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Misaka Worst (番外個体ミサカワースト Bangai Kotai (Misaka Wāsuto)?, lit. "Extra Individual") is the only individual produced that was part of the newest lineup of Misaka clones introduced in Toaru Majutsu no Index, the Third Season Project, though was created and specialized only for a single battle with Accelerator. This Misaka Worst is the first and only one seen in the series, and is differentiated from the others.


Compared to the first 20,001 clones of Misaka Mikoto (all clones except Full Tuning), Misaka Worst's physical form is a high school version of the Level 5 Electromaster. It is also pointed out that she is 2-3 centimeters taller than the original.[2] She has also been noted to have larger breasts compared to the others, a fact that both Last Order and Mikoto are jealous of even when she doesn't mention it.

Her physical features also differ to the first batch of Sisters; she has dark circles around her eyes and has orange irises, compared to the gray irises of the 20,000 Misaka Clones and to the Original's brown irises. She doesn't wear a similar hairpin as the first batch, and does not wear Tokiwadai Middle School's uniform; instead, she wears a full-body suit. To prevent this series of clones from being controlled by Last Order, She was cut up and had many metal parts embedded in her, which according to the Misaka Worst that fought Accelerator, was painful beyond belief.

In New Testament, Misaka Worst wears a pink and white aodai given to her by Yoshikawa Kikyou.[3]


Though she has the same appearance as Mikoto, her personality is vastly different, even from the other clones. Her perspective on life began to change when she set herself up to "detonate" since she had no more purpose and Accelerator stopped her from doing that, preventing her from committing suicide after she failed to eliminate him.[4] She doesn't have the same speech pattern as the other clones, like talking in the third person narrative perspective, but she still refers to herself as "Misaka" or "this Misaka". That being said, there are times she says a sentence with the occasional normal pronoun, like "I" or "me".[citation needed]

Misaka Worst is supposed to be the outlet of the Misaka Network's negative feelings; she was designed as such in order to have an extra effect when faced in battle against Accelerator and thus she can grasp most of the bad things that the other Sisters are feeling to the point that if the feeling is too strong it might even take over her own actions even though she can normally control "interference" from the Misaka network. For example, in one instance Last Order experienced such strong jealousy towards Accelerator's freedom of going out freely that Misaka Worst couldn't cope with the surge and urged Accelerator to let her tag along even though she had no personal desire of going with him.[5]

Due to the effect of those negative feelings, Misaka Worst is also a little bit of a prankster and tends to either tease or cause discomfort to others much to the chagrin of Accelerator, who is usually at the wrong end of Worst's outbursts.[6] He also noted that she lacks even more common sense than he does.[7] It is stated though when "he" isn't around, she loses 90% of the will to fight.[citation needed]


Little information is available for these new clones, as only one was ever produced and was specialized, but it is certain that they are created for a different purpose than their predecessors. This series of clones was supposed to be made for the Third Season Project, which began after Last Order was taken in by Accelerator. They are at Level 4, stronger than the normal Sisters and the Level 3 Last Order. However, considering that she was created and conditioned only for 1 battle, she surmised that she is not supposed to be part of the actual "new upcoming line" of Misaka clones.[4] Her later production, technically makes her out as the little sister of Last Order, and by extension the rest of the Sisters in spite of her appearance. Indeed, both Misaka Worst and Accelerator points this out.[3][8]


Toaru Majutsu no Index

World War III Arc

Main article: World War III Arc

Misaka Worst appears before Accelerator

On October 30th, when Accelerator is in Russia, she attacks him after jumping out of an aircraft and having her parachute destroyed by Accelerator. However, she lands safely by using her electromaster powers. At this point it is disclosed that Crowley intends to make a new network with a new line of clones, and eliminate Last Order who has now become obsolete and will actually cause problems for the new network.[9]

Misaka Worst taunts Accelerator

Despite being far more powerful than the clone, Accelerator is at a disadvantage since he cannot bring himself to hurt another clone after the Level 6 experiment, and sustains minor injuries. Misaka WORST then proceeds to taunt and mentally traumatize him, telling him about the Sisters' hatred of him, and by questioning the authenticity of Last Order's emotions for him. She ultimately forces Accelerator to choose between protecting Last Order or upholding his vow to never hurt another Misaka clone.[9]

Misaka Worst, battered and bloodied.

