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Motto Marutto Railgun III (もっとまるっと超電磁砲 III Motto Marutto Rērugan III?, lit. "Motto Marutto Railgun III") is the third episode of the bonus short animation parody of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S anime. It was first released on July 24, 2013 as limited external manufacturer benefits bundled in the first Blu-ray and DVD releases of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S.


Sketch 1: Saten Ruiko sniffs things

As Ruiko sniffs the grounds of Academy City. Mikoto hands her food to sniff to check how well it still is, with each one slowly getting worse and worse in quality.

Sketch 2: Nunotaba Shinobu's English

Shinobu recognizes Mikoto and references her as the "Original". She then goes off in ramble saying that Mikoto looks like she sucks at English. Seeing this, Shinobu opts to teach her some "Real Usable" English, and asks Mikoto to pronounce English words the same as hers. Of course, Mikoto actually does have a bit of a problem with pronunciation and is kicked by Shinobu each time her pronunciation is a little off.

Sketch 3: On capsule toys

After failing to get the toy she wanted from the capsule machine, Mikoto leaves disappointed but then begins recalling of the old days where cheap plastic toys were found in those capsules.

Sketch 4: Kōan Clone

In the summer sunset, the wind passes by two figures, Misaka Mikoto and her clone. As Mikoto's eyes widen in the surprise, Misaka 9982, the clone, says "Question" and through reflex, Mikoto says "Answer". Mikoto is confused by this exchanged, wondering if the clone is giving her a koan or is referencing Ikkyu-san, or measuring her power level. In the end, the clone just smiles with a knowing look.

Sketch 5: A commentary on the videogame industry

Misaka 8912 is confounded by the mosaiced object Shinobu is holding, to which she says is a next generation console. After the two them go to the outside, Misaka 8912 actually thinks the outside is a console that shows super detailed graphics. She begins a long and drawn soliloquy on the video game industry, which moves Shinobu.

Back in the present, Shinobu talks to Mikoto regarding Misaka 8912's beliefs, stating that she may have truly known what it takes to make a video game, and comments on the video game industries practices. Finally, Shinobu says that she inputted that knowledge into her through Testament, and that though knowledge is not understanding, Misaka 8912 truly understood and she is proud of it.

Mikoto, clutching her ankles, tells Shinobu that wouldn't Misaka 8912 get game brain. But Shinobu could not make a reply.

The scene cuts to Misaka Imouto sitting alone in a dark room in front of the PC, smiling and giggling like a buffoon as she plays video games, stating that she enjoys crappy games.

Sketch 6: On Okamato Nobuhiko's voice acting career

As the Misaka 9982 begins the experiment with Accelerator, he on the underhand digresses on "his" voice acting history. Stating that despite debuting in 2006 with Misaka, and along with "Abe-san" and "Toyosaki-san", he only gets short late-night shows, and stating that the "Toaru" series is a big thing for him. He then asks about Misaka 9982's situation, asking if she had a nice part in a long-running series. But she could only stutter.

Accelerator comments on the anime industry's consumer culture, and that he's jealous regarding getting a part in a long-running series. Misaka 9982 references Accelerator's long-running "work" on a public network, but Accelerator says that series only got two cours a year, and that it ended a few months ago. Misaka 9882 clicks her tongue, saying that Okamoto-san just had to be difficult, and states that Accelerator is just bragging as he has tons of late-night parts. Accelerator does not listen to her and asks everyone if they want to be part of a long-running series, and shouts come up.

Meanwhile, at the eyecatch. Kuroko says, while she humps Kill Bear, that she has been a free agent since last year, and that she has the homepage for it too.

Sketch 7: Misaka Mikoto and her kiddy tastes

In the switchyard of all places, Mikoto complains about Kuroko commenting on her childish tastes and wastes. She then comments on adults doing it as well, telling of double standards at play Intrigued, Accelerator asks what's going on, to which Mikoto, with her coin at the ready, she asks Accelerator what he thinks of girls that are into girly things. Swiftly, Accelerator says that he is more than okay with it, but with Mikoto, it just doesn't work.

Angered, Mikoto charges with the bouncing of her feet towards Accelerator.

Sketch 8: I can see everyone, except Uiharu Kazari

Mikoto tries to gather everyone in the family restaurant, and though it seems to be a set-up for the girls eating while they talk of mundane things, it really was a way for Mikoto to apologize for making them worry. Everyone is gathered, even with Erii who spends her time throughout the entirety of this sketch eating. The girls wonder where she has been to which Mikoto says that she has been studying kōan.

The girls wonder where Kazari is, despite being present with them the entire time, but they are unable to hear or see her for she lacks her iconic flower headband. With this, Kazari sits with them telling them that she is right there while a sign is posted above her head that states that her headband is under repair.

In an ironic twist, Mikoto says that she can see all of them, while being completely serious. Kazari shouts one more time as a thick silence pervades their table, but is quickly replaced by the girls' conversation in going to the arcade. Kazari continues to shout in vain.

Adapted From

Parodies of various Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S and Toaru Majutsu no Index-tan anime episodes, specifically:



  • Railgun (special move) - Misaka Mikoto, Level 5



  • Shinobu's wont for using random English words in her sentences are featured in this episode.

Cultural References

  • Shakugan no Shana is referenced in the audience reminder before the title screen is shown, stating that the jokes have been used in Shana-tan before.
  • A Kōan is is a story, dialogue, question, or statement, which is used in Zen-practice to provoke the "great doubt", and test a student's progress in Zen practice. Ikkyu-san is a folk hero in Japan, and a Zen Buddhist monk that uses koans. The manga Ikkyū-san, which was referenced in the previous MMR special, is based on the monk.
  • Game brain is a controversial term used to refer to human brains affected by the long term effect of playing video games. Where the brains of people spending long periods playing video games have less activity in the brain's pre-frontal region, which governs emotion and creativity, in contrast to their peers.
  • Kuso-ge or kusoge is a portmanteau of kuso and gēmu, which literally means "shitty game", a type of game that is seen as being terrible.
  • Sketch 6 is of course a reference to the career of Nobuhiko Okamoto. Here he references his part in Bakuman, which finished earlier in the year.
  • Accelerator references Sasaki Nozomi, Abe Atsushi, and Toyosaki Aki, the seiyuus of Misaka Imoto, Kamijou Touma, and Uiharu Kazari respectively.
  • One of the voice actors references the JewelPet series as being quite long, a series which both Nobuhiko Okamoto and Sasaki Nozomi had worked on at the time of release.
  • Arai Satomi references her being a free agent as well as advertising her website: I've Got a Thousand (or so?) Voices.

Animation Trivia

  • The background for the scene after Shinobu's talk with Mikoto where a clone is seen playing a video game is taken from a sketch in episode 4 of Toaru Majutsu no Index-tan.


  • Mikoto: " "Well, yeah, I want one, but it's not what I really want to right now."―Mikoto on her love for capsule toys.
  • Kazari: "I'm here! I'm right here!"―Kazari on the fate of being defined by her hair ornament.
  • Kazari: "Huh? Hello? I'm right here! Hello?! The flowers in my heart are always blooming! Please don't ignore me! Hello?! Uiharu here! I'm right here! Don't ignore me just because I don't have my flowers!"―Kazari after being continually ignored.



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