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Misaka Mikoto (御坂 美琴 Misaka Mikoto?) (born May 2[2]) is one of the main heroines in Toaru Majutsu no Index and the main protagonist of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun. Introduced in the first volume of the light novels, her role in the story was later expanded in the third volume as well as the release of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga, making her the main heroine of the science side and the second main heroine of the series.

She is the third ranked Level 5 esper in Academy City, and has been nicknamed Railgun due to her signature move. Kamijou Touma coined the nickname Biri-Biri (ビリビリ?) (a Japanese onomatopoeia imitating the sound of electricity), while in the English dub she is referred to as "Bug Zapper" (or more usually, simply "Zapper"), and whenever the two meet, he usually calls her that, even after his amnesia [3][4][5].


Mikoto has chestnut hair and is often seen wearing a small hair clip (firstly a rather simple one in the early stages of the story. It then was changed to one with two little flowers since the Tree Diagram Remnant Arc, specifically, from Toaru Majutsu no Index II Episode 06 in the anime, or Toaru Majutsu no Index Manga Volume 11, Chapter 58). Her eyes are the same color as her hair. She is also shown to have a complex regarding her chest, feeling inferior when compared to girls with bigger bust sizes. She wears the Tokiwadai Middle School school uniform, sporting white loose/slouch socks and brown loafers with a light brown vest sweater over a white blouse and a grey skirt. She is also known to always wear shorts under every skirt and dress she wears, which surprises an amnesiac Kamijou Touma as she is the only girl who wears shorts over her panties.


To most people, she is considered a 'proper lady' (referred as ojou-sama or お嬢様). In reality, she's short-tempered, prideful, and has an improper attitude with some slight violent boyish tendencies (or masculine since she wears boxers and an undershirt) and insecurities, a fact few people know of. Despite this, she is friendly and easygoing, and Saten Ruiko and Uiharu Kazari comment on how they are shocked to find that, compared to other Level 5's, she doesn't look down on lower-level espers at all. This probably is because she was originally a level 1 esper, and became a Level 5 esper through hard work.

She often shows an incredibly immature and selfish side and even slight tsundere tendencies when her crush, Touma, insults her.[6] To add to this childishness, she is inclined towards cute things, most specifically, Gekota and Kill Bear merchandise. She likes frog merchandise, but only if it features Gekota. When she realizes that a stuffed animal another person is carrying is just a regular frog, she immediately loses all of her interest in the stuffed animal. She has a very irrational and unexplained fear of bugs, as shown in episode 6 of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun. She can also be slightly hypocritical at times, getting angry at Touma for not calling her by her name despite never once calling him by his. While generally amicable and humble, Misaka is highly individualistic. She often prefers to be solitary and dislikes the idea of being restricted by rules and duties such as those of Judgement and Anti-Skill. She wishes to avoid endangering other people and relies on her powers to try to solve problems on her own, frequently despite her better judgment.

She has a keen sense of justice, demonstrated by her frequent involvement in the crime-fighting body, Judgment, and her resolve is unshakable. This is shown when she was willing to lose in a fight against Accelerator on the first move, just to prove the Sisters Project was wrong and save the remaining 9969 sisters (Tree Diagram predicted that she would die in the 185th move). She secretly likes cute things, especially Gekota (a popular frog mascot), and is easily embarrassed. She often goes to Green Mart to read manga for free in her spare time on Mondays and Wednesdays and goes to the bookstore on the 10th of each month[7]. She's also good at playing the violin and teaches Uiharu Kazari how to play in Volume 12 of the Light Novel. Furthermore, according to Shirai Kuroko, Mikoto naturally acts as a leader and becomes the center of attention by everyone, yet she cannot mingle with those people regardless of being the center. She states that Mikoto is at the top and defeats her enemies, but she cannot avoid making more enemies at the same time. Moreover, she states that the most important to Onee-sama is someone she can feel on the same level as her.[6]

Mikoto is known for being very intelligent, only natural as she is in Tokiwadai Middle School, a school that is meant to create world-leading talents and thus deals with a very advanced curriculum. Furthermore, she has been shown to be capable of solving problems intended for Kamijou Touma who courses a school rank higher than her, though it should be noted that Kamijou's school doesn't pursue the same academic excellence that Tokiwadai does.

It was shown that Mikoto had intended to take the trial enrollment into Touma's school during the Ichihanaran Festival, which further showed her interest in Touma, though this came to naught as she was interrupted by Shokuhou Misaki.

As of December of the current year, following the encounter with the High Priest and a glimpse at what Touma had been facing, Mikoto's pride has been considerably damaged, seeing how far behind she was and feeling she was nothing but a burden to him. At the same time, she is desperate to catch up with Touma and be able to stand on the same stage as him so she could tell him her feelings.[8] This has led to her personality becoming somewhat unstable and developing in a potentially dangerous direction, noted by Mass Murderer Salome[9] and exacerbated by her acquisition of the Anti-Art Attachment.[10]


Young Misaka

Mikoto gave a sample of her DNA to Academy City scientists at a young age.

Mikoto is the daughter of Misaka Tabigake and Misaka Misuzu. She entered Academy City in elementary age,[11] and distinguished herself as a child prodigy, initially starting out as a Level 1 and climbing her way up to a Level 5 esper. This made her a perfect candidate for the Sisters Project, which held the intent of cloning her for military use. Mikoto willingly gave a DNA sample to the researchers of the project after being told that it would help people who suffer from muscular dystrophy, a fatal disease.

