MAR Base Research Laboratory

The facility during the day.

Multi Active Rescue Base Research Laboratory (先進状況救助隊本部付属研究所?) is an establishment in Academy City, that is primarily used as the headquarters of Multi Active Rescue's research and development, it is a subsidiary of MAR.


Multi Active Rescue Base Research Laboratory is a fairly large establishment, with several conjoined to the main building. There are also several satellite dishes built around the facilities, and also a prominent communication tower, notable for being used to broadcast Capacity Down by Therestina. It is unknown if Capacity Down was developed here.

Before her incarceration, Therestina was the commander of MAR, and the head of it's research department; it is not known who currently filled these positions.

Other than the headquarters of MAR, the establishment also has a laboratory for researches and experiment, and wards for patients that are under the observation by MAR. It also holds an area large enough to hold several MAR trucks for storage.


Toaru Kagaku no RailgunEdit

Poltergeist ArcEdit

Main article: Poltergeist Arc

It was first seen after the Poltergeist disaster in Nature Park, Haruue Erii a level 2 telepath and a suspect of the Poltergeist earthquakes, is taken to the facility after losing unconsciousness. Misaka Mikoto, Shirai Kuroko, Saten Ruiko and Uiharu Kazari visit the base, where Therestina reveals to them that she is also the head of MAR's research. This is also the place where Erii reveals to them, that she is a Child Error and is looking for Edasaki Banri, another Child Error who was part of the experiment in analysing the effects of the use of the Crystallized Esper Essence, and Kiyama Harumi's students. This is also the place where Kongou Mitsuko is taken after she was injured due to the Poltergeist Incidents, and is demanding her release.[1]

It is revisited the next day by Kazari, visiting Erii, where she reveals her powers to her. Later, Therestina takes the comatose students of Kiyama Harumi into their custody and is taken care by them.[2] The next day Therestina later allows Erii to visit Banri in the room for the Child Errors; Harumi and Kazari later visits the facility, to give to Therestina, Harumi's current research on waking her students, here - Therestina reveals her true nature to them, that she is Therestina Kihara Lifeline, the granddaughter of Kihara Gensei, the creator of the Crystalized Esper Essence. Mikoto later visits the facility after realizing Therestina's true nature, she duels Therestina (who is in a battle suit) but is swiftly defeated, after she uses Capacity Down on her; Mikoto is left to be carried away by Therestina's MAR units, but is saved Mitsuko after seeing Mikoto in trouble.[3]


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