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Misaka Mikoto's role initially was that of a minor character known to Kamijou Touma before his memory loss. In her reappearance after Touma's memory loss, she acts as the main heroine along with her Sisters. Like with the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun sidestory the Sisters Arc marks a turning point for her character, which is heavily explored in later appearances, far and few they may be, as a character that has a crush on Kamijou Touma but cannot properly express it. An example of this is her overhearing of Touma promising to Etzali that he will protect her and the world around her. Her role as such remained as is for her earlier appearances, with her getting involved little with Touma's adventures and even then completely unaware of what's truly behind the surface.

It is not until her discovery of Touma's memory loss that she tries to actively become involved with him. Moreover, in spite of Touma's insistence in not getting her involved, Mikoto only persists. Her crush, moreover, blossoms even more. Mikoto's character involvement in the plot was not of the greater story unfolding but with her continual association with Kamijou Touma. This finally goes to head during the climactic ending of Toaru Majutsu no Index with World War III, where she goes out of her way to go to the battlefields of Russia to find Touma and bring him back. She later fails in her goal, as Touma refuses her rescue in order to save the world. Despite being a Level 5 she is powerless to save Touma and bring him back to Academy City, though she has not given up on him as shown in Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index.

Toaru Majutsu no Index

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Index Arc

Main article: Index Arc
Mikoto using her railgun against Touma

Mikoto attacks Touma using her signature move "Railgun".

Mikoto is being hit on by delinquents, and Kamijou Touma tries to save the delinquents from her (as he knows who she is and what she can do). This eventually causes her to confront Touma — even unleashing her most powerful attack, the Railgun, at him. Mikoto eventually caused a massive blackout throughout Academy City because of this.

Sisters Arc

Main article: Sisters Arc

Mikoto is in despair and thinks that all the deaths of over 10,000 Misaka clones is her fault, which were used for a project to help Accelerator achieve Level 6 .

One night, when she quietly calls for help, Touma arrives with the Sisters project document that he found in her room, demanding to know what she is doing. Mikoto reveals that she has been taking out research facilities in an attempt to stop the experiment and save her sisters, but she failed at her task, because new facilities kept coming out. She is also unable to kill Accelerator and she states that she is going to be quickly killed by him in order to save the remaining Sisters. Touma stands in Mikoto's way to prevent her from killing herself, but refuses to fight her. Mikoto attacks him until he passes out. When she finally clears her mind, she tells Touma the location of the next fight scheduled for Accelerator, while she waits on the bridge for him to return. But after a few minutes, she runs after Touma, to the battle site, trying to save him even though she knows she can't win.

Misaka prepared to attack

Mikoto prepares to fire her Railgun at Accelerator.

When she arrives, Mikoto prepares to fire her Railgun, but she pauses when she realizes that Accelerator is preparing a plasma attack by controlling the direction of the wind and collecting it in one place. She figures out that she can counter it by controlling the wind. With the desire to protect Touma, she wakes up Misaka 10032, who Accelerator knocked out earlier, and she gets the remaining clones across the city to change the direction of the wind by controlling the wind turbines. This prevents Accelerator from finishing his attack, and when he approaches Mikoto and Misaka 10032 in order to kill them, Touma stops him and gives him his "weakest attack".

Visiting touma

Misaka Mikoto visits Touma at the hospital

After everything is over, Mikoto is seen at the hospital visiting Touma to thank him.

Angel Fall Arc

Main article: Angel Fall Arc
Misaka as Otohime

Mikoto as Otohime

Due to the effect of Angel Fall we see Touma's cousin Otohime with the appearance of Mikoto.

Three Stories Arc

Main article: Three Stories Arc

Mikoto was about to head out from her dorm and enjoy her last day of summer vacation when Unabara Mitsuki, a guy who's infatuated with her, asked if they could spend the day together. Mikoto however finds his presence unwelcoming, so she decides "The Fake Date" plan, where she'll pretend she knows the guy and treat him to lunch just to avoid him for the day, is her best option. It just so happens that Touma, along with Tsuchimikado Motoharu and Aogami Pierce, were walking by her dorm, so she decides to use Touma as her pretend boyfriend to ditch Mitsuki. However, the dorm head and the other students (including Shirai Kuroko) witness the act. She drags a helpless Touma away from the scene. Touma reluctantly agrees to help, so she buys them two hot dogs, which, of course, they got mixed up, resulting in either of them eating their respective meal causing the Tokiwadai's Ace to be embarrassed. Later Touma decides to back out from the plan after realizing that Unabara is a great guy and he definitely cares for her. Realizing her own selfishness, Mikoto decides to talk to Mitsuki later, and treat Touma to some burgers as thanks for all the help he has been.

