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The Railgun

Main article: Electromaster#Railgun (ability)
  • "Railgun"
  • Lightning Attack Spear
  • Lightning Strike
  • Electromagnetism
  • Iron Sand Storm
  • Spatial Sense

Mikoto's power is known as the Railgun (超電磁砲 (レールガン) Chō-Denjihō (Rērugan)?, lit. "Super Electromagnetic Cannon").[3] She chose the ability name herself, naming it after her famous finishing move.[4] Her ability belongs to a type of esper powers known as Electromaster (電撃使い (エレクトロマスター) Dengeki Tsukai (Erekutoro Masutā)?, lit. "Electricity User"): those who can generate and manipulate electricity.

Mikoto is the most powerful Electromaster in Academy City. Her maximum output is known to be 1 billion volts. She has also demonstrated enough skill and battle knowledge to fight head-on with powerful beings such as a Saint like Brunhild Eiktobel.

  • Railgun (超電磁砲 (レールガン) Chō-Denjihō (Rērugan)?, lit. "Super Electromagnetic Cannon"): Mikoto can fire metal objects at three times the speed of sound by forming parallel currents on both sides of her arm with her electricity. Her Railgun has a muzzle velocity of 1030 m/s (2307.2 mph), and can be fired at a rate of 8 shots per minute. She has hinted she can fire multiple coins at once creating a Rail-Shotgun, however this has never been seen. She primarily uses arcade coins as her projectiles for portability, limiting her normal range to 50 meters.[5][6]
    • Liquid Proof Railgun (液状被覆超電磁砲 (リキッドプルーフレールガン) Ekijō Hifuku Chō-Denjihō (Rikiddo Purūfu Rērugan)?, lit., "Liquid-Coated Super-Electromagnetic Cannon"): With some help from Misaki's ability to manipulate liquids and the power of the Anti-Art Attachment, Mikoto was able to produce a version of her Railgun that no longer has a speed limit nor distance limit.[7] In the novel, it was stated to have an "endlessly frightening destructive power" which later on mercilessly destroyed the Windowless Building.
  • Lightning Attack Spear (雷撃の槍 Raigeki no Yari?): Mikoto has the ability to generate a "spear of lightning" originating from her forehead.[8]
  • Powerful Electromagnetic Pulse: Mikoto can create magnetic pulses that target the organs.[9]
  • Lightning Strike:
    Railgun T Anime - Thundercloud

    The thundercloud Mikoto called down against Kuriba Ryouko's doppelganger and an airship

    Mikoto can call down real lightning using her ability regardless of the season. This attack was shown to be powerful enough to cause a city-wide blackout.[10][11] She is also capable of calling down massive thunderclouds with multiple lightning strikes occurring from within.[12]
  • Electromagnetism: Mikoto can use electromagnetism to attract and repel metallic materials and use it to her advantage. Examples include creating a make-shift shield out of scrap metal, walking on walls and ceilings, as well as attracting iron particles in the ground around her. She can also use electromagnetism to interfere with radar, and radar-based weapons liked guided missiles.[13] She can use it to manipulate metal tools or weapons held by the enemy, interfering or completely stopping their attacks.[14] She can also magnetize them so that all sorts of iron objects will attach to them, increasing their weight.[15] Her power and control over electromagnetism is enough to be able to temporarily support several uprooted and pilled up buildings while preventing the structures and their occupants from being crushed.[16] She is also capable of manipulating electromagnetic waves, such as microwaves, and diverting them.[17]
  • Iron Sand Manipulation: Mikoto can use electromagnetism to manipulate iron sand which vibrates ten times stronger than a chainsaw. She can use it to create long hands or small "tornadoes" around an enemy to attack them,[18] to create a large iron sand wave much like a tsunami,[13] to create several hundred drills that have electricity running through them to pierce the enemy,[19] she can spread it around the ground to follow an enemy that moves at supersonic speeds or use it to create a storm of killer needles that surround the opponent for a 360 degree attack.[14]
    • Whip Sword (鞭のような剣 Muchi no yō na Ken?) or Iron Sand Sword (砂鉄剣 Satetsuken?): Using her magnetic powers, Mikoto can form a "whip sword" by gathering iron sand, manipulating it into a sword that she can lengthen into a whip at will. By making the sand particles of the blade vibrate, she can dramatically increase the weapon's cutting power into something resembling that of a chainsaw.[9][20] She can create multiple iron sand whips to allow her to attack from several directions at the same time, described as being similar to an octopus' tentacles or a spider's legs.[21]
    • Iron Sand Puppet (Anime)

