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Musujime Awaki (結標 淡希 Musujime Awaki?) is a character introduced in Toaru Majutsu no Index. Originally introduced as a mysterious character that teleports people into the Windowless Building, like Stiyl Magnus and Tsuchimikado Motoharu, she is later introduced in antagonistic role against Shirai Kuroko, during the scramble for Tree Diagram's Remnant.

After being taken into custody, she is forced to work for the Dark Side of Academy City as a member of GROUP, in order to prevent Academy City from retaliating against her comrades that helped her during her betrayal against the City. Working off her debt as well as trying to find way to one-up Academy City with the help of her teammates as they know they will not play fair, in a twist of fate, she, her comrades, and GROUP, are later freed from the city's yoke at the end of World War III.


She is a girl with long dark red hair tied into two low ponytails. Instead of wearing the Kirigaoka Girls' Academy uniform's dark blue coat the usual way, she wears it over her shoulders instead like a cape, wearing only a pink crop top and a pleated skirt. At times though, she is only seen with bandages to cover her breasts instead of wearing a crop top. She carries around a military flashlight, used to help her aim properly when she uses her ability, on her belt at all times.


Of her position in the dark side of Academy City, Awaki has shown to be efficient in her missions, and likes to make her opponents suffer as shown when she fought Kuroko. She prefers not to kill normally but won't hesitate to take lives if she has to. However, she began to develop a kinder side after she moved in with Tsukuyomi Komoe[2], as demonstrated when she appreciated how Komoe cares even about someone like her that's fighting in the dark side. She has shown to be merciful even if the person enrages her. An example of this would be the mercenary that was hired to attack the Reformatory to get to her comrades, who was pierced by many objects through her Move Point though still being alive and only unconscious.[3] A much better example would be her sparing Teshio Megumi in spite having of being capable of killing her in their battle. All in all, she cares for her comrades, specifically those who have helped her in her mission with the Remnant, claiming them to be her "friends" to Kuroko.[4] This is shown to be especially true as she does missions for the City as a member of GROUP in order for the City not to retaliate against her through them, as well as to try and find ways to free them without reprisal from the City.[5]

Awaki is fearful of her abilities, believing that she would end up using it to hurt others, which Shirai Kuroko has pointed out is ironic.[4] Kuroko also points out that Awaki is a little bit of a pragmatist; she would never raise a hand against an enemy that she believes is beyond her capabilities, but instead will try to escape to the safest place available.[6] Awaki's trauma is not only triggered through teleporting herself, but also by anything that reminds her of her accident, such as in one opportunity she saw a man with an injured leg. Once someone mentioned that he lacked some skin due to the nature of the injury, she immediately manifested fear and disgust at the sight of his condition.[7] She later gets over it after the events of October 9.[8]

Other members of GROUP have called her a 'shotacon' unanimously when she stated she's surrounded by perverts that don't take their job seriously.[2] Awaki didn't deny their claim, only shocked of their claim on her. Furthermore, it is slightly hinted that Awaki behaves uncouthly when guys aren't around, being described once as "someone that seems to think that it is not a problem to be seen completely naked if it is among girls."[9]

She fits the profile of an animal rights advocate, for example the motivation that she had behind her betrayal to Academy City was to see if "animals could reach the same level as humans" when it comes to Esper abilities.[4] This likely has disappeared after her breakdown due to Kuroko.


She is a second year student attending Kirigaoka Girls' Academy, one of the most prestigious schools in Academy City. When she was younger, she had an accident with her ability where she teleported her foot into a wall. In her struggles, it exacerbated her ordeals, and gave her grievous injuries, resulting in the skin of her foot peeling away. Due to this, Awaki has a trauma. When she teleports herself she gets an urge to vomit. Furthermore, this trauma made her believe that esper powers are inherently bad, and wants to prove that other animals can gain powers themselves. This would later drive her motivation to ally herself with Asociacion de Ciencia, and betray Academy City in order to find her answers.[10]

Later, she becomes the guide to the Windowless Building, where Aleister Crowley resides, making her privy to the events that go around Academy City, like the destruction of the Tree Diagram and the shooting of Accelerator.[11]


Toaru Majutsu no Index

Kazakiri Hyouka Arc

Main article: Kazakiri Hyouka Arc

Awaki guiding Tsuchimikado into the Windowless Building

Awaki makes a silent cameo appearance once[12], where she accompanies Tsuchimikado Motoharu in reporting to Aleister Crowley as part of her job to take visitors into the Windowless Building where people can only enter by teleportation.

