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Mizuho Machines (水穂機構・病理解析研究所 Mizuho kikō byōri kaiseki kenkyūjo?, lit. "Mizuho Organization Pathology Analysis Laboratory"), also known as the Mizuho Organization[1] is an affiliate in School District 7, the same district as S Processor Co., the company that was based in S-Processor Laboratories.[2]


The facility researching Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy that Mikoto originally infiltrated to find out about the Radio Noise Project belonged to Mizuho Machines.[3]

Mizuho Machines seems to also be involved with the Mizuho Medical Institute, a hospital where level upper users were taken care of in Railgun Season 1. It is unknown whether or not the idea for the Radio Noise Project partially developed from the research Kiyama Harumi was doing about the Level Upper esper brainwave network that practically made her into a multi-skill user.

The facility conducting Muscular Dystrophy Pathological research filed for bankruptcy on August 20th.[2]


  • It is possible that the name Mizuho Organization refers to the Mizuho Financial Group, the second largest financial services group in Japan that has over $2 trillion dollars in total revenue. This seems plausible given the fact that we have already seen at least two different facilities related to the Mizuho Organization.


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