This causes Accelerator to have a mental breakdown, losing all reason and go berserk. He proceeds to break Misaka WORST's arm and beat her into the ground, becoming even more cruel and barbaric than his old personality from the days of the experiment. As she loses, she tries to commit suicide. Her method of suicide was to "detonate" all of the metallic parts in her body that block control from Last Order.[9]

Accelerator breaking down while trying to save Misaka Worst

Despite having lost all faith in humanity, he still saves her when she attempts suicide as a way of showing the scientists who doubted him, that he does have the capacity to save people (alternatively, he only did it to annoy the ones who thought up this plan, telling them they've failed in their calculations). He then continues his rampage in front of an injured Misaka Worst, awakening and now sporting black wings fighting against each other.[9]

In volume 21, the now injured Misaka Worst makes a deal with Accelerator to learn his fighting patterns and thus become irreplaceable, ensuring Academy City higher ups can't replace her. She later helps Accelerator interrogate the spies he captured and uses her powers as an "advanced lie detectors" to scan his brain.[10] Misaka Worst eventually proves pivotal to Last Order's recovery, as she supplies Accelerator with information about Index's song from within the Misaka Network, which the former uses to heal Last Order for good. When Accelerator notices the Telesma attack, he entrusts her with Last Order's safety as he goes to block it.[11]

Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index

Freshmen Arc

Main article: Freshmen Arc

After World War III, she lives a peaceful life with Accelerator, Last Order, Yoshikawa Kikyou and Yomikawa Aiho.[3] This peace doesn't last long as she and Accelerator are involved in the battle against the "Freshmen". Accelerator has her secretly protect Yomikawa and Yoshikawa while interrogating the Freshmen operatives.

Homecoming Arc

Main article: Homecoming Arc

After Freshmen's attack is over, Worst escorts Last Order on the way home when all of a sudden Last Order becomes upset and jealous that someone may have gotten closer to Accelerator while Worst has no choice but to feel the feedback. Eventually, the two arrive at Touma's house in order to confront Accelerator. Worst has a paper bag with her and she proclaims destroying some Freshmen hideouts and getting some cat ears and cat paw cyborg parts for Kuroyoru Umidori who then screams in terror. It is unknown whether Worst was being spiteful or Umidori was despairing that such parts were found.[12] Upon witnessing Kamijou Touma in person, she has conflicted feelings telling her that although he would act for the sake of all the Misaka clones, it felt like her value of existence was being denied as she is a collection of the malice within the network.

Hawaii Invasion Arc

Main article: Hawaii Invasion Arc

Accelerator, Misaka Mikoto, and Misaka Worst team up against Trident.

She arrives at the airport along with Hamazura and Kuroyoru, where she electronically manipulates Kuroyoru's cyborg arms for her amusement. After the fight with Cendrillon, she travels with Misaka Mikoto, who she severely teases during their time alone together. She later on fights off the invading forces of Trident at Napali Coast along with Mikoto and Accelerator.