Tree Diagram Remnant Arc

Main article: Tree Diagram Remnant Arc

Awaki showing a photo as proof of the Destruction of Tree Diagram.

She was hired by the science-based Asociacion de Ciencia to retrieve the core remnant of the Tree Diagram simply called as "Remnant". She fights Shirai Kuroko, another Level 4 Teleporter, who had the luggage bag containing the Remnant, and shows a great difference in power between them.

Awaki narrowly escapes from Misaka Mikoto and then again faces off against Kuroko, and is reminded of an old trauma by Kuroko's psychological attacks but still manages to beat a severely injured Kuroko by shooting her with a gun, leaving her in the hands of Kamijou Touma. She was then defeated when she confronts Accelerator, who had snuck outside the hospital where he was staying.

Skill-Out Uprising

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She is sent by the Board of Directors to destroy the Skill-Out money storages, though after meeting their leader, Komaba Ritoku, she decides to try and kill him as well. However, she fails, though Accelerator ultimately finishes the job. Still being blackmailed by the Directors, who have taken her friends that supported her in stealing the Remnant captive, she becomes a founding member of GROUP along with Tsuchimikado Motoharu, Etzali (disguised as Unabara Mitsuki) and Accelerator.

Battle Royale Arc

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After the higher-ups have manipulated to have the Anti-Skill swarm in on Family Side after it was attacked by BLOCK, Tsuchimikado Motoharu and Musjime Awaki are in the Family Side fifteen minutes after the explosion. While Awaki is disappointed with the destruction of evidence, Accelerator appears before them. Motoharu asks if he has finished with his errand, though he tells him to shut up. Accelerator then asks if this was the spot where Unabara Mitsuki (Etzali) disappeared to. Motoharu confirms it and tells them that Management is currently being transported for interrogation, though he doubts he can get much from it, as such he sent Etzali to Management's apartment for data but mentions that the third floor was attacked and that the appliances have been taken away, something that Etzali mentioned in his report to him before the explosion. Awaki however points out that not all have been taken away, and shows a microwave oven blackened by the explosion, believing that it was probably not loaded with AI and as such cannot be inputted with additional information. As Accelerator whines about their situation, he kicks on the microwave oven only to discover stacks of money inside it. Awaki notes that the bills have anti-counterfeiting IC chips and that they may get some information from them, and that Etzali protected them from radio signals by using the microwave oven. Accelerator wonders if Etzali hid them and advance. Then Motoharu notices a man stuffed inside a closet and sees that the skin by the right calf leg was torn off, disturbing Awaki. Motoharu then explains the "magic" behind it, but summarizes that Unabara Mitsuki (Etzali) has the skill to substitute as other people. Motoharu says to them that Mitsuki is still alive, masquerading as one of those who attacked the apartment and he has no idea where he is.[7] Putting the investigation on Etzali's disappearance on hold and having his fate in his own hands, GROUP continues with their original mission. They later receive word that the paddy wagon that held Management was attacked by an unknown assailant, with only him as a casualty and everyone else knocked unconscious. In their hideout in an empty store at the underground shopping center, GROUP tries to examine the paper money. Using the reader Motoharu had asked from their supplier, the machine starts analyzing. He discovers Management's shopping list, dealing with a single sniper as well a special sniper rifle, Sunazara Chimitsu and his MSR-001. Motoharu relates to them the specifications of the rifle as he continues to swipe the stacks of money for more information. By the fourth one, they find out that IC chips have been damaged, likely from heat or shock of the explosion, the stack having information regarding the business partner that hired the sniper. Giving up, Motoharu swiped the last pile of bills and discovers that they are the plans for the sniping, including the location of the sniping, the School District 7 concert hall. Motoharu notes that the plaza is being chartered for an address by Oyafune Monaka, one of the Board of Directors, and that she may be the target for assassination. He says that if that they should forget MItsuki (Etzali) to prioritize the assassination, and that the lowest "score" in the job will have to go and save him. Accelerator then whines about stopping the assassination, asking why they couldn't just stop the address. Motoharu of course gives the perfect response to this: the address has already started.[13] Motoharu and Accelerator quickly left their hideout using Awaki's Move Point, tiring her out. With Awaki preoccupied with analyzing the rest of the IC chips, Motoharu and Accelerator have to deal with the assassination attempt about to take place. The duo is later successful in stopping the assassination but fails to capture Chimitsu.[14] It was lunch time as they are in a camper van being driven by one of their grunts. After a few banters between each of them regarding their food choices, Accelerator asks if they have something on SCHOOL. Motoharu says that he tried accessing the Bank but discovered nothing came up other than their name, concluding that they likely have the same secrecy with GROUP. Awaki cuts in, saying that she tried to dig in as well, saying that multiple organization names like SCHOOL and GROUP came out as well, and surprising Motoharu. Awaki summarizes what she knows: GROUP, SCHOOL, ITEM, MEMBER, and BLOCK, all unofficial units created by putting a few people together. Accelerator listens on the conversation between Motoharu and Awaki where they could not confirm that it was SCHOOL that attacked Management's apartment.[15] The members of GROUP had finished eating their lunches separately and were now discussing their plan for the upcoming investigation, but they were immediately cut off as they receive word that the Virus Isolation Center is being hacked. Accelerator whines on how they shouldn't be the one to deal with it as there are other organizations like them, but Motoharu says that they have different duties so there is no guarantee that the organizations would act, moreover, he says that the others may have betrayed Academy City. Realizing that the hacking may be used to spread a virus from Academy City to the Internet, the External Connection Terminals have all been shut down to prevent leakage, except one, the west terminal in School District 13. Motoharu references that whoever is doing the attack may be luring them to the district. As the driver takes to them to the district, he asks them about the deal with Oyafune Monaka, where he is informed that they'll deal with it later. When asked about saving Unabara Mitsuki, he is informed that they never intended in saving him.[16]