She later enrolls in Tokiwadai Middle School at the age of 12, and soon becomes a Level 5.[12] In her first year, she lost a 10,000 yen bill due to A Certain Vending Machine, probably explaining her propensity for kicking it.[13] In one fateful event, she saved her future friend Shirai Kuroko from a robber by using her 'Railgun' ability. Kuroko eventually enrolled at Tokiwadai as well and gained great affection for Mikoto. Mikoto later became roommates with Kuroko in Room 208 - despite Kuroko being her junior - after Kuroko 'legally' removes Mikoto's previous roommate who was supposedly ill-natured towards Mikoto. Being a Level 5 esper as well as a student with consistently high grades, Mikoto is known as Tokiwadai's Ace.


Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Main article: Misaka Mikoto/Chronology (Toaru Majutsu no Index)

Mikoto's role initially was that of a minor character known to Kamijou Touma before his memory loss. In her reappearance after Touma's memory loss, she acts as the main heroine along with her Sisters. Like with the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun side story the Sisters Arc marks a turning point for her character, which is later heavily explored in later appearances, far and few they may be, as a character that has a crush on Kamijou Touma but cannot properly express it. An example of this is her overhearing of Touma promising to Etzali that he will protect her and the world around her. Her role as such remained as is for her earlier appearances, with her getting involved little with Touma's adventures and even then completely unaware of what's truly behind the surface.

It is not until her discovery with Touma's memory loss that she tries to become actively involved with Touma. Moreover, in spite of Touma's insistence on not getting her involved, Mikoto only persists. Her crush, furthermore, blossoms even more. Mikoto's character involvement in the plot was not of the more significant story unfolding but with her continual association with Kamijou Touma. This finally goes to head during the climactic ending of Toaru Majutsu no Index with World War III, where she goes out of her way to go to the battlefields of Russia to find Touma and bring him back. She later fails in her goal, as Touma refuses her rescue in order to save the world. Despite being a Level 5, she is powerless to save Touma and bring him back to Academy City, though she has not given up on him as shown in Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index.

Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Main article: Misaka Mikoto/Chronology (Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index)

As an extension to her role from Toaru Majusu no Index, Mikoto continues her similarly in Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index, with her constantly trying to aid Touma and the battles that he is in, making her an important supporting character. Touma eventually relents to her and brings her along for the invasion of Hawaii. She proves her mettle, and Touma comes to trust her during battle. Much later Touma would allow her to join him if she chooses to, though doesn’t actively seek out for help. It is not until the GREMLIN invasion of Tokyo, that she and even Index finally achieve getting Touma to believe in them, with him asking them to help her save Freyja. Much later, similarly to the Will of the Whole Misaka Network, she becomes instrumental in helping Touma get rid of the emotional baggage he had felt towards the Perfect World, forcing him to look at the value of the world that they live in, the world he left behind another world for, and finally achieving bittersweet victory over him. Since most of her focus is on Touma, Mikoto doesn’t actively seek out information or knowledge regarding the magic side, simply taking Touma or the other’s word for the importance of the situation that they are in.

However, in the recent arcs of the novel—Mikoto began to constantly search for knowledge of the world beyond Academy City. In New Testament Volume 15 she used the A.A.A despite her hesitations in order to save Touma from Kihara Yuuitsu. In fact, Mikoto having contact with the A.A.A was enough for Aleister to consider her a threat and cast a curse on her. After surviving the curse of Aleister, in the epilogue of New Testament Volume 17, it was revealed that Mikoto's story with the AAA will continue. Although instead of Military weapons, Mikoto will alter the A.A.A's weaponry by construction attachments. So far as the series progresses ever since New Testament Volume 13, Mikoto's character became more involved to the plot and is seen as the only heroine from the Old Testament to have constant importance and involvement in the recent arcs.

Toaru Kagaku no RailgunEdit

Main article: Misaka Mikoto/Chronology (Toaru Kagaku no Railgun)

Despite the highly different tones of the original manga and the anime adaptation, Mikoto's role in the story, as the protagonist of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun involves with her dealing with the darker elements of Academy City, sometimes with a little help from her friends.

In spite of her power as the third-ranked Level 5 of Academy City, she is continually challenged by both situations and enemies that test the limits of her character. She first gets involved in an incident with people using the Level Upper, and though she helped in stopping the incident, it foreshadowed the darker side of Academy City. The turning point is, of course, the Sisters Arc, where she is shown to be utterly powerless against not only the first-ranked Level 5, Accelerator, but of the greater conspiracy that surrounds Academy City, her, and her clones, the Sisters. She experiences growth, humbled by her experience, that despite her power as a Level 5 there are things she cannot solve on her own and that she needs help. Kamijou Touma, who has recently lost his memories including of her, represents this character growth in the form of a crush on him.

Even after the resolution of the Sisters, conspiracies from the Dark Side of Academy City are still brewing up to take her down.

Other appearancesEdit

Side storiesEdit

Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume SS2Edit

Main article: Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume SS2
The Third Friday of SeptemberEdit

Apparently wanting something from the Bank, Mikoto decides to use her powers to hack into it, bypassing the security measures and defenses that the Goalkeeper, Uiharu Kazari, has implemented to stop regular hackers, under the belief that those whose job it is to secure it won't cut access to the Bank as it would be too costly. She would be indeed proven right, as Kazari refuses to cut her access to the Bank.[14]

Seeing that her enemy is an Electromaster, and that there was no way for her to prevent such a high-level intruder from accessing the Banks, and moreover with her keen desire to protect the peace of the city, Kazari proves Mikoto's predictions, as instead of cutting her access she instead decides to encrypt the entirety of the Bank, its server controls, and maintenance tools with the Omega Secret, virtually rendering the data she might get useless. Mikoto is shocked by the turn of events, and seeing that it would be too dangerous for her to access the back-ups for the Bank that she believes exists because she thinks no one would be crazy enough to encrypt the Bank using that method, Mikoto decides to withdraw, though believes that whoever encrypted the Bank would be in big trouble.[14]

Toaru Jihanki no FanfareEdit

Main article: Toaru Jihanki no Fanfare
Misaka & Gunha

Mikoto challenging Gunha to a duel.

