrifice herself to Accelerator as she discovers that the Tree Diagram has been destroyed which would allow her to screw up the calculations of the experiment (as Tree Diagram predicted that Mikoto would be defeated in a certain number of moves, Mikoto planned to be defeated on the first).

Eventually Mikoto was able to save the clones and halt the experiment with the help of Kamijou Touma. Unfortunately, that did not erase the guilt that Mikoto felt for Misaka 9982's death or the deaths of any of the Misaka clones. Still, Touma was able to convince Mikoto that she should be proud the Sisters were born because if they were never made in the first place, they would never have known what life was like. He also stated that he was certain that the Sisters don't hate Mikoto at all despite all other clones deaths. Afterwards, Mikoto was able to accept what had happened, and she was able to move on with her life.


Like all the Sisters, her ability is known as Radio Noise (欠陥電気レディオノイズ Kekkan Denki (Redio Noizu)?, lit. "Flawed Electricity"), a subset of the Electromaster (電撃使いエレクトロマスター Dengeki Tsukai (Erekutoro Masutā)?, lit. "Electricity User") ability. As an esper around level 2-3, the ability allows her to generate 1/20000 of Misaka Mikoto's power, the Railgun, so her ability has a maximum output of only 50000 volts. However, unique to this ability is the Sisters having a form of telepathy that is formed from the similar brainwave patterns, forming a brainwave network. This collection of Sisters connected linked to each other is called the Misaka Network, this also allows her to share memories and experiences with the other clones.

Other abilities

  • Military training: Included in the information that was transferred with the Testament machines, like the other Sisters, she is proficient in combat methods such as the aforementioned use of specific weapons, can track targets, and shake off pursuers.


  • Weapons & Gear: She wears a special set of goggles that enables her to see electron beams and magnetic field lines, which like all the Sisters she cannot perceive without aid. She also uses a F2000R Toy Soldier assault rifle as well as landmines during her fight with Accelerator, and is capable using any weapon the other Sisters have used.


  • (To Mikoto from Toaru Kagaku no Railgun Manga Chapter 022)"The moment you attached it, ownership of this badge was transferred to Misaka, she insists. Oneesama's behavior is robbery, Misaka complains. But nevertheless this is...this is the first present I ever got from Oneesama."



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