While waiting in line, the real Mitsuki tells Mikoto to run away and the Mitsuki she'd seen was an impostor. She later saves Touma from being crushed by a steel beam while he was fighting the fake Mitsuki, while hiding behind a steel beam. She happens to hear the conversation between the two of them, including Touma's "answer".
Mikoto blush

Mikoto blushing

She shakes her head from side to side, trying to fight her blushing expression and pretending not to have heard what Touma said. She believes that Touma doesn't really treat her as someone special, and calls him an idiot for saying things that cause people to misunderstand or confuse his meanings. It was probably at this point that Mikoto's feelings for Touma began to grow.

Later that day, she bumps into Touma again after Index was kidnapped by Yamisaka Ouma from a family restaurant they dined at. She then asks him why he ditched her after she went through the trouble of getting the food, then asks him if he is alright after the attack at the restaurant; but Touma, in a hurry to save Index, ditches her again much to her chagrin.

Kazakiri Hyouka Arc

Main article: Kazakiri Hyouka Arc

She first meets up with Touma who is on his way to school, and she does not hide the fact she is angry at him for ditching her several times yesterday. Touma simply tells her that a lot of other stuff happened. She accuses him of possibly doing "fake dates” with some other girls. Touma simply replies that only she would ask him to do something like that, much to Mikoto's embarrassment.

Later, Mikoto saves Kuroko from Sherry Cromwell's golem. Afterwards, they pursue her to the underground mall where they meet up with Touma and his own company.

Index and Mikoto

Index and Mikoto arguing

They inform Touma, walking with Index and Kazakiri Hyouka , that a large scale battle might occur in the city. Index and Mikoto start arguing, suspicious of each other's feelings for Touma. Kuroko decides to teleport them out of there, leaving Touma and Hyouka alone.

Tree Diagram Remnant Arc

Main article: Tree Diagram Remnant Arc

Mikoto becomes restless after realizing that several countries are trying to acquire the remains of Tree Diagram, as this open up the possibility that the experiments will return if Tree Diagram's pieces are returned and the computer recreated. Mikoto carelessly exposes herself to Kuroko's suspicions after telling her to be wary of the weather.[3]

Later, Mikoto caught wind that Musujime Awaki and the organization she is working for has acquired a Remnant of Tree Diagram, she knocks out the traffic system to slow them down and prevent them from quickly escaping Academy City. She later calls Kuroko and tells her that she won't be back to their dormitory until later, unaware that Kuroko was fighting the peons who acquired the Remnant.[4]

Mikoto later returns to the dormitory to discover Kuroko seriously injured after her battle with Awaki, pretending not to notice. After talking to her, Mikoto leaves her room and tracks down Awaki and her goons. She easily defeats the espers allied with her and her minions as well, here she tells Awaki, after she insults her for being part of the experiment, as well as saying that Mikoto is only fighting for her sake, that Awaki is correct, and that she is truly angry and wants to destroy everything that is involved. However, Mikoto states that she is angrier at herself for allowing Kuroko (who is secretly watching Mikoto) to get involved and get hurt, and angry at herself for allowing a mess where Awaki felt compelled to hurt Kuroko. Knowing that she is no match for the power of a Level 5, Awaki teleports away after using people as human shields, preventing Mikoto from attacking carelessly. Mikoto later tries to find where Awaki ran away to, to no avail.[5]

Mikoto later runs into Kamijou Touma, who was asked by Misaka 10032 to help them stop the experiments from starting again. Here, they later find the restaurant where Kuroko and Awaki have been fighting in. Mikoto uses her Railgun to a blow a hole up to the floor where Kuroko (who is severely injured from the fight with Awaki) is so Touma can save her. Touma saves her after negating the distortion in space caused by Awaki teleporting a massive object to crush Kuroko.[6]

Mikoto later visits Kuroko in a certain hospital. Here, Kuroko promises that she will catch up to Mikoto in order to stand side-by-side with her in the battlefield.[7]

Daihasei Festival Arc

Main article: Daihasei Festival Arc

Mikoto competes in the Daihasei and makes a bet with Touma over whose school will fair better in the festival. Also, she deals with her mother, who is visiting; from shopping with her to keeping Kuroko away from her. In the end of the arc, she tells Touma at a certain hospital that Tokiwadai is in the lead, thus making her the winner of the bet.

