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Motto Marutto Railgun II (もっとまるっと超電磁砲II Motto Marutto Rērugan II?, lit. "Much More Railgun II") is the second episode of the bonus short animation parody of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun anime. It was first released on May 28, 2010 in limited edition copies of the fifth Blu ray and DVD releases of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun. It was directed by Fukuyo Shingo, and the animation directed by Kamitani Tomohiro.


Sketch 1: Playing with psychokinesis

Akemi plays with her telekinesis on Muu while they hum strange sounds and shouting references at each other, Saten then comes out and says that the first lesson is over. Mako just stands there perplexed.

Sketch 2: Teach us! Railgun!

Kuroko asks her class if they have any questions, to which Saten asks about synesthesia. Kuroko gets the definition right, but has extremely terrible examples, like getting shocked can be pleasurable. Kuroko concludes that the same words can have multiple meanings, as people are often indirect. Of course she just doesn't get the hint, Mikoto calls her out, finally seeing why she is unable to get through Kuroko's thick skull, and that what she is talking about has nothing to do with synesthesia. Kuroko is surprised.

Sketch 3: Brain freeze

Mikoto watches as her friends eat shaved ice and overreact about the cold.

Sketch 4: Kiyamara Harumi's first day

It is Harumi's first day as a teacher to a bunch of children. After introducing herself, she immediately goes into a internal monologue, having a tirade on why children are bad and justifying why she despises them. Suddenly, Edasaki appears with flowers and is surrounded by other kids, offering the bouquet to Harumi, immediately reversing Harumi's attitude.

Sketch 5: Mikoto tries to guess what popped out of Harumi's head

Suddenly, something queer comes out of Harumi's head. It bubbles and spurts spontaneously, and floats high above the air before Mikoto. It has rudimentary limbs and have a grotesque bulbous head, it is like a child, but a terrible debasement on it. It has crimson corneas and yellow irises, like a some demonic form of conjunctivitis. Indeed, demonic would not be far off, as crowning his head is a glowing halo, revolving hypnotically. Mikoto is horrified.

Harumi tries to tell what it is, but Mikoto stops her, saying that she can can figure it out for herself. Harumi tries to explain to Mikoto, but she interrupts her again, and digresses on the entire point of her interrupting Harumi in the first place, talking about how she would not believe her because she is just a kid. Harumi tries to speak, but Mikoto continues speaking of things that makes no utter sense. Uiharu arrives, and says that they've got to send it off properly. Harumi screams that they've got it all wrong, to which Uiharu says she knows a good spot.

Sketch 6: Saten Ruiko's theory of the evolution of the Stripping Women

Kuroko and Uiharu eagerly listen to Saten regarding the legend of the Stripping Woman. Here, she states that when the Stripping Woman consumes alcohol, she'll evolve into the Sandals Woman. The evolved woman will wander the streets as Sandals Woman with nothing on except her sandals, in Kouenji of all places. This shocks Kuroko. However, Saten says that when she senses people she'll turn back to normal and go home, disappointing all of them, especially Kuroko, who is apparently lewder than woman herself.

Uiharu then compares it to a certain yellow rodents that lose their cuteness when they evolve. The rest of this sketch is pretty much them referencing the franchise.

Sketch 7: Kongou Mitsuko the angler

On a stormy night while wearing only a swimsuit, Kongou Mitsuko fishes a variety of fish, and a Cephalopoda, from the ocean while Uiharu Kazari shouts strange phrases.

Sketch 8: Drinking milk while looking at the sunset

The girls stand side by side drinking milk while looking at the sunset, and apparently being utterly shameless about it, burping and sighing all the way until the end. In the end, they all shout to keep drinking milk to keep worries away, and to "bust up."

Sketch 9: Secrets in the closet

As Uiharu gathers a bunch of stuff, from cassettes and game consoles to manga and jello, she remembers, just now, that she needs to bring some underwear. She goes to her closet, and as she opens it, discovers extremely erotic underwear. Needless to say, Uiharu is shocked to find this discovery.

Sketch 10: Wall of conspiracy

As gunshots ring out from afar, Mikoto opens up a conspiracy theory to Kuroko. Mikoto asks Kuroko if she noticed that the city is surrounded by walls, no one can get freely out or in, making the city isolated. She immediately dumps to a conclusion that everyone's memory of living in the future pumped into their heads, and that they aren't living in the future at all. She declares that they are actually living in the 21st century, their lives are being aired on TV outside. People are watching it for fun and that they've become a big hit. This of course surprises the girls.

Kuroko deplores Mikoto of her silliness, again. Uiharu then cuts in, saying that she too has heard rumors on the Internet, or rather, she was the one who made up those posts in the first place, to which Saten praises her. She then asks Uiharu if she is wearing any panties today, to which Uiharu says she does, but Saten doesn't believe her and asks again. As the two of them cycle with their responses, Kuroko tells them to stop tricking Mikoto with baseless rumors, and states that most of the stuff on the Internet are lies anyway. However, Mikoto does not listen and continues, saying that the previous tale was just the beginning. She points out another weird thing about the city, such as 2,000 yen bills still being in circulation. She says that she doesn't even remember using the bill in the outside, only existing in Academy City, and speculates that the outside world uses a different currency.