As they head towards the district, they are informed by the driver that there is currently an hacking on a satellite control center belonging to an aerospace engineering laboratory in School District 23. Accelerator frowns at the news as it means the hacker is targeting the Hikoboshi II, a satellite with a large caliber ground-attack laser. Awaki is uneased by the news as well, as the cracking on the Virus Isolation Center is still going. Motoharu points out that they are splitting up the counter-measure team and they just can't ignore one or the other as they don't know which one is a decoy or not. Reaching an empasse, Accelerator says that the answer is obvious. He gets out of the RV while it is moving, already using his powers, to which Motoharu yells at him. Accelerator explains to him that he doesn't like dealing with decoys and that he's going to School District 23 to stop the hacking by destroying the antenna used to contact the satellite. He then tells them to do the odd jobs without him. Accelerator then jumps on a car, pointing a gun to its driver, saying that he'll pay him gas and labor, ordering him to go School District 23.[17]

Awaki and Motoharu would later blow up the center of the Western External Communication Terminal as the formalities were too much of a bothersome for them.[3] After the massacre near the outer wall, Motoharu and Awaki later joins up with Etzali and Accelerator. After Motoharu explains to them on how they destroyed the center of the western External Connection Terminal, Awaki asks Etzali a question if BLOCK was behind everything despite SCHOOL behind the assassination attempt of Oyafune Monaka. Etzali answers that they probably have their own plan as they caused separate incidents and that they just happen to have a point of contact with Management. Accelerator references MEMBER as well. GROUP then moves on to the area near the outer wall where the massacre happened and comes upon a survivor of the onslaught of the Six Wings. Motoharu demands answers from the man on what they were going to attack using 5,000 mercenaries. After some hesitation, the man says that they were planning on attacking School District 10, specifically the Reformatory. Hearing this, Awaki demands to know why as her comrades are being kept in the facility as well. The man tells her that they were after Move Point. Hearing her ability name being mentioned shocks her. The man says that they had information that Move Point's companions are being held in the Reformatory, and that if they capture her comrades they can negotiate with her. As she asks herself why they had to single her out, the mercenary reveals that it is because she is the guide to Aleister Crowley's Windowless Building. He says that BLOCK acquired information that the guide is Move Point despite the identity of the guide being confidential and had her investigated in order to find materials to use in a negotiation. Motoharu asks him what they were going to negotiate with the guide about, to which he says they wanted information on the route through which materials are brought into the building as so they can blow it up using a Synchronous Multilayer Bomb. The mercenary says that the chaos in the world needs to be stopped before War comes. The man continues by saying that negotiating with Move Point would be difficult, and that they worked under the assumption that she wouldn't help them. Awaki agrees, and asks if he knows who he is talking to. Horror dawns upon the man as he realizes this, before he could utter his surprise Awaki finishes cuts off, driving metal stakes all over his body, though it seemed he was still alive. Motoharu urges the others to go to School District 10 to stop BLOCK.[3]

Traveling in an ambulance to School District 10, GROUP discusses the layout of the Reformatory, discovering that there are secret rooms for the likes of Awaki's comrades, as well as its esper countermeasures such as the AIM Jammer. Motoharu warns that they can use their powers in spite of the AIM Jammer but says that it is possible to have their powers go out of control, especially those that use complex calculations, making it dangerous for the likes of Accelerator and Awaki.[18]

Group outside the Reformatory.