Mikoto meets up with the 7th level 5, Sogiita Gunha, and challenges him to a duel with stipulations. She uses a depowered Railgun on him, which is later caught by Gunha by the teeth. They later call it a draw, though both remarked that they would surely have lost if it was a true fight.[15]

Toaru Majutsu no Index: Love Letter CompetitionEdit

Main article: Toaru Majutsu no Index: Love Letter Competition

Bundled with Rainbow Spectrum Colors, the short story focuses on Kumokawa Seria's letter for Kamijou Touma, hither Mikoto eavesdrops on a conversation between Tsukuyomi Komoe and Yomikawa Aiho regarding Touma's love letter. Coincidentally, the letter blows away from Komoe's possession, to which Mikoto tries to grab hold it until she is interrupted by Misaka 10032, wanting the letter for herself. Temporarily disabling Kuroko to hide the existence of her clone, Misaka 10032 confronts Mikoto for the letter, and later argue, however, the clone later begins arguing with the other clones in the network, to which Mikoto could only look bemusement. All the while, the letter blows away from them.

Toaru Majutsu no Index: Road to EndymionEdit

Main article: Toaru Majutsu no Index: Road to Endymion

Mikoto appears sporadically, failing once again to get Touma's number. She becomes a key component for the mystery surrounding Ureapaddy Exica's actions, as after the effects of the Debris Storm, her call to Kuroko redirects to Touma, which she reveals how it is used by Academy City.

Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index SSEdit

Main article: Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index SS

Mikoto and Kuroko are in the shopping district that Index also goes to, leading to a bunch of misunderstandings thanks in part due to Touma’s advice to Index, with Index assuming Mikoto wants Touma’s money and Kuroko becoming suspicious with Mikoto for being violent in back alleys. In the end, a truck passes by before the girls creating a draft, leading to Mikoto and Kuroko’s skirts to be blown upwards.[16]

Seeing this, and the fact that Index has seen a handiwork of a magician in play, Index offers the money to them, to “pay-off” trouble, as Touma advised, much to Mikoto’s chagrin. They of course later decline her offer.[17]

Anime appearancesEdit

Toaru Majutsu no Index Movie: Miracle of EndymionEdit

Main article: Toaru Majutsu no Index Movie: Miracle of Endymion

Using her meeting with her in Toaru Majutsu to Kagaku no Ensemble, Meigo Arisa calls for Mikoto to become her bodyguard as she goes to a photo-shoot at the behest of Touma. Mikoto later protects Arisa from debris as an Automaton bombs the mall they are in. She tries to aid the other people but is incapable of doing so. However, a miracle happens, and Mikoto is surprised of this. Later, Ruiko later calls her while she researches about the Orbit Portal Company, the company behind Endymion, that Arisa has been abducted.

Mikoto later visits Touma in the hospital to relay to him that she couldn't find Arisa's whereabouts as well. She later leaves after Stiyl Magnus and Tsuchimikado Motoharu arrive. When she returns, she discovers that Touma has gone, much to her chagrin.

She later arrives with Kuroko to break through Endymion that have been sealed by Ladylee Tangleroad and is later instructed by Uiharu Kazari to break one of the explosive bolts of the Endymion in order for it to be released and prevent its collapse. She later escapes as the Endymion begins breaking away.

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun OVAEdit

Main article: Toaru Kagaku no Railgun OVA 01

In the OVA Mikoto is tormented by the dread of someone always watching her, pushed to the edge she decides to confront the feeling herself. With the help of her friends, Mikoto discovers that the culprit is an Anti-Skill member she frequently runs into, using a device that exploits the abilities of Electromasters, making them feel that they are being watched by someone. When the culprit flees using a motorboat, Mikoto uses her Railgun to stop her.

Toaru Majutsu no Index-tanEdit

Mikoto makes regular appearances in the bundled comedy shorts. In the first episode, she appears in reused animation cells to viewers to conserve electricity and some such nonsense and then saying some for other of a Japanese onomatopoeia of electricity.

In the second episode, Mikoto appears during the climactic scene of the Sisters Arc, asking Misaka 10032 for assistance to protect Touma's dream, however, she could only look in confusion, as Misaka 10032 could only blankly stare and giggle at her. In the penultimate sketch, Mikoto asks questions to a series of clones and slaps one of them when she disproves of their answers, later, they announce the making the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun anime, which she says to the audience to look forward to it.

In the third episode, Mikoto is only briefly seen in the re-usage of the scenes in the Tree Diagram Remnant Arc, and interposed with Saten Ruiko doing something incredibly mundane.

In the fourth episode. In a parody of her confrontation with Musujime Awaki, she attacks the people Awaki uses to shield herself, declaring them not innocent. Take note that the people are otaku.

Video game appearancesEdit

Toaru Majutsu no Index (PSP game)Edit

Main article: Toaru Majutsu no Index (PSP game)

Mikoto is a playable character in the game and able to use her Railgun and electric attacks. She also has a few melee attacks in her arsenal. Mikoto has a secret route unlockable only with a special file (or through the use of dummy files) given to players of the game.