Ichihanaran Festival Arc

Main article: Ichihanaran Festival Arc

During the preparations for the festival, due to her having her arm finally healed, Misaka Worst goes out to enjoy the night life.[13]

She first appears during the Ichihanaransai to harass Kuroyoru Umidori, much to her displeasure. Since Misaka Worst was an electromaster, and worse off, Umidori's ejection ports for her powers have been cut off, she had no way of defending herself from her. Misaka Worst catches Umidori as she eats a taiyaki with cheese, and comments on how she went for the cotton candy instead, lamenting on how the ones made by kids are poorly made. Umidori seeing her casual comment, tells her that they are not friends. Misaka Worst comments on how since both of them have no friends, they should get along together. Umidori references it as being in a pathetic girl group, and tells her not to put her in the same category as her. As Misaka Worst continues to tease her to "deepen" their friendship, they are visited upon by an unlikely person—Misaka 10032.[13]

Umidori quickly then points out that she now has a friend for her, to which Misaka Worst says that she hates clean people without that nasty look in their eyes like her. Umidori comments on how everything she does tells her that she has no intention of being her friend, to which she ignores. Misaka Worst then tries to open a conversation with Misaka 10032, regarding of her current actions. Misaka 10032 states that she removed her shoes to rest her feet while she took a break on a bench, but a black cat had climbed inside one. Still now, the cat remains inside her shoe. Seeing this, Misaka Worst suggests that she should drag it out with an iron claw, to which Misaka 10032 does not take lightly.[13]

Misaka Worst states that three is not enough, and asks if there are others with nothing to do. Coincidentally, Saiai manages to pass by and forms a disgusted expression towards them, especially at Umidori. Misaka Worst, seeing her, agrees that she has that nasty look on her face, seeing at they are keen to the ways of the dark side. Seeing them all, Saiai then asks if they are a bunch of villains trying to create their own faction. Misaka Worst comments on how with dark people like them around, she could enjoy the Ichihanaransai honestly without holding back.[13]

Magic God Othinus Arc

Main article: Magic God Othinus Arc

In the final recreation of the world by Othinus created specifically to break Touma's spirit, known as the Version_Omega world in-text, where several characters from the original world have been "saved" or have not experienced great tragedy, it is Accelerator instead who saves all 20,000 Sisters, along with Last Order and Misaka Worst after stopping the Level 6 Shift Project.[14]

Later, after Touma's spirit has been finally broken and is trying to decide on how he should have himself killed, Last Order, several of the Sisters, and Misaka Worst are in the festival in the Academy City accompanied by Accelerator, Yoshikawa Kikyou, and Amai Ao. Last Order is enjoying the festival, commenting on how she has given up on trying to process all the information in front of her. A Sister then says that if she abandons any attempt to understand, they will suffer as well, and asks Last Order to try harder. The clones later become enamored by the food stands, prompting Misaka Worst to egg them on.[14]

Magic God Invasion Arc

Main article: Magic God Invasion Arc

With her broken bone finally healed, Misaka Worst goes shopping with Kuroyoru Umidori, having her carry all of her stuff. During Akikawa Mie's misadventures with the Liquid Diamond, both of them are in the same subway platform as she is. Misaka Worst notices that something valuable is nearby, referring to the Liquid Diamond, but her train of thought is interrupted by Umidori complaining why she is carrying all her stuff. Misaka Worst explains that she is helping her shop because her broken bone just healed, though she says that even if Umidori ignored her, she'd use her powers to control her body, much to Umidori's irritation.[15]

Later, as the High Priest was attempting to destroy the foundations of Academy City, Misaka Worst and Umidori are in the underground disaster prevention structure. Misaka Worst wonders if the dampeners will hold and offers to help, much to Umidori's disbelief. Misaka Worst then tells her that she can have people indebted to her if she did it, allowing her to get more money. Hearing this, Umidori tells her that she really is rotten to the core.[16]

Coronzon Arc

Main article: Coronzon Arc

Following the evacuation of Academy City on December 12th, Misaka Worst, along with Last Order and Yoshikawa Kikyou, left the city on a cargo ship, heading for Alaska.[17][18]

Kamijou Arc

Main article: Kamijou Arc

As Academy City was recovering, the group returned from Alaska via the bay, having not seen any auroras during their trip.[19]

Souyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index

Los Angeles Arc

Main article: Los Angeles Arc

Misaka Worst was mentioned by Dion Fortune along with other Sisters.[20]

