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Multi-Skill (多才能力マルチスキル Tasai Nōryoku (Maruchi Sukiru)?, lit. "Versatility ability") is an ability initially derived from Kiyama Harumi's connection to the Level Upper Network, where she is able to use multiple abilities of those who used Level Upper.


Harumi using Multi-Skill.

Users of the Level Upper are connected to the Level Upper through the use of their AIM diffusions and forcibly alter their brainwave patterns to match that of Harumi. Because of the network created by the similar brainwave patterns of the espers, they are able to borrow vast amounts of processing power, considerably heightening the esper's powers and giving abilities to those who have yet to manifest any noticeable abilities.[1]

Harumi – who controls the network, can use the abilities of those connected to the Level Upper Network. It is similar to Dual Skill – the ability for an esper to have more than one ability, though according to Harumi, a person who has Dual Skill is an impossibility – as it has been concluded that an esper can only have one ability – and seem to indicate that Multi-Skill is not like Dual Skill.[1][2]

The main difference between Dual Skill and Harumi's Multi-Skill is that Dual Skill solely relies on the esper's Personal Reality, while Multi-Skill relies on several esper minds that are connected to the network, which makes Harumi simply borrowing the abilities of the espers in the network.


As its name states, Multi-Skill allows Harumi to use the abilities of the espers connected to the network. It is shown that Harumi can use more than one ability at the same time. One noticeable effect in using Multi-Skill is having the eyes' scleras turn red along with the iris turning yellow, though there is no explanation as to why this occurs.[1]


Level Upper Arc

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The first instance of Multi-Skill is during the Level Upper incidents, where Harumi uses it to smite the Anti-Skills that are after her. Using Multi-Skill, Harumi is able to keep Misaka Mikoto – the 3rd Academy City Level 5 – in a difficult situation, as her attacks are overwhelmed by Harumi's attacks as well as the unpredictability of her having many different abilities.[1] Harumi is later defeated by a surprise attack by Mikoto and later allows the manifestation of the AIM Burst due to the subsequent overrunning of the network after their battle.[3] The AIM Burst displays Multi-Skill too along with a regenerative power, proving to be a more dangerous foe than Harumi for Mikoto.[4] The being is later weakened by the efforts of Kazari and the Anti-Skill [4] and finally destroyed by Mikoto.[5]

Daihasei Festival Arc (Railgun)

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Kihara Gensei obtains Multi-Skill by using Level Upper on a group of specifically chosen "volunteers" to give himself their abilities to aid in his experiment and his siege of Exterior.[6]

Abilities Displayed

  • Kiyama Harumi
    • Wind manipulation
    • Water manipulation (possibly creating water)
    • Telekinesis (or possibly magnetism)
    • Unknown means of cutting through concrete from a distance
    • Insulating barrier generation
    • Shock wave creation
    • Slicing beam
    • Earth manipulation
    • Synchrotron
    • Teleportation
    • Fire Thrower (omake-only)[7]
    • Psychometry (omake-only)[7]
  • AIM Burst
    • Ice creation
    • Water manipulation (possibly creating water)
    • Insulating barrier generation


  • The anime adaptation of the manga only colored one of Harumi's eyes red. Coincidentally, the AIM Burst's eyes have a slightly similar color scheme to Harumi's eyes when she uses Multi-Skill.