In Railgun manga, Misaka 10032 is kidnapped. Mikoto attempts to rescue her, only to get involved in the fight between Kihara Gensei who is now using Multi-Skill and Shokuhou Misaki, the 5th level 5 esper of Academy City. Kihara's plan was to put a virus in the Misaka Network using "Exterior" (an experiment that uses Misaki's Mental Out power) in order to forcibly achieve level 6. As the virus slowly turns Mikoto into a level 6, she loses control of her actions and attacks the Windowless Building with the largest scale lightning strike ever recorded. Kamijou Touma and Sogiita Gunha, the 7th Level 5 esper of Academy City, team up in order to fight her just to buy enough time for Kuroko and Misaki, who are trying to find a way to stop the new Level 6 Shift experiment.

La Regina del Mare Adriatico Arc

Main article: La Regina del Mare Adriatico Arc

Mikoto is mentioned in the arc briefly when she forced Touma to go to a folk dance until he was kicked in the back of the head by Shirai Kuroko, who teleported behind him. Later, when Touma was forced to leave Italy to go back to Japan by Heaven Canceller, he became nervous and acted violent about returning after hearing from the doctor that she claims her victory of the punishment game and he will have to listen to whatever Mikoto says.

Academy City Invasion Arc

Main article: Academy City Invasion Arc

Mikoto is sleeping in her bed. Her roommate Kuroko, who was up at the time, happens to hear her mumbling in her sleep about the penalty game and what she has planned for Touma. Later that day she tracks down Touma after school to remind him of the bet they made during the Daihaseisai festival. Touma relents and fans her with his bag causing her to be embarrassed. Later that day, while waiting for Touma at a local theater, she spots Uiharu Kazari. The two exchanged greetings and Mikoto teaches Uiharu how to play the violin, only to be interrupted by a jealous Shirai Kuroko who's busy with Judgment work. When Touma finally arrives, Mikoto accuses him of arriving late, however Touma points out she arrived half an hour early. Mikoto becomes embarrassed by this realization, but Touma believes she did so to rub the penalty game in his face. Mikoto proceeds to launch lightning at him, which is negated by Touma's right hand. Mikoto grabs Touma's hand and they commence the penalty game.

Mikoto puts away her violin case in a locker at the renewed underground shopping center and they go to a mobile service center to get each other’s respective numbers. Mikoto decides to go with the couples plan because of the Gekota strap that comes with it and tells Touma that his number will only be used for her convenience. She learns that in order for the plan to be complete they must take a photo acknowledging that they're a couple. Having no choice and creating a few mishaps, Touma puts his arms around her, wanting to get the whole thing over with. Mikoto blushes and agrees. After the picture is shot, Kuroko teleports in and drops kicks Touma in the back of the head, ruining the photo and causing the latter pain and grief. Touma then asks for liberation from responsibilities since Kuroko is there, but Mikoto throws lightning at him and says that he's not going anywhere. Mikoto returns to Touma after she completes the plan but she meets Misaka 10032 and becomes upset at him for paying attention to someone else's problems instead of keeping his promise to her. She strikes him with lightning over and over again but her efforts are useless and Misaka Imouto insists Mikoto should stop her harsh treatment towards Touma. Mikoto refuses and Misaka Imouto makes fun of her for not being honest and decides to hold Touma's arm right in front of her; shocking them both. Last Order then arrives and Misaka Imouto leaves after her but not before giving Touma a frightening warning.

