Mosquito Needle (無痛注射針 (モスキートニードル) Mutsū Chūshashin (Mosukīto Nīdoru)?, lit. "Painless Needle") is a small needle that, as the name indicates, is painless and barely noticeable when it is pricked.[1]


It is used in Academy City as a way to draw blood out of someone, most often a student who is temporarily leaving Academy City, to be checked for authenticity of identity using a micro machine. It is also used to inject a nanomachine that acts as a transmitter into the student. This is a countermeasure against the abduction of students by a possible agent or spy leaving the premises of Academy City.[1]

Baba Yoshio uses mosquito robots to insert nanomachines into a body to take it over, weakening them, giving them a fever, and even making them fall unconsious.[2] It has been shown that it cannot be felt when the mosquito has bitten the target, so it can be presumed that it too uses the Mosquito Needle.[3]


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