Toaru Majutsu no Virtual-On (game)Edit

Main article: Toaru Majutsu no Virtual-On (game)

Mikoto is one of the playable characters in the Toaru Majutsu no Virtual-On video game. Her associated Virtuaroid is HBV-502-H8 Raiden "Judge Igniters".[18]

Non in-universe appearancesEdit

Anime appearancesEdit


Durarara!! E10 Shiping talk

Nowhere is safe from shipping arguments.

In Episode 10 of Durarara!! Erika Karisawa and Walker Yumasaki are arguing about who will become the starring heroine of the series with Walker believing it to be Biri-Biri and Erika disagreeing, believing it to be Himegami instead. Each is holding the first volume of the Railgun manga.

Ookami-san to Shichinin no NakamatachiEdit

Ookami-san Misaka Mikoto

Misaka Mikoto is shown in Ookami-san

Mikoto appears briefly in episode 8 of Ookami-san and her Seven Companions (also produced by JC Staff Animation Studios), angrily crackling electricity and her knuckles at the audience, as a potential bride candidate for the boy millionaire Nezumi Chuutaro.

Shakugan no ShanaEdit

Yuji's friends shirts

Yuji's two friends with Mikoto and Index on their shirts.

In Shakugan no Shana S, one of Yuji's friends was wearing a T-shirt with Mikoto on it while another one wore a T-shirt with Index on it.

Mayoi Neko OverrunEdit

Mayoi Neko Overrun Misaka Mikoto

Misaka Mikoto is standing on the Bus

In episode 1 of Mayoi Neko Overrun!, Misaka Mikoto appears briefly seen on the bus.

Video game appearancesEdit

Dengeki Gakuen RPG: Cross of VenusEdit

Mikoto appears as an unlockable playable character in the game. The player needs to meet certain conditions for her to appear. When she appears Mikoto needs to be defeated for her to join the team. As a playable character, she can use several of her trademark attacks, such as the Railgun and iron sand sword.


Misaka Mikoto Lunatia

Mikoto as seen in Lunatia

Mikoto is one of the NPC characters that will assist the player in the Japanese version of the Korean MMORPG Lunatia. [19] Furthermore, within the game is a "Gekota doll" item.

Lucent HeartEdit

The Japanese MMORPG Lucent Heart developed by Gamania Digital Entertainment disclosed that Touma, along with Index and Mikoto would be added as "selectable skins" for the players to use.[20]

Shin Megami Tensei: IMAGINEEdit

Mikoto appeared in the Japanese version of the online adaptation of the Shin Megami Tensei series, Shin Megami Tensei IMAGINE. She was available from January 14, 2010, to February 10, 2010. The player can accept quests from her in Third Home with a slight connection between the two series. Despite the character design of the Shin Megami Tensei series, Mikoto retained her design in the game.

Dengeki Bunko Fighting ClimaxEdit

Mikoto is one of the 12 original playable characters in the game. She fights mainly by using her electricity and iron sand attacks, but she also throws pieces of concrete using magnetism in one of her specials and steel beams in one of her Climax Arts. Her iconic Railgun is her other Climax Art, while the similarly iconic scene of her kicking the vending machine is her Trump Card.


The RailgunEdit

Main article: Electromaster#Railgun (ability)
  • "Railgun"
  • Lightning Attack Spear
  • Lightning Strike
  • Electromagnetism
  • Iron Sand Storm
  • Spatial Sense

Mikoto's power is known as the Railgun (超電磁砲 (レールガン) Chō-Denjihō (Rērugan)?, lit. "Super Electromagnetic Cannon").[21] She chose the ability name herself, naming it after her famous finishing move.[22] Her ability belongs to a type of esper powers known as Electromaster (電撃使い (エレクトロマスター) Dengeki Tsukai (Erekutoro Masutā)?, lit. "Electricity User"): those who can generate and manipulate electricity.

Mikoto is the most powerful Electromaster in Academy City. Her maximum output is known to be 1 billion volts. She has also demonstrated enough skill and battle knowledge to fight head-on with powerful beings such as a Saint like Brunhild Eiktobel.

  • Railgun (超電磁砲 (レールガン) Chō-Denjihō (Rērugan)?, lit. "Super Electromagnetic Cannon"): Mikoto can fire metal objects at three times the speed of sound by forming parallel currents on both sides of her arm with her electricity. Her Railgun has a muzzle velocity of 1030 m/s (2307.2 mph), and can be fired at a rate of 8 shots per minute. She has hinted she can fire multiple coins at once creating a Rail-Shotgun, however this has never been seen. She primarily uses arcade coins as her projectiles for portability, limiting her normal range to 50 meters.[23][24]
    • Liquid Proof Railgun (液状被覆超電磁砲 (リキッドプルーフレールガン) Ekijō Hifuku Chō-Denjihō (Rikiddo Purūfu Rērugan)?, lit., "Liquid-Coated Super-Electromagnetic Cannon"): With some help from Misaki's ability to manipulate liquids and the power of the Anti-Art Attachment, Mikoto was able to produce a version of her Railgun that no longer has a speed limit nor distance limit.[25] In the novel, it was stated to have an "endlessly frightening destructive power" which later on mercilessly destroyed the Windowless Building.
  • Lightning Attack Spear (雷撃の槍 Raigeki no Yari?): Mikoto has the ability to generate a "spear of lightning" originating from her forehead.[26]
  • Powerful Electromagnetic Pulse: Mikoto can create magnetic pulses that target the organs.[27]
  • Lightning Strike:
    Railgun - Thundercloud

    The thundercloud Mikoto called down against Kuriba Ryouko's doppelganger and an airship

