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Motto Marutto Railgun IV (もっとまるっと超電磁砲 IV Motto Marutto Rērugan IV?, lit. "Much More Railgun IV") is the fourth episode of the bonus short animation parody of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S anime. It was first released on November 27, 2013 as limited external manufacturer benefits bundled in the fifth Blu-ray and DVD releases of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S.


Sketch 1: Conspiracy theories on kaijus and how to counter those threats

At Joseph's Coffee and Restaurant, Mikoto is concerned on having Febrie with them (while she is eating sweets the whole time), as it may trigger a kaiju attack in the city, shocking the other girls. Mikoto reiterates that it is common for old tokusatsu shows for that kind of plot, where mysterious girls appear warning of future threats. Ruiko asks her that if she is serious about this. She also adds that kaijus started as a trend in Japanese tokusatsu shows and even Hollywood directors have interests in them for some reason, with a picture of a certain director popping up as she says this. She even points out that the script in this sketch that Mikoto talks about to may refer to a certain movie released by Warner Bros. Uiharu then fantasizes about kaijus being sea creatures like dolphins and otters, even calling them cute. Saten corrects her that kaijus are huge creatures, but Uiharu tells that they are like walruses. Saten tells her that she is so stupid for saying that and calling her cute as well, causing Saten to flip Uiharu's skirt, much to the latter's embarrassment. Mikoto gets undisturbed by this.

Setting the two aside Kuroko asks Mikoto if she is serious about this and she agrees, telling that anything can happen in Academy City, though she meant that Kamachi Kazuma is the one who writes the story. While Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga volumes are shown, she clarify that Fuyukawa Motoi is the one who actually does the series, though she also tells that tons of stuff appeared unexpectedly, so she encourages the girls to steel themselves on possible kaiju attack. The other girls agree, with Febrie still eating her sweets in the background. Mikoto then tells the girls that they must find a way and bond together to defeat the kaijus before they reach Tokyo Bay. Kuroko asks her if they will actually appear in Tokyo Bay, though she mentioned Mt. Fuji, Lake Kussharo, Cape Misaki and Oshamambe Hot Springs as possible apperances of these kaiju, but Mikoto believes that it is indeed at Tokyo Bay. Febrie then eats her chicken in one bite after this.

Saten tells Uiharu on ways to counter the kaijus, in which she responds that otters wrap in seaweed when they sleep so they must cut it to float them away. Saten reiterates Uiharu that they are not talking about little sea creatures, even calling her one and Saten flips her skirt again, much to the disgust of Kuroko. Uiharu then tells that she will be serious this time, and after thinking a bit, tells that they must have a futuristic weapon with "super" in its name. An excited Mikoto points out some examples such as Su**r X or Super MMC (the latter for some reason is uncensored, even Kuroko pointing out that it was finished a very long ago), astonished on how strong they are. Uiharu responds that she may not be a fan of Su**r X, but as a way of protecting Academy City, there is no other choice.

Mikoto gets addicted to this "super"-thing and she belives that with these, they may win (more examples pop up as she says this, some are censored), but Kuroko tells her that with the argument that she says, supermarkets may become powerful too. Uiharu agrees to Kuroko's statement, saying that it can one-hit an outdoor market, following a visualization of what she said. Saten gets confused by this, reiterating Uiharu's point and saying that she is not sure if "supers" or kaijus is the real villain. Uiharu tells her that cities may be destroyed anyway and tells that a certain Defense Minister in Japan may rally a support if these should happen, with Kuroko agreeing.

While Febrie is still eating her sweets, Mikoto actually plans to counter the kaijus with giant robots, which the girls agree to her. Saten gets excited for this as it is connected to the main story, but Kuroko reminds her whether that argument is still debatable, and they will ask Kongou Mitsuko to prepare a robot for them, though she asks the other girls instead to be the ones who will ask Kongou, much to the chargin of the girls. Febrie responds that she will be the one to ask Kongou for that, which relieves Mikoto and the girls, even shouting that she loves the city.

Sketch 2: Where did the cat in that one scen go?

Skecth 3: Teach us! Railgun

Sketch 4: A threat from outer space

Sketch 5: Misaka Imouto-tan

Adapted From

Parodies of various Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S and Toaru Majutsu no Index-tan anime episodes, specifically:



  • Electromaster (Railgun) - Misaka Mikoto, Level 5
  • Electromaster - Misaka Imouto-tan, Level 2-3



  • As an extension to their discussion with Kaiju cliches, the AIM Burst is shown as an example on how a kaiju on their show is not unlikely.
  • This episode references Misaka 10032's cat disappearing during Mikoto and Touma's stand-off on the bridge.

Cultural References

  • Classic Kaiju tropes are referenced during this episode.
    • Guillermo del Toro is referenced in this episode as an extension with the girls' discussion regarding kaiju cliches. It is likely a reference to Pacific Rim which was released in August 2013 in Japan, months before this episode was released.
    • The Super X from the Godzilla franchise is referenced.
  • Japan's Vice-Minister of Defense, Nagashima Akihisa is referenced.
  • Uiharu compares Kosako Shunichi to Yusuke Kobayashi, its voice actor, as their appearances are simillar to each other.
  • Mikoto mentioned grays once again just like in the previous MMR shorts, so as Saten mentioning GLAY, a Japanese rock band.

Animation Trivia

  • The wind turbine used for the Misaka Imouto-tan sketch is computer generated.




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