Molar Tooth (鋼の臼歯 (モラトゥース) Hagane no Kyūshi (Mora Toūsu)?) is a large spherical weapon that can float.[1]


It has a mass of two meters and weighed over a ton. It floats using jet propulsion, which comes out of thirty-two deep holes that covers it.[1]

It can be described as a wrecking ball flying around without a crane. The Molar Tooth can be used as a massive weapon, block things from simple bullets to a shot from a tank's gun, and even as a powerful psychological weapon as it "pours mental pressure" onto its targets.[1]


Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Mental Out ArcEdit

Main article: Mental Out Arc

During Kihara Noukan's confrontation with Shundou Toshizou in the Celestaquarium, the latter utilizes 30 Molar Teeth against him. In spite of this, all of them, including Toshizou, are easily crushed by Noukan's Anti-Art Attachment Powered Suit.[1]


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