    Mikoto can call down real lightning using her ability regardless of the season. This attack was shown to be powerful enough to cause a city-wide blackout.[28][29] She is also capable of calling down massive thunderclouds with multiple lightning strikes occurring from within.[30]
  • Electromagnetism: Mikoto can use electromagnetism to attract and repel metallic materials and use it to her advantage. Examples include creating a make-shift shield out of scrap metal, walking on walls and ceilings, as well as attracting iron particles in the ground around her. She can also use electromagnetism to interfere with radar, and radar-based weapons liked guided missiles.[31] She can use it to manipulate metal tools or weapons held by the enemy, interfering or completely stopping their attacks.[32] She can also magnetize them so that all sorts of iron objects will attach to them, increasing their weight.[33] Her power and control over electromagnetism is enough to be able to temporarily support several uprooted and pilled up buildings while preventing the structures and their occupants from being crushed.[34] She is also capable of manipulating electromagnetic waves, such as microwaves, and diverting them.[35]
  • Iron Sand Manipulation: Mikoto can use electromagnetism to manipulate iron sand which vibrates ten times stronger than a chainsaw. She can use it to create long hands or small "tornadoes" around an enemy to attack them,[36] to create a large iron sand wave much like a tsunami,[31] to create several hundred drills that have electricity running through them to pierce the enemy,[15] she can spread it around the ground to follow an enemy that moves at supersonic speeds or use it to create a storm of killer needles that surround the opponent for a 360 degree attack.[32]
    • Whip Sword (鞭のような剣 Muchi no yō na Ken?) or Iron Sand Sword (砂鉄剣 Satetsuken?): Using her magnetic powers, Mikoto can form a "whip sword" by gathering iron sand, manipulating it into a sword that she can lengthen into a whip at will. By making the sand particles of the blade vibrate, she can dramatically increase the weapon's cutting power into something resembling that of a chainsaw.[27][37] She can create multiple iron sand whips to allow her to attack from several directions at the same time, described as being similar to an octopus' tentacles or a spider's legs.[38]
    • Iron Sand Puppet

      Mikoto's giant iron sand puppet

      Iron Sand Puppet: During her battle with Kuriba Ryouko's doppelganger, Mikoto used her ability to create a gigantic puppet out of dust and iron sand to match the doppelganger's own gigantic puppet. This puppet is somewhat fragile due to the small parts making up its body, but it can regenerate and change forms. Additionally, the iron sand can infiltrate wounds inflicted to its enemy and cut it from within. The vibrating iron sand particles inside the puppet rub together and build up electricity, making the puppet dangerous to touch and can be used to fire an iron sand bullet, which penetrated the armor of the doppelganger's giant puppet and caused massive damage to it.[39]
  • Plasma Creation: Mikoto is able to create plasma to distract the enemy's eyes by ionizing empty cans.[15]
  • Electric Cage: Mikoto can combine her electricity and iron sand to create a large cage to trap an enemy. First, Mikoto creates several hundred iron sand balls around her, which spread around the area before dividing into smaller spinning balls. The balls then start emitting bluish sparks as Mikoto uses them to conduct electricity to cover the gaps between the iron sand balls, forming the cage. Mikoto can freely control the size and shape of this cage, and can repair it and reform it in case it's damaged by controlling iron sand.[15]
  • Cracking/Hacking: Using her electric powers she can hack any electronic device and bypass normal electronic security measures with ease. She can decode the electronic flow of information, like to steal the information from a credit card's magnetic strip, as well as directly process a computer's information in binary. This skill also enables her to perform acts such as erasing herself from security footage in real time or taking control of Academy City's roving security robots.[40][41] Furthermore, it is revealed in Volume 7 of New Testament that she can even use her power to take control of cars.[42]
  • Unique Sensory Perception of Electric-type Espers: As an electromaster, Mikoto is of course able to sense electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic phenomena. She is, however, able to follow the electric and magnetic field lines using her eyes, something that normal electromasters are unable to do with their limited power.[43][44][45]
  • Flight

    Misaka Mikoto with her wings made from electricity and water vapor.

    : Using formulas similar to those she is using for her Iron Sand sword, Mikoto can fly if she is surrounded by a large amount of atomized water vapor. She manipulated the water vapor forming it into wings using the static electricity from interactions between particles. By using her electric power to induce electrolysis on a large body of water such as the ocean, she can obtain enough hydrogen and oxygen to use as fuel.[46]
  • Telepathic Immunity: Mikoto has been shown to be immune to the effects of telepathic manipulation due to the electromagnetic barrier created by her AIM Diffusion Field.[47]
  • Radar Sense: Mikoto can sense and release electromagnetic waves around her to enable her to see the image of the room three-dimensionally without the use of her sight, giving her no blind spots.
  • Control of nerves and muscles: Perhaps a reference to her powers being applied to help those with muscular dystrophy. Mikoto is shown to be able to use her powers to take control of her muscles and nerves when they have been rendered ineffective through the use of drugs. The cost of this however is that she requires to constantly use her powers on her body, making her a walking stun gun.[48]

Anti-Art AttachmentEdit

Anti-Art Attachment

Mikoto using the Anti-Art Attachment

Main article: Anti-Art Attachment

Following her initial encounter with the Anti-Art Attachment,[49] Mikoto had a modified version of the powered suit created for her own use. This Anti-Art Attachment possesses most of the armaments and firepower used by the original version. Mikoto has attempted to reconstruct the original's 'black box,' but apparently hasn't been able to recreate it.[50] She has been experiencing nose bleeds since she began to use the A.A.A.[10][35]

Exterior-forced Misaka Network connectionEdit

Main article: Level 6 Shift attempt on Misaka Mikoto
  • Mikoto as she appears in her initial form at the start of the Level 6 Shift attempt on her person.
  • Misaka Mikoto's first transformation during the Level 6 Shift attempt on her person.
  • Misaka Mikoto's second transformation during the Level 6 Shift attempt on her person.

