Miyoshi Yoshiko (実生 好子 Miyoshi Yoshiko?), originally referred to as the Hair cutting lady, is a character introduced in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun (PSP game).


Yoshiko has brown eyes and slightly unkempt, dark green hair. She wears a light blue hooded top, a black shirt, grey shorts, and red and white trainers.


She has a neutral disposition and hardly express any emotions. Will do anything in order to protect the kids in Academy City from having the same fate as her, without considering what her actions will do to them.


MiyoshiYoshiko's past

A younger Miyoshi being overwhelmed by journalists flooding her with questions about her supposed doping.

She was the top runner in 10,000m , until she was wrongly disqualified for using doping. After that she has decided to personally investigate the case, regardless of her methods or consequences.[2]


Toaru Kagaku no Railgun (PSP game)Edit

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She appears in the first chapter of the game as the hair cutting lady. She is first mentioned by Saten Ruiko during the talk about various urban legends (the doping case). After that she is mentioned as hair cutting lady by the kids in restaurant (Hazamaya Kana, Rie, Atsushi, Naoya). Later she is mentioned by Hazamaya Kana as the person she admires. And at the end of the first chapter it is revealed that she was the hair cutting lady. After she was beaten by Misaka Mikoto, she is taken custody by Anti-Skill.[2]

Miyoshi Yoshiko Defeated

Miyoshi defeated.

Character Art DesignEdit



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