When GROUP arrives at the Reformatory, they notice that eerie lacked of gunfire. As the pass through the gate and came to a traffic circle for vehicles that shuttered prisoners around, Accelerator notices the slightly painful effects of the AIM Jammer. Luckily however, it doesn't hinder his walking, though he notes he should avoid switching over to esper mode. His thoughts on the devices used in the facility against espers is cut off after they find the strange state of corpses of BLOCK mercenaries. Motoharu comments on how they all lost their lives to their own weapons, to which Etzali asks if it was suicide. However, he realizes something, but before he could speak of it there was a voice behind them.

Xochitl approaches Group.

It is Xochitl, who calls out to Etzali who was in the guise of Unabara Mitsuki. Seeing this, Accelerator thinks she's from BLOCK, but she says that she is from MEMBER, though she just used them and had no intention of joining them. Etzali reacts to Xochitl, asking for who she is, to which Xochitl responds and says his real name. Etzali was shocked and then Xochitl finally removed her disguise. Xochitl states that she needs to thank BLOCK on account of the esper powers being halved in the Reformatory as so she doesn't need to worry with his companions getting in the way. Etzali then asks why she's there, telling her that she's not supposed to have a spell that can do what she did (regarding the mercenaries getting killed by their own weapons). Etzali says that Xochitl was supposed to be in a position in their cabal that kept her away from any dirty work. She tells her reasons and that is to kill him as he had defected to Academy City. Hearing of this Tsuchimikado Motoharu realizes Etzali's situation. Etzali tells the rest of GROUP that he will deal with Xochitl while they go on ahead. He then tells to them her name is Xochitl, an Aztec magician who also belonged to the organization he was in before coming to Academy City. Xochitl then says that she only came for Etzali and doesn't care if they go off. However, she then says on how she wonders if "they" will let them. At that moment gunshots are heard, prompting Accelerator and Motoharu to take cover. Motoharu discovers that BLOCK's mercenaries were waiting to see what would happen between them, and asks Xochitl if they really have to deal with them but she just ignores him.[19]

Tsuchimikado Motoharu and Musujime Awaki were able to enter deeper into the Reformatory, noting on how the AIM Jammer gets stronger the deeper they go. Motoharu then tells Awaki that her power is strong but that also means one wrong move could take her life. He tells her that she does not use it where they are. This perturbs Awaki, saying that it sounds like she has no value beyond her power. Motoharu however gestures her to keep quiet as they hear noises. Saku Tatsuhiko with Teshio Megumi were already before a solitary confinement cell trying to break the metal doors open with explosives. Seeing them, Tatsuhiko says that they must be from GROUP. Awaki didn't act immediately due to the effects of the anti-esper devices including the AIM Jammer in the facility. Motoharu tries to fire a gun on Tatsuhiko, but before he could do so, he sticks a wire into the door and tells them that he is using a plastic explosive and an electric fuse. Megumi then shouts at him, but Saku says that they must use the hostage behind that metal door. After removing his hand from the bomb he then takes out a detonation device. He says that the amount of explosives he has set has been adjusted, and the blast will all go into the door. He laments on how though it is easy to destroy the door, since the two from GROUP arrived the safety of the hostage cannot be guaranteed as he couldn't finish setting it up. Suddenly, a loud explosion rang out in that hallway where they gathered due to an enraged Awaki using having teleported a few objects into the wall. Tatsuhiko smiles, recognizing that they are before the Move Point, the very reason why they attacked the Reformatory in the first place. Tatsuhiko is glad that he has the hostage and the person to negotiate with before them. Awaki then asks if what would happen if she refuses their demands. However, Tatsuhiko is confident that she won't refuse, knowing about the AIM Jammer and the anti-esper devices in the facility. This silences Awaki. Tatsuhiko then asks if they have learned anything fromt the 0930 Incident. He says that because of that incident they have learned that Aleister Crowley doesn't always have control and that there are ways to escape his grasp. Awaki replies however that they are also trampling others in the process, and compares it to the massacres of the Age of Exploration. But Tatsuhiko says that what is he wishing for, a paradise or heaven that he doesn't have, is something all humans do. Motoharu is hesitant on firing Tatsuhiko in the fear that the detonation device might accidentally trigger an explosion, while Awaki is too enraged to do anything. Seeing the impasse, Megumi tells Tatsuhiko that using the hostage won't help. Tatsuhiko is confused by her words, saying that the hostage's value just went up. Megumi explains on how the hostages were supposed to draw Move Point, Awaki, into a negotiation because BLOCK didn't know where she was, but now since she is right in front of them, the hostage and the bomb is not needed any longer. She then tells Tatsuhiko that since from the beginning she was against what they were doing, and that she only agreed to take hostages as it was absolutely necessary. Tatsuhiko then states that they cannot do that as they have 38 hostages now, a big opportunity that they cannot waste. He asks her if she started feeling empathy for the kids inside the cell due to her history in Anti-Skill. Megumi tries to reply but Tatsuhiko continues his tirade against her, saying that he will kill Aleister and that if she gets in the way he will kill her too. Before he can finish his sentence however, Megumi punches him. Her punch was enough to knock him unconscious and make him foam in the mouth.[20]