During the Daihaseisai, Kihara Gensei takes over Exterior, shatters the defenses Shokuhou Misaki had set-up for the Sisters against electrical viruses, and infects them with a virus that forcibly connects the Misaka Network with Mikoto.[51] Here, Mikoto receives a tremendous amount of power, and her appearance changes as she continues to grow in power towards Level 6. Her consciousness is also suppressed due to the external influence.[52][53] According to Gensei, at 53% of the way, her mind would be distorted into that of something from a different dimension. At 100% her mind and body would be destroyed as they exceed their limits, taking Academy City with her.[54] According to Misaki, Touma’s presence (likely referring to his Imagine Breaker) restrains her growth, while Gensei says that Imagine Breaker acting as a stimulus and Sogiita Gunha with his non-standard power would cause something extraordinary to occur.[55] It is likely the transformations Mikoto goes through is affected by Touma and Gunha’s presence.

During the course of Mikoto being forcibly used as a subject to become a Level 6, she transforms a few times, becoming more powerful each time:

  • Initial form: Mikoto’s initial form upon engulfing the power of the Misaka Network, Mikoto’s appearance changes. Her hair becomes swept back, with a few fringes gathering together to form two horn-like appearances on her head. The sclera of her eyes also darken. The most obvious change, however, is the appearance of two ribbon-like objects with diamond shaped objects attached to them that hug around Mikoto’s arms. It is likely a mass of compressed energy, as Gunha would later be hit by similar things later.[53]
    • Described by Gensei as 2% up along the path of a Level 6, already it is powerful enough to create a large electric attack that completely engulfs the already tall Windowless Building and a large area that surrounds the building, though predictably the Windowless Building is unscathed. This attack is referenced as the largest scale lightning strike ever recorded.[52] Other features of her power include creating smaller strikes that resemble beams of energy, manipulating several chunks of metal and iron sand, and seemingly traveling through the strike of her electricity - literally “riding the lightning.”[56]
  • First transformation: Mikoto transforms even further, and her appearance changes drastically. Her horns begin transforming and hardening, forming an onion-dome shaped structure on her head, at the widest part sits something that looks like an eye. Something revolves around the tapering structure, and at the top sits a sphere, like a miniature Saturn. As for the rest of Mikoto's body, the ribbons from before have begun connecting to her body itself. Her hands and feet have tapered as well and are connected with the ribbons.[54]
    • Under this form, Mikoto can use those ribbon-like things to attack, which Gunha describes as a compressed mass of energy after hit by it.[54] It is apparently solid enough as Gunha is also pinned down by ribbon-like objects much later. Likely, all of the powers that Mikoto displayed in her previous form is retained here and in a stronger version.
  • Second transformation: What Gensei describes as the Opening Stage, this is her final form just before she is turned back to normal. Her hair is swept back, and a complex halo appears over her head: a circle with four points on each direction, and floating at the center of it is something of rectangular shaped, tapering at both ends, with the bottom part being shorter. All of her clothes disappear. Her head down to the area of her collarbones are colored black and dotted by something resembling stars; it’s as if it was outer space or the night sky. Her hands and feet have disappeared. Her hand becoming claw-like with ribbon like protrusions, with her legs even more abstract-looking, connecting through the ribbons.[55]
    • After Kouzaku Mitori seemingly defeats Kuroko, she uses her Mental Out power from Exterior and orders Mikoto to destroy the Windowless Building again. Then the ground where Mikoto is floating on turns black. Mikoto holds out her hand where she forms a large black sphere of energy.[55] Gunha would later describe this as something from another world that cannot be understood.[57] Mikoto would later describe it as something that she called in by her desire to crush and eliminate the parts of Academy City she doesn’t like.[57]

Other SkillsEdit

Other than her esper powers, Mikoto is in top form physically and mentally. She has proven to be very knowledgeable when it comes to electronic devices, being able to guide others about them over a phone call.


Kamijou ToumaEdit

Mikoto had a crush on Touma for a long time but only realized that she had fallen in love with him near the end of the Acqua of the Back Arc. Mikoto never calls Touma by his name, only referring to him as "you" or "idiot." Since realizing her feelings, Mikoto has been willing to get involved in Touma's life, trying to rescue him during World War III, and going with him to Hawaii during the Hawaiian Invasion Arc, in order to initiate a relationship with him as a couple, however she backed up when trying to give him a ring she bought. At the end of the Hawaiian Invasion Arc, Mikoto tells Touma that she will bear his burdens with him and that he is not alone. Touma was thankful for what Mikoto said, but he believed that he could not let her get wrapped up in his problems. When he returns to Academy City and is immediately caught up in a dangerous situation, it has been shown that she has accepted that Touma cannot be held back in his actions, and will support him in the endeavors he might do even if those were dangerous. She refers to it as a sign of being a "good woman," however right during Agitate Halation Arc she returned to her former outbursts relationship towards him.

Despite Mikoto desire to help Touma, her short-temper usually leads her to attack him before trying to figure out the situation around him. This has caused Touma to avoid seeing her since she ends up making things worse for him. While she doesn't hesitate to use her power on him, this is only because she knows he can block it. When he actually does get hurt, she would usually panic about it.