Uiharu then points out that the outside uses Pelica instead as the Internet told, and she has used some of them as well. Suddenly, Mikoto shouts in the restaurant that she knew all along, while the two girls shouts nonsensical phrases, causing an awkward silence in the restaurant. Kuroko can only sigh at her Onee-sama. Mikoto asks how can she be wrong with so much evidence backing her up (actually just rumors and cognitive bias). She the remembers the Greys from last episode, and that they are behind it as well, as well as the Mars migration project: Exodus. Uiharu once again confuses it for the color, but Saten says that Mikoto is obviously referencing the band GLAY.

As ruckus erupts, Kuroko confidently states to Mikoto to calm down as they are afterall in Academy City, and she wouldn't be surprised no matter what happens in the City. And then, silence. And thus, as the scene pans to the sky, Mikoto, Kuroko, Saten, and Uiharu all agree. And then they all laughed.

At the end, somehow Harumi basically reiterates Kuroko's and the narrator from the previous episode's point. Not a surprise.

Sketch 11: After credits energy conservation tips

Due to length constraints, a simple black screen with white text appears, saying to conserve electricity.

Adapted From

Parodies of various Toaru Kagaku no Railgun anime episodes, specifically:


By order of appearance




  • Harumi somehow replaces the narrator from the previous episode.

Cultural References

  • Akemi and Muu references Akira as one of them shouts Kaneda at the other, the main character of the movie.
  • Saten references Genma War when she says "End of lesson one." Moreover, the eyecatch after that sketch references the original voicer of that very line, Harada Tomoyo, in Harmagedon, saying that she never ages.
  • Harumi's internal monologue on why she hates children is a reference to Ibu Masatou's song Don't Blame the Children."
  • The eyecatch after the above sketch references the writer wanting to make a Bambi reference.
  • The eyecatch after the AIM Burst sketch references the aging population of Japan and falling birthrates, a notable concern in the country.
  • The evolution sketch is a nod to the Pokémon franchise, with the entire bit of the Stripping Woman evolving into the Sandals Woman. Furthermore, Kuroko references the old catchphrase of the franchise "Gotta catch em all," Uiharu referencing Pikachu and Raichu, as well as mimicking the former's vocalization, and Saten referring to three Pokémon games: Gold, Silver, and Pearl, which doubles as a reference to the BlueDia Laundry Detergents.
  • Saten references the Kouenji neighborhood in Tokyo.
  • The entire fishing eyecatch is a reference to the Animal Crossing series of games, where fishing is part of the gameplay. Other than the seabream, all of the creatures that Kongou caught are catchable in or more of the games. Uiharu commenting on the catch is a reference to the mechanism of fishing segment, where after the player catches a fish, they give some sort of comment regarding it. The eyecatch afterwards, references a takoyaki restaurant named Takoyasu (which literally means "cheap octopus") that had their main branch move in Okazaki.
  • After the Musashino milk drinking and burping sketch, the eyecatch references the writer's fondness with the Milmake product, though he forgot its name.
  • As an introduction to the next sketch, Harumi narrates on how the Walls of Mystery, a Breakout-type game originally release in Japan for the Famicom Disk System, used to be a popular game back in the day.
  • The final sketch features several reference to Kaiji. Uiharu references the Pelica, the currency used by the Love Emperor in his underground labor camp. Later, after Mikoto's outburst, both Saten and Uiharu references two of the infamous gambles in the story, the Restriced Rock, Paper, and Scissors, and the Steel Frame Crossing. Finally, the sound effect that comes out afterwards done by the people in the restaurant, is the "Zawazawa" sound effect.
  • After referencing two famous gambles from Kaiji, both Saten and Uiharu references the Ikkyuu-san manga.
  • Saten referneces the Japanese pop band GLAY, phonetically sounding similar to Grey in Japanese, and can be heard humming afterwards, presumably one of the band's songs.

Animation Trivia

  • Mikoto sits in the same table and in the same manner as Kushiro Katabira from episode 14 of Railgun.
  • Height discrepancy in the cast is most blatant during the milk drinking sketch, where previously Uiharu is the shortest of the girls, she becomes taller than Kuroko herself. Moreover, Saten, whose height has been shown to be at the level of Kuroko's, is the same as Mikoto's.


  • Kuroko: "As you can see, the same words can have multiple meanings. For you see, people are often indirect. Speaking from my own experience, a "no" generally means a big "okay"!"―to Saten, failing to understand synesthesia.
  • Harumi: "I hate children! They are rude, moody, and always want what they can't have! They make fun your dentures and wigs! They like hamburgers and curries! They even call you a flat-board!"―Harumi's internal monologue on child hatred.
  • Kuroko: "I'd get more excited with more people around. What a wuss."―Kuroko's lewd fetish on display, regarding Saten's tale.
  • Kuroko: "Gotta catch 'em all!"
  • Mikoto: "Everyone inside's got the memory of living in the future pumped into our heads, but we aren't living in the future at all! This is actually the 21st century, and our lives are being aired on TV outside! They watch it for fun, and we've even become a huge hit!"―blowing the show's horn.
  • Kuroko: "Could you stop tricking her with these baseless rumors? Most of the stuff on the Internet are lies anyway."―that's half the fun in browsing the Internet.
  • Everyone: "Bravo! Academy City!"



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