      Mikoto's giant iron sand puppet

      Iron Sand Puppet: During her battle with Kuriba Ryouko's doppelganger, Mikoto used her ability to create a gigantic puppet out of dust and iron sand to match the doppelganger's own gigantic puppet. This puppet is somewhat fragile due to the small parts making up its body, but it can regenerate and change forms. Additionally, the iron sand can infiltrate wounds inflicted to its enemy and cut it from within. The vibrating iron sand particles inside the puppet rub together and build up electricity, making the puppet dangerous to touch and can be used to fire an iron sand bullet, which penetrated the armor of the doppelganger's giant puppet and caused massive damage to it.[22]
  • Plasma Creation: Mikoto is able to create plasma to distract the enemy's eyes by ionizing empty cans.[19]
  • Electric Cage: Mikoto can combine her electricity and iron sand to create a large cage to trap an enemy. First, Mikoto creates several hundred iron sand balls around her, which spread around the area before dividing into smaller spinning balls. The balls then start emitting bluish sparks as Mikoto uses them to conduct electricity to cover the gaps between the iron sand balls, forming the cage. Mikoto can freely control the size and shape of this cage, and can repair it and reform it in case it's damaged by controlling iron sand.[19]
  • Cracking/Hacking: Using her electric powers she can hack any electronic device and bypass normal electronic security measures with ease. She can decode the electronic flow of information, like to steal the information from a credit card's magnetic strip, as well as directly process a computer's information in binary. This skill also enables her to perform acts such as erasing herself from security footage in real time or taking control of Academy City's roving security robots.[23][24] Furthermore, it is revealed in Volume 7 of New Testament that she can even use her power to take control of cars.[25]
  • Unique Sensory Perception of Electric-type Espers: As an electromaster, Mikoto is of course able to sense electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic phenomena. She is, however, able to follow the electric and magnetic field lines using her eyes, something that normal electromasters are unable to do with their limited power.[26][27][28]
  • Flight

    Misaka Mikoto with her wings made from electricity and water vapor.

    : Using formulas similar to those she is using for her Iron Sand sword, Mikoto can fly if she is surrounded by a large amount of atomized water vapor. She manipulated the water vapor forming it into wings using the static electricity from interactions between particles. By using her electric power to induce electrolysis on a large body of water such as the ocean, she can obtain enough hydrogen and oxygen to use as fuel.[29]
  • Telepathic Immunity: Mikoto has been shown to be immune to the effects of telepathic manipulation due to the electromagnetic barrier created by her AIM Diffusion Field.[30]
  • Radar Sense: Mikoto can sense and release electromagnetic waves around her to enable her to see the image of the room three-dimensionally without the use of her sight, giving her no blind spots.
  • Control of nerves and muscles: Perhaps a reference to her powers being applied to help those with muscular dystrophy. Mikoto is shown to be able to use her powers to take control of her muscles and nerves when they have been rendered ineffective through the use of drugs. The cost of this however is that she requires to constantly use her powers on her body, making her a walking stun gun.[31]

Anti-Art Attachment

Anti-Art Attachment

Mikoto using the Anti-Art Attachment

Main article: Anti-Art Attachment

Following her initial encounter with the Anti-Art Attachment,[32] Mikoto had a modified version of the powered suit created for her own use. This Anti-Art Attachment possesses most of the armaments and firepower used by the original version. Mikoto has attempted to reconstruct the original's 'black box,' but apparently hasn't been able to recreate it.[33] She has been experiencing nose bleeds since she began to use the A.A.A.[34][17]

Exterior-forced Misaka Network connection

Main article: Level 6 Shift attempt on Misaka Mikoto
  • Mikoto as she appears in her initial form at the start of the Level 6 Shift attempt on her person.
  • Misaka Mikoto's first transformation during the Level 6 Shift attempt on her person.
  • Misaka Mikoto's second transformation during the Level 6 Shift attempt on her person.