Shirai KurokoEdit

Shirai Kuroko is Mikoto's roommate and best friend. Because of her high-status Mikoto is alienated by most of Tokiwadai, so she values Kuroko's friendship very much. Kuroko's perverted actions towards her tend to rub her the wrong way (often resulting in the latter shocking Kuroko), she doesn't consider them anything more than an annoyance. But Mikoto does care for Kuroko by saving her from danger. When Awaki seriously hurts Kuroko, Mikoto gets very angry with her, also for getting Kuroko involved with the problem. However, Mikoto is angrier at herself for getting Kuroko involved. This means that Mikoto does care about Kuroko and worries about her.

Misaka 10032Edit

Misaka 10032 is Mikoto's clone, but Mikoto considers her and the other clones to be her younger sisters. She was created from somatic cells taken from her original's hair in order to create a clone of her. Mikoto goes to great lengths to protect 10032, along with the other clones and was willing to die to end the experiment. Mikoto conscience takes on a lot of personal guilt about starting the experiment, seeing as how she had given her DNA map on her own free will (Granted she did not know the full details of why they needed her DNA map back then.). She does, however, get jealous when 10032 tries to get close to Touma, which is shown more and more as they compete for Touma's affections.


Mikoto considers Index as a rival in love. After their first meeting, both fought over who would stay with Touma. Both know that Touma ends up in situations where he usually saves a girl's life and were angered at him when they found he saved the other girl's life. Also, Mikoto is embarrassed to note that Index knows more about culture than she does. The two usually don't get along when they're with each other, even calling each other names (Short Hair by Index, Silver Sister by Mikoto).

Shokuhou MisakiEdit

Shokuhou Misaki is Mikoto's archrival. Mikoto feels very uncomfortable approaching her and will try her best to avoid her if possible. Shokuhou Misaki represents the opposite of Mikoto (girly, manipulative, suspicious of others, and working from behind the scenes). As such, Mikoto feels a big dislike towards Misaki, and the latter's developed chest only exacerbates things. Despite the animosity between them Mikoto freely admitted that she would have aided Misaki if she had simply just asked for help in the Daihasei incident with Exterior. In the recent chapters of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga, it was shown that they're comfortable enough to work alongside each other in investigating Kuriba Ryouko's cyborg experiment and its relation with the Indian Poker cards.

Meigo ArisaEdit

Arisa first chronologically appears before the "Miracle of Endymion." She apparently meets Mikoto beforehand, and are apparently friendly with each other enough to have a nice chat.

Character Art DesignsEdit

Design evolutionEdit

Mikoto's design has changed little over time, only becoming more deformed to fit with the light novel format illustrations. Mikoto's design, most specifically the loose socks, is derived from the dated kogyaru culture, which Haimura Kiyotaka did as to try to capture the gaps in the trends that populate Academy City in contrast with the outside world.[58]

Due to Mikoto's increasing prominence in the series, and due to Haimura's preference, Mikoto's hairpin changes during volume 6, to mark the evolution of her position in the series, this is carried over to all media adaptations[59]. By Volume 12, the deformed look has become more apparent, with Mikoto, and along with other characters, getting bigger heads, and shorter arms and legs[60]. For her winter outfit, Haimura drew her design to contrast with Takitsubo Rikou, her traditional look in comparison to Rikou's fancy look, as well as the concept that Mikoto just chosen clothes for winter arbitrarily without thinking.

For her appearance in the 3rd New Testament volume, Haimura had her wear the outfit that he drew for her in Pixiv, along with Hamazura Shiage.

For her appearance in the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga, Haimura gave out details to Mikoto's design. From her clothes, hairstyles, up to her expressions that are common in manga.



  • According to the interview on Kamachi Kazuma featured in Toaru Majutsu no Index no Subete, the author states Mikoto is the one whom he would want to choose as his friend among all Index characters.
  • According to an interview her birthday is May 2, making her a Taurus ♉.[2] Mikoto (and her clones) have blood type AB.[61]
  • Mikoto has been ranked first on the annual light novel guidebook Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi! female character rankings for five consecutive years (2010-2014), a record achievement for any light novel character. She ranked second in the 2015 poll but regained the top rank in 2016, 2017 and 2018.
  • She came in first in the Toaru Sakuhin no Convention character poll of the Toaru Kaki no Campaign event.
  • In "A Certain Collaboration," a crossover-novel written by Kamachi Kazuma and Fushimi Tsukasa, author of Oreimo, Kousaka Kirino, the main heroine of Oreimo hailed Mikoto as "The Pride and Heroine of Dengeki Bunko."
  • The China-based video sharing site Bilibili has several references to Misaka Mikoto. The name of the site originated from Mikoto's nickname "Biri-Biri." One of the site's features includes giving "coins" for user contributions, which is a reference to her frequent usage of coins when using her Railgun. Lastly, the site celebrates Mikoto's birthday every 2nd of May.
    • In addition, users of this site are ranked from level 0 to 6, with level 6 only available by paying for a VIP account, which may be a reference to the Esper levels.