Appereance in other media

Toaru Idol no Accelerator-sama

Misaka Worst first appeared in a blog, where she spread gossip articles to hurt Accelerator's reputation. After attacking Yoshikawa's net life, she tried to hunt her IP with the power of the internet provider. Yomikawa makes a suggestion to used brutal force to intimidate the blogger, but was rejected for everyone. After investigating the articles' behavior patterns, Yoshikawa deducted that the main reason to make all those hurtful articles was because the blogger hated Accelerator, in dismay of everyone. After a while, Misaka Worst upload an interview with a close friend of Accelerator, named "T-san", which talked of misdeed of the idol. Accelerator goes to Tsuchimikado thinking that he was "T-san" because in the interview talked about stepsisters are the best and he liked to be called onii-chan, but instead he got rejected by Etzali in his Unabara Mitsuki appearance, saying that Tsuchimikado is not the only stepsister lover in Academy City. After talking a little, Etzali gives Accelerator information about the blogger, but he said that he couldn't see her face. With this information, they made a plan to get the blogger in the next event, after Yoshikawa worked in the social media to challenge the mysterious blogger.

Misaka Worst posted on social media that she will make the next concert a mess. Yoshikawa blamed herself for being too passionated in the response of the blog. Accelerator told Last Order to calm down and he will make sure that the concert will be fine. Misaka Worst dropped light equipment on Accelerator but he destroyed it with his reflection. Misaka Worst then used electricity and magnetic force but both failed and make an even more spectacular show for the attendees. After the show, Accelerator made the people gather at the exit and used his vector control to create a tornado, he then sealed the place to capture the unknown blogger. Misaka Worst was found out by Accelerator and tried to flee using a window at the last floor, but she hurt herself after not watching where she was going, falling and getting her right arm broken after a ladder drop up. Accelerator talked a bit with Misaka Worst and she learned her lesson. Last Order then suggests using Misaka Worst as a new coordination's assistant.


Like all the Sisters, Misaka Worst's ability is known as Radio Noise (欠陥電気レディオノイズ Kekkan Denki (Redionoizu)?, lit. "Flawed Electric"), a subset of the Electromaster (電撃使いエレクトロマスター Dengeki Tsukai (Erekutoro Masutā)?, lit. "Electricity User") ability. However due to her "configuration" she has certain characteristics that are exclusive to her compared to the other clones in the Radio Noise project.[21]

Misaka Worst preparing to fire a nail.

Being a copy of Misaka Mikoto, she has the same abilities but to a lesser degree, however unlike the regular sisters who can go up to 50,000 volts, Worst can achieve electricity of around 200,000,000 volts.[22] With her improved ability, she can fire a "Railgun" that travels at the speed of sound, however Accelerator noticed that with her output her shot shouldn't be called Railgun as it can't use Fleming’s left-hand rule; instead it is more like a magnetic rifle. Worst uses 2 cm steel nails as ammunition. Worst also enjoyed using a maneuver in which she would detonate all of the oxygen around her and would use the force of the blast to propel herself at great speeds. With, this she can dash at unnatural speeds, jump incredible heights or even land without a parachute from a moving plane.[23] Also, just like every other Sister, Worst can connect to the Misaka Network which allows her to share memories and experiences with the other Sisters; however, unlike the regular clones, Worst can channel feelings from the Network that the other Sisters don't understand and can't express. Due to the implants in her body, she can also block orders from Last Order, the "Control Tower".

Accelerator also pointed out that Misaka Worst can probably block him out from the Misaka Network,[22] this idea comes from her being ready to take him on if necessary, but as she did not have the time to display that ability, it is unknown how it is that she can exactly achieve that or how effective she would have been.

In volume 21, she reveals she also has some of Accelerator's fighting patterns inputted into her.


Unlike the other sisters, Worst has shown no preference on the usage of armaments nor additional equipment. This is probably because the sisters use their visors and rifles to somewhat mend the differences in versatility between them and the original, however for Worst, with her higher power this is not necessary. This might also imply that she can view electron beams and magnetic field lines without aid just like Mikoto.

