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Misawa Cram School during sunset.

Misawa Cram School (三沢塾 Misawa Juku?) is a Juku Cram School or Juku found in Academy City's School District 17.[1] Unlike regular schools in the Toaru Majutsu no Index universe, it is built to look more like a office building than a school. The school consists of four buildings several storeys in height, with a skyway built in the between each other connecting. The building contains elevators, a cafeteria and probably several classrooms, as well as a large office and secret rooms.

Many students of different schools attend Misawa Cram school.



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Misawa Cram School was originally a national conspiracy set up as a preparatory school that caters to all levels, and set out to discover the secrets behind esper development. However, even after successfully infiltrating and integrating into Academy City, they still could not understand about esper development, and eventually devolved into a Cult of Science, rejecting the orders of its main branch and using technology as a way to explain why there are humans who are chosen by god (referring to espers).[2]

According to Stiyl Magnus the school converts people by saying rare abilities can be copied and given to someone else. They have captured Kirigaoka Girls' Academy's Himegami Aisa and planned to use her as part of their plans, though anyone with a rare ability would have sufficed.[2]

The school have secret rooms,[3] and were used for keeping Himegami Aisa. According to her to implication, she may even have been abused in the school during her short tenure as its prisoner there.[4]

Aureolus Izzard takes control

Aureolus Izzard then took over the school and destroyed the cult, as he needed Himegami himself to obtain a vampire. Aureolus then converted the cram school into his fortress, described by Index as the same as a pharaoh's tomb in the sense that there is no mana in the building, natural or otherwise, since most have been artificially removed by magic.[5] Aureolus also had barriers put around it to prevent Himegami's power from working to protect her, though this means Himegami would have to leave occasionally in order to attract vampires.

Aureolus also created a seal on the entire building, rendering intruders unable to interact with its students and machinery. However, he can also force the students to interact with the intruders, at which point the students that are under Aureolus' control will attack the intruders.[6]

Moreover, in the novels, apart from being used as a way to replicate the Gregorian Chant and to replicate the chanting required to use Ars Magna, Aureolus revives any dead student in the school, even those that are killed by his dummy who uses them as materials for his magic.[7]


Toaru Majutsu no Index

Deep Blood Arc

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The school gets destroyed by the real Gregorio's Chant.

Teachers of the school first appear to escort Aisa from MacRonall Hamburger, which made Kamijou Touma - who just had recently met her in the restaurant - suspicious of them and Aisa. The actual school is later seen, after Stiyl recruits Touma into saving Aisa from Aureolus Izzard, after threatening Index if he didn't agree.

Inside, it is revealed that the Thirteen Knights of the Roman Catholic Church has been defeated by Aureolus. A corpse is found inside the building which makes Touma wonder on how the students don't see it. This leads Stiyl to tell him that the building is covered in a seal that puts them and the corpse in the inner side of a coin so-to-speak, while the students are on the outer side, which makes them unable to interact with them and the machinery in the building and vice-versa. The students are later forced into the inner side of the coin and attacks both Stiyl and Touma with a replica of Gregorio's Chant, though the core of the seal is eventually destroyed by Stiyl.

Later, Index herself gets involved in the predicament after she follows Stiyl's mana trail and is found by Aureolus and takes her in his office. The building is later razed temporarily by the remaning Knights of the Roman Catholic Church by using the original Gregorio's Chant; though the attack was reversed by Aureolus' Ars Magna and restores the building fully, he also severely weakens the Roman Catholic Church's power because of this.

After Aureolus' defeat, Misawa Cram School gets closed down.

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