Mixcoatl (雲海の蛇 (ミシュコアトル) Unkai no Hebi (Mishukoatoru)?, lit. "Serpent of the Sea of Clouds") are planes used by the Return of the Winged One, appearing in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun SS: Liberal Arts City.


Mixcoatl (meaning 'cloud serpent') is an Aztec god of the hunt, of war and the Milky Way.


The Mixcoatl's main body, made of wood, resembles two canoes with one placed on top of the other. Four wings are positioned underneath it.[1]


The Mixcoatl is constructed out of wood, cloth and obsidian, with no metal parts. The craft is capable of gliding by hovering at high speeds over the surface of the ocean, using its wings to keep itself steady. In case it gets stuck in land, it can use its wings as feet to move around. By increasing the output of its hovering, the Mixcoatl can jump over 200 meters[1] or even temporarily fly.[2]

The Mixcoatl carries several arrowhead-like missiles that use an hydrogen propellant, firing them from a small hole that opens on the lower front of the craft. Additionally, the Mixcoatl can initiate a self-destruct sequence, in which the craft will detonate its remaining missiles and reserves of liquid hydrogen to create a large explosion.[1]

The Mixcoatl's cockpit can be ejected from the main body by the pilot, and the Mixcoatl will continue moving and fighting on its own using an autopilot-like mode.[1]


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