Mikoto leaves Touma behind, upset because of what happened earlier and the fact that he thought that she only wanted him to get the phone strap from the mobile center. She walks around the shopping center and takes out her frustration on a power level machine. After calming down she decides to look for Touma again and apologize for her immature behavior. It's past the curfew time and there's still no sign of Touma. She stops at a convenient store to buy an umbrella when Shirai Kuroko calls, wondering if Mikoto is back at the dorm. Mikoto tells Kuroko that she isn't and Kuroko becomes enraged thinking that she'll plan a night date with Touma. Mikoto tries to calm her down, but ultimately, Uiharu manages to keep her in control and wishes Mikoto good luck on her date. She reiterates that it isn't a date. She once again decides to look for Touma before returning home.

After Kazakiri Hyouka goes berserk and becomes Fuse=KAZAKIRI, thanks to Aleister's interruption of Vento of the Front's attack on Academy City, Mikoto first spots Index, who's in a rush to save Hyouka, and then notices Touma heading in the same direction. After being pulled into an alleyway by Touma, Mikoto asks what that thing is and Index tells her that it's a friend and that they are on their way to rescue her. A few Hound Dog members spot and attack the three, but Mikoto decides to stay behind and hold them off. With the penalty game still being active, Mikoto orders Touma to stay alive and help his friend, and although he's reluctant to leave her, he obeys Mikoto's command. Later while fighting, Mikoto gets a call from Touma and asks her if she could help Index by giving her some science related advice to help stop Fuse=KAZAKIRI, but neither of the two are happy about it. Mikoto gives Index, who has Touma's phone, some scientific advice on how to save Hyouka. After a few explanations and examples, Index succeeds and with the killing of Kihara Amata and the defeat Vento of the Front, the incidents comes to a close.

Skill-Out Uprising

Main article: Skill-Out Uprising

Touma suggests that Misaka Misuzu should call Mikoto, a level 5, for help during the Dangai University Database Center attack. She declines, saying that she does not want to involve Mikoto.

Document of Constantine Arc

Main article: Document of Constantine Arc

Mikoto meets Touma while he was walking home after being punished for an incident that happened at his school. Mikoto asks Touma why he hasn’t responded to her messages that she sent him and Touma doesn't remember anything about it. Mikoto looks at Touma's phone and becomes shocked that her mother's number is on his phone. Mikoto demands an explanation and calls her mother, learning that her mother was drunk one night and Touma rescued her. Mikoto overreacts then calms down to talk about the riots that are happening across the globe and the weapons demonstrations in Academy City. After the two split, Mikoto forgot to ask Touma to take her out for a cultural festival that happens in Academy City once a year. She calls his phone but the number couldn't be reached so she decides to track him down. Mikoto then hears gunshots in the area so she arrives at the scene but there was no one to be found.

Later, Touma calls Mikoto from the Palace of the Popes and asks her what's new from the Academy City side. Mikoto tells him that they sent special forces by the request of the French government, then asks him where he is. Before Touma could explain, Terra of the Left arrives and Touma's phone gets knocked right off his hand, causing the screen to break. Even though his cellphone gets damaged, Mikoto is still able to listen in and learns a startling revelation from Terra that Touma has actually lost his memories and has been pretending towards his friends ever since.

Acqua of the Back Arc

Main article: Acqua of the Back Arc

After discovering Touma's memory loss, Mikoto was in daze as her thoughts are preoccupied about it. She wonders when it occurred and other minute details. She even considers asking for the Queen of Tokiwadai's help, though balks at the thought of being indebted to her and became concerned that she may tamper with his mind.[8]

Touma's misfortune

Mikoto's musings are interrupted by Touma's misfortune.

Mikoto later comes upon the Amakusa Christians, and notices them kicking a soccer ball, which was intended to hit Touma's head allowing him to fall upon Itsuwa's breasts. Their attempt is successful and Touma's head falls upon Itsuwa's breast. Seeing this, an irate Mikoto shouts at them and begins emitting powerful electricity. But before Mikoto can do anything about them, Saiji and the others later leave quickly without a trace. Meanwhile, Itsuwa doesn't know what to do, she is flustered and tries to rub the part of Touma's head.[8] Mikoto dashes towards Touma and attacks him using her Electromaster powers. In order to fulfil her job, Itsuwa started to assemble her spear, and in order to stop her, Kamijou hugged her, leading to Mikoto becoming angry again, forcing Touma to run around Academy City.[9]

A relaxing bath

A relaxing bath in the hot springs.