Character Art Designs

Design Evolution

Misaka Worst's overall design remains the same throughout the series, apart from her clothes. She was designed to look like an older Mikoto and around Touma's age, later, her expression became more similar to Mugino Shizuri after having her arm blown off.[2]

For casual wear, Haimura designed Misaka Worst to have an unnatural aura while wearing an Ao Dai.[24]



  • (During Vol 20, as she attacks Accelerator) "You killed more than 10,000 Misakas, right? So run. Pathetically beg for your life. You aren’t a normal person who gets a normal death. You won’t have made up for what you’ve done unless you at least have your human rights trampled on 10,000 times. Just so you know, that’s the bare minimum. If you add in the interest, three times that won’t be enough."
  • (During Vol 20, as she attacks Accelerator) "Misaka was created in order to kill you. Misaka didn’t particularly want to be born, but she was forced to do so. In order to cut off the signals from Last Order, her skin was cut open and a bunch of strange sheets and selectors were embedded within. If it weren’t for you, none of that would have happened. If you hadn’t made that decision, Misaka would never have been born. And even if she had been, it would not have been in that way that cut off all chance for a future. ‘It hurts. Help.’ By the time Misaka learned those words, she was already in a situation where she could not say them. That is why Misaka has the right to blame you. That is why she has a reason to kill you."
  • (During Vol 20, as Accelerator loses all control) “…It hurts…Misaka…is [...] Help Misaka. Someone…”―After having her arm broken and being knocked back.
  • (During Vol 21, as being requested to protect Last Order) “My, my, this is really troublesome, to be entrusted with a task by others.. Misaka hates this type of situation the most
  • (During Vol 22, said to the Accelerator) “Oi, tou-san, what are you doing pointing that gun between my eyes? I want the same treatment as all the other Misakas too.
  • (During New Testament 1, to Accelerator) “Actually, Misaka can’t believe that people actually go through the process of paying the amount on the price tag to get things. Isn’t getting everything as cheaply and easily as possible the foundation of business?”“Oh! How about we eat some samples and then pretend to get food poisoning?
  • (During New Testament 1, to Accelerator) “If it would be devastating to your relationship with Last Order, Misaka will let you touch her tits and ass, but doing it now would seem rather pointless.”―said in Last Order's absence
  • (During New Testament 1, to Accelerator) “Change that look in your eyes, you pervert!! You’re just protecting her because she’s small!! And yet you broke Misaka’s arm with no problem!!”―Speaking about the Accelerator's intention of protecting Fremea Seivelun
  • (During New Testament 1, to Accelerator) “Hehh. When you transcend good and evil, you can actually be pretty funny
  • (During New Testament 1, when Accelerator tells her to force Freshmen's underling to keep doing their regular reports) “Is that all? Misaka has already done all that. She tied them up in a sheltered area with their radios and remote traps next to their mouths. Misaka may not look it, but she’s the type who finishes her summer homework early."
  • (During New Testament 2, to Accelerator) “Honey!! This Misaka came to swing a glass ashtray down on you during the infidelity investigation!!”―as she followed Last Order's "he is with another girl" presentiment.[12]
  • (During New Testament 2): "“Heeeyyyy!! Misaka attacked a few Freshmen strongholds and found some fun optional parts! Let’s have some fun remodeling that cool narcissistic girl with these cat ears and cat paw gloves!!”
  • (During New Testament 2, to Accelerator about Touma) "Misaka has a feeling that guy is dangerous…He seems like he would freely act for the sake of all Misakas, but that kind of action is like denying the value of this Misaka unit’s existence, as she is a collection of the malice within the network…"
  • (During New Testament 6, to Umidori about Misaka Imouto) "Misaka hates, hates, hates clean and tidy people like her. Misaka only wants to speak to people with a nasty look in their eyes."


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