During the Daihaseisai, Kihara Gensei takes over Exterior, shatters the defenses Shokuhou Misaki had set-up for the Sisters against electrical viruses, and infects them with a virus that forcibly connects the Misaka Network with Mikoto.[35] Here, Mikoto receives a tremendous amount of power, and her appearance changes as she continues to grow in power towards Level 6. Her consciousness is also suppressed due to the external influence.[36][37] According to Gensei, at 53% of the way, her mind would be distorted into that of something from a different dimension. At 100% her mind and body would be destroyed as they exceed their limits, taking Academy City with her.[38] According to Misaki, Touma’s presence (likely referring to his Imagine Breaker) restrains her growth, while Gensei says that Imagine Breaker acting as a stimulus and Sogiita Gunha with his non-standard power would cause something extraordinary to occur.[39] It is likely the transformations Mikoto goes through is affected by Touma and Gunha’s presence.

During the course of Mikoto being forcibly used as a subject to become a Level 6, she transforms a few times, becoming more powerful each time:

  • Initial form: Mikoto’s initial form upon engulfing the power of the Misaka Network, Mikoto’s appearance changes. Her hair becomes swept back, with a few fringes gathering together to form two horn-like appearances on her head. The sclera of her eyes also darken. The most obvious change, however, is the appearance of two ribbon-like objects with diamond shaped objects attached to them that hug around Mikoto’s arms. It is likely a mass of compressed energy, as Gunha would later be hit by similar things later.[37]
    • Described by Gensei as 2% up along the path of a Level 6, already it is powerful enough to create a large electric attack that completely engulfs the already tall Windowless Building and a large area that surrounds the building, though predictably the Windowless Building is unscathed. This attack is referenced as the largest scale lightning strike ever recorded.[36] Other features of her power include creating smaller strikes that resemble beams of energy, manipulating several chunks of metal and iron sand, and seemingly traveling through the strike of her electricity - literally “riding the lightning.”[40]
  • First transformation: Mikoto transforms even further, and her appearance changes drastically. Her horns begin transforming and hardening, forming an onion-dome shaped structure on her head, at the widest part sits something that looks like an eye. Something revolves around the tapering structure, and at the top sits a sphere, like a miniature Saturn. As for the rest of Mikoto's body, the ribbons from before have begun connecting to her body itself. Her hands and feet have tapered as well and are connected with the ribbons.[38]
    • Under this form, Mikoto can use those ribbon-like things to attack, which Gunha describes as a compressed mass of energy after hit by it.[38] It is apparently solid enough as Gunha is also pinned down by ribbon-like objects much later. Likely, all of the powers that Mikoto displayed in her previous form is retained here and in a stronger version.
  • Second transformation: What Gensei describes as the Opening Stage, this is her final form just before she is turned back to normal. Her hair is swept back, and a complex halo appears over her head: a circle with four points on each direction, and floating at the center of it is something of rectangular shaped, tapering at both ends, with the bottom part being shorter. All of her clothes disappear. Her head down to the area of her collarbones are colored black and dotted by something resembling stars; it’s as if it was outer space or the night sky. Her hands and feet have disappeared. Her hand becoming claw-like with ribbon like protrusions, with her legs even more abstract-looking, connecting through the ribbons.[39]
    • After Kouzaku Mitori seemingly defeats Kuroko, she uses her Mental Out power from Exterior and orders Mikoto to destroy the Windowless Building again. Then the ground where Mikoto is floating on turns black. Mikoto holds out her hand where she forms a large black sphere of energy.[39] Gunha would later describe this as something from another world that cannot be understood.[41] Mikoto would later describe it as something that she called in by her desire to crush and eliminate the parts of Academy City she doesn’t like.[41]

Other Skills

Other than her esper powers, Mikoto is in top form physically and mentally. She has proven to be very knowledgeable when it comes to electronic devices, being able to guide others about them over a phone call.


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