Mikoto goes to the Spa Resort Serene Springs, trying to collect 10 cards with stamps on them in order to avail an out-of-bath Gekota, and the only way to do that is to bathe as much as she can. She comes upon them and later bathes with them. Mikoto becomes noisy in the bath but is promptly scolded by Index. Mikoto recognizes Itsuwa as the "girl who got hugged by that idiot because of some strange soccer ball," making Itsuwa embarrassed and ebb into the water. Mikoto starts to wonder if the two knew about his memory loss and while pondering about the issue again, she faints in the bath and Itsuwa and Index is forced to call the staff to have her resuscitated.[10]

As the battles by Acqua of the Back and the Amakusa Christian takes place in the School District 22, Mikoto is forced to stay in the resort because of the "no oxygen alert," which shuttered the building and the exit to the district. When she was finally let out, she comes upon the gate that leads out from School District 22 but there has been a malfunction, making the people unable to get out. While thinking about what trouble Touma is in, she slightly loses control of her power, creating a spark, embarrassing her. Here, it was the apparent effects of a "people clearing field" set up by a magician, influencing her actions. It works and Mikoto gives up to get back to the surface and decides to go to a hotel in the 7th level of the district. After getting there, she comes upon a figure in the darkness that is walking strangely. She narrows her eyes and as the figure appeared below a streetlight, she discovers that it is Touma.
Misaka Mikoto & Kamijou Touma - School District 22

Mikoto encounters an injured Touma

Though he recognizes it is Mikoto, he continues moving regardless but falls down, forcing Mikoto to catch him. Touma tells her that he has to go for "they" (the Amakusa Christians) may still be fighting. Seeing him in his current form, Mikoto deems that Touma had been in countless battles that she doesn't know, and that the memory loss may truly be legitimate because of the fact that in these battles, Touma has been beaten to an extent that could allow for a memory loss to occur. Touma tries to once again move, but Mikoto holds his arm, preventing him from doing so, and he notices it. Mikoto confronts Touma about his memory loss, shocking him and confirming to Mikoto that it is both real and that he still had memories of his battle with Accelerator and his saving of the Sisters. She asks him why he doesn't ask her or anyone else to help him, mirroring the events of that fateful day where Touma trampled on her feelings in order to save her and the Sisters from Accelerator. She volunteers to confront the person that he is going to fight against in his place, and that he should at least experience what she had felt back then, powerless and can only watch from a safe distance. Finally, she asks him why he doesn't apply his own beliefs on himself, and why he alone is the one not asking for help.[11]
Index v16 254

Misaka Mikoto begins to realize her feelings for Touma.

Mikoto is relieved that Touma still remembers what he had done for her and her Sisters, but also felt disgusted by her own selfishness, using the situation as a catharsis to wipe away her anxieties instead of worrying about his condition. As Mikoto frantically tries to search for a nearby hospital on her phone, Touma finally responds. Seeing this, as if Touma could break away from her at any moment in spite of his condition, Mikoto continues to grab his arm as he speaks. He acknowledges her finding about his memories but tells her she is wrong. He tells her that he doubts he has put himself in so much danger that he lost his memories because of it. He tells her that in spite of his lost memories, it is because of them that he is able to stand before her, telling her that his past self still motivates his current self as he still resides within his heart, and that remembering or not is irrelevant as he still understand what he needs to do. Touma here shows that he holds something that he could not even grasp as a source of provide, though it is because of these beliefs that allows him to move without regrets. It is something that does not compels but drives him, as it is not he must do so but is that he should. He apologizes to Mikoto and tells her to go back, and at that point Mikoto was affixed at his words and had let go of her grasp of him. Finally, he tells her that even if he loses his memories it doesn't change what he needs to do as Kamijou Touma isn't the kind of person that lets something like memory loss stop him.[11]

And thus Kamijou Touma continues on forward, with Mikoto only being able to look at his disappearing figure in spite the fact that she had the power to stop him. She did not know what to do, despite the fact that she knows he didn't say that she was wrong, or that she shouldn't go with him in his battlefield. However, she knows that Touma did not lie, and that there was some meaning to Touma standing and continuing on his own. Realizing this, she sees that letting Touma go and seeing him off is the right answer, that she could only hope that he will come back in one piece, and any other option would just trample on his wishes. But still she couldn't accept what Touma was doing, though she is unable to stop him. And as Touma disappeared into the veil of darkness into battlefields not yet known by her, Mikoto realizes that she couldn't stop Touma because her spirit had been beaten back by his actions, but because she realized her feelings for him. This overwhelming emotion pressed upon Mikoto's heart, and left her unable to do anything.[11]