  • (To Touma after he negated her electrical attack, from Volume 1) : "Really, what's with that? Such a power doesn't even appear in Academy City's databank. If I am a 1-in-328,571 prodigy, then aren't you, the only one in Academy City, a 1-in-2,300,000 disaster?"
  • (To Touma who is confused as to what she's talking about, from Volume 3) : "...Hm, maybe I think I shouldn't be saying nonsense. But as long as the weak whimper, the strong will swagger... that's what I believe. Why are you different? Even here in Academy City, there are only seven Level 5s, and while each of them has the 'power' to easily twist a man's arm, just why were you chased all over town by even a street rogue's unleashed chihuahua?"
  • (While having a "fake date" with Touma, from Volume 5) : “…Oi, do you understand the situation right now? How do we look like a couple right now? Just studying and leaving the girl at the side, do you think this is male-dominant medieval Europe or something?
  • (To Touma who is about to go to battle once again, from Volume 16) : "The feelings people go through waiting for you, have a taste of it at least once! Lay down on the hospital bed and try knowing the feeling of a person who can't do anything but watch from a safe distance! It was the same when you saved the Sisters. You told me to ask you for help, then you alone go to challenge Academy City's strongest Level 5. Why won't your own ideologies apply to yourself as well? Why are you the only one not asking for help!?"
  • (To the bomber pilot as Mikoto threatens him, from Volume 20) : “Sorry about that. I’m pretty pissed off, so I can’t guarantee that I’ll hold back next time. Take me to Russia. It’d be great if you would just do your job as you were originally supposed to.
  • (To the pilot as she prepares to parachute down, from Volume 21) : “This isn’t an issue with how risky it is. If one side is putting all their efforts into killing a normal high school student and the other side is putting all her efforts into saving that normal high school student, which side do you want to be on? Which side could you proudly say you were on?
  • (While grabbing on to Touma, from NT Volume 2) : "But this time, you aren't alone."
  • (To Accelerator during their unlikely alliance in Hawaii, from Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index LN Volume 03):  “...Then naval reinforcements can be called in. I have a lot I want to say to you, so I’d rather not get bogged down here."
  • (To Brunhild during their battle, from NT Volume 6) : "You don’t need a good reason to save a friend. If you want to save them, then save them. …I know someone who kept saying those stupid things even when he was driven to the brink of death, and he really did save over 10,000 people in the end. And that idiot that saved so many people is trying to save someone today like always. I know I can’t stop him. No matter how much I don’t want him to do anything dangerous, seeing him off with a push to the back is the sign of a good woman!"
  • (To Touma during their fight, from NT Volume 10) : “There’s no reason to fall off the cliff while bound by meaningless principles and ideologies. If you’re reaching for the happiness you alone believe in, it’s fine to choose the best arguments for the situation. It doesn’t matter if you have to spit on your own words, as long as it all works out in the end.”
  • (To Touma after launching High Priest into the outer space, from NT Volume 13): “I didn’t do anything. I’m not saying that on the level of using my power to throw rubble around or to hijack the mass driver’s firing sequence. This entire incident was between you and that monster called the High Priest. There was never a place for me here.”
  • (To herself after returning in Tokiwadai, from NT Volume 13): “He’s so far away!!!!!”
  • (To herself while thinking Touma, from NT Volume 15): "At the very least, there is a line that leads there. He isn’t in Ryugu-jo or Kaguya-hime’s palace. He climbed to that stage himself, so there has to be a line leading there. The answer has to be right in front of my eyes. But how do I see it? How can I change my viewpoint?"
  • (To Salome during their confrontation, from NT Volume 15): “More. Give me more. This has to be taking me in the right direction. I can’t understand you at all as I am, so if I can overcome you, I can find the next stage I’m looking for!!"
  • (To Touma after initiating the conversation with her, from NT Volume 15): “The standard would be arresting techniques, aikido, self-defense, or fencing to focus on my Iron Sand Sword, but if I want to go more the Railgun route, maybe sharpshooting or archery would be better. Well, I guess anything’s fine as long as it’s useful.
  • (To Touma while saving him from Kihara Yuuitsu, from NT Volume 15): “I’m sorry. I’m sorry for wanting some excitement and wanting to leave the normal rails without knowing what that meant. If this is because of me…because I asked for this…then…uuh…”
  • (To herself after using the A.A.A. to save Touma, from NT Volume 15): “There are no barriers! The possibilities are endless! There’s so much! There’s so much more for me!! So many clues to follow, so many heights to climb to, and so many summits to aim for!!”
  • (To Touma after using a bottle of water to save him from the heat, from NT Volume 16): "... I like to help defeat the Elements when I see a request for assistance. I’d like to know if Uiharu-san and Saten-san are okay, but finding them hasn’t been easy. So to help protect anyone I know, I’ve been working to eliminate as many of the Elements as possible in this area."
  • (To Touma while being hugged by him, from NT Volume 17): “I did help them. I revealed the existence of the A.A.A. I’d made for myself, I protected everyone in Tokiwadai, and I used what strength I had leftover patrolling outside the School Garden. I didn’t have to do that, but I still did it! But they said I was negligent. They said I didn’t do enough. And so they said they were making up for that… Why do I have to be criticized by people I’ve never even meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!!”
  • (To Touma while bleeding and convulsing due to Aleister's curse, from NT Volume 17): “You said you would defeat them. You said they were formless malice, but that they could still be defeated. Then keep going. Use me as a stepping stone and continue on. I’ll do anything if it’s for that!!”
  • (To Touma before heading back to the Tokiwadai dormitory, from NT Volume 17): “I think I’ll have to use that thing a while longer. And instead of military weapons, I can put together some construction attachments…”
  • (To Touma after she destroyed a wall of the Windowless Building, from NT Volume 18): “There are lives that were saved just because you were here. There are people who were given courage just because you ran forward. So don’t hesitate!! I assure you that the path you walked was the right one and that it created a great many possibilities. If something about you is rejected as wrong, then I’ll open it all up and explain this to you!! So, so, so!! No matter what anyone says and no matter what logic they use against you! Stay true to your own paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaath!!!!!!”


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