British Royal Family Arc

Main article: British Royal Family Arc
Misaka Mikoto - Post-Realization

A restless Misaka Mikoto

Mikoto is first seen restless due to her previous confrontation with Touma. According to the narration, she did not plan to meet with Touma again until she could properly sort out all the feelings in her heart. However, she still runs into Touma by a vending machine. She asks Touma about his injuries, which he tells her that he is fine, but he tells her that he has a hard time recalling the details of their previous conversation other than the fact she knew about his memory loss. Due to Touma's request, Mikoto also reluctantly agrees to keep his memory loss a secret. Touma changes the subject by telling her she should not do her "kicking the vending machine" trick anymore because people could still see up to her thighs. After Touma's comment, Mikoto realizes that she actually feels comfortable around him. Much to Touma's confusion and uneasiness, she inadvertently lets out a few sparks from her body.[12]

Unbeknownst to Mikoto, Touma is kidnapped by Tsuchimikado Motoharu, and forced to go to England.

Hours later, Mikoto is in a restaurant after half a day of school, where she sees Fukiyose Seiri, Himegami Aisa, Yomikawa Aiho, and Kazakiri Hyouka, lamenting on the fact that all of them have large breasts. She later receives a call from Touma, which shocks her because he rarely calls her. When she answers, Touma asked her if she knows how to open a lock since he needs to sneak into a subway station. After hearing that, she hangs up on him, but she immediately receives another call from him. After he explains to her the situation he is in and the fact he is in London, which surprises her because she knows about the dangers in London at the present time, she figures that Touma really must be in another strange predicament and reluctantly agrees to help him.[13] Thanks to Mikoto's directions, Touma is able to open the shutter’s electronic lock. Afterwards, Mikoto tries to ask Touma if he wanted to spend some time with her due to all the half-days that were happening because of Ichihanaransai preparations, but she is cut-off before she could finish.[14]

World War III Arc

Main article: World War III Arc
Toaru Majutsu no Index III E20 20m 11s

Mikoto and Kuroko seeing Touma in the news report about World War III, in the anime

Later, she worries about Touma because he isn't answering any of her calls since the last time they spoke to each other. She remembers that Touma mentioned he was in London.[15] However, when she watches a news report on T.V about World War III showing Russia, she sees Touma in the bottom corner of the screen (in the anime, Kuroko is also watching the news report and calls her over).[16][17] In order to prove to herself that it may not be him, she decides to hack into Touma's school network with her ability and her PDA, and finds Touma hasn't been to the school for quite some time, forcing her to realize that the Touma on TV was the real one. She hacks further into Academy City's database and comes across the city's plans to retrieve Touma "at any cost". Afterwards, she decides to hijack a jet to go to Russia and help Touma, she also learns of a special team that has been put together for the sole purpose of bringing Touma back to Academy city under Aleister's command.[18]

Toaru Majutsu no Index III E21 23m 10s

Encounter between Misaka 10777 and the Original.

She travels to Russia and tries to retrieve Touma. On her way she meets Misaka 10777, one of the clones who was stationed in Russia but decided to stay behind in order to try and find Touma instead of evacuating with the rest of the Academy City non-military personnel.[19] After intercepting transmissions revealing that an independent Russian military unit was going to fire missiles with Opasnosti nuclear warheads at the Star of Bethlehem,[20][21] the two fought to stop the launch.[22][23][24]

Toaru Majutsu no Index III E26 08m 08s

Mikoto trying to save Touma from certain doom.

Later Mikoto meets up with Touma and tries to bring him back with her in order to save him from what appears to be certain death. He refuses, and Mikoto tries to forcibly bring him with her by using magnetism to get him onto her plane, which he negated.
Toaru Majutsu no Index III E26 22m 28s

Only one sign of Touma is found.

She and Misaka 10777 were forced to leave without Touma, with Mikoto in tears. In the end of the arc, near the beach she finds the Gekota charm the two of them bought back on September 30th on a beach, and no other signs of Touma are found.[25] She believes that Touma is dead.


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