Because of the AIM Jammer, Motoharu couldn't rely on Awaki and her power. Not knowing how Megumi would attack, Motoharu was careful on not approaching her carelessly. Motoharu took his gun and shot an even scattering of bullets to stop Megumi from escaping. As a response to this, Megumi kicks up the bag of explosives Tatsuhiko was using to stop Motoharu's shooting. Seeing him stop to avoid hitting the explosives, Megumi runs toward him as he tries to shoot at her. She bends down, missing his shot. Before Motoharu could adjust his aim, she tackled him down square in the gut. The force was powerful enough to hurl Motoharu a few meters back. Motoharu asks if what she is doing is an Anti-Skill technique, but Megumi says that if it was used by Anti-Skill the children would get killed. As they spoke Motoharu fired his gun, but she easily dodge his shots. As the clip of Motoharu's gun emptied, Megumi went towards him and took the gun from him. Once again Megumi tackled him to the wall, knocking him out this time.[8]

At this moment, Awaki takes up her flashlight and tries to strike it down on Megumi, but she just merely blocked it with her hand. Megumi then says that a professional has no need for strange powers or one-liners. She responded to Awaki's attack with a backhand blow with her other hand, flinging her upon a door. Megumi once again speaks and says that a professional needs only to use their knowledge of basic strategy to rationally defeat the enemy. Megumi then kicked Awaki. So great was the force that it knocked Awaki and the door down into the cell. Awaki immediately felt sick afterwards. One of Awaki's companions that were locked up may have been in the cell as she hears the calling of her name. With that, a bit of strength returns to Awaki's body. With her comrade's urging, she took her flashlight and once again tries to stand up against Megumi. Awaki asks if she really wants her to tell them how to get their bomb into the Windowless Building. Awaki points out to Megumi that they can't defeat Aleister Crowley through that method, because if it did any teleportation-type esper could take him out. She asks if she truly thinks that Aleister has not created a counter-measure for that likelihood. Megumi agrees but says that his life support system can be destroyed if Aleister could not. Awaki still however denies this possibility, basically stating that all the information regarding the Windowless Building maybe an outright fabrication, a manipulation of information by Aleister. Awaki tries to buy some time and recover by continuing in speaking. She says that so great is Aleister's plan that a cliché method that BLOCK came up could not possibly overcome him. Hearing this Megumi is adamant in her actions, prompting Awaki to ask why she wants to kill Aleister. Megumi then refers to a great tragedy she experienced in Academy City and wants to know if Aleister is involved. Awaki then says that her reasoning is cliched, to which Megumi agrees. Awaki continues by comparing her previous situation in being "obsessed with the truth," and says she didn't obtain any inner peace by chasing after it. She tells Megumi that she will never be satisfied even if Aleister told her that he was involved with the tragedy. Megumi agrees again with Awaki's observations but she will not waver, and here Megumi asks what Awaki intends to do. With her powers guarded by the AIM Jammer, Awaki is but a mere high school girl. This time however Awaki did not hesitate. With a smile on her face, she pulled away her Low-frequency vibration therapy equipment that aided her in teleporting herself, signifying her determination. She then throws away her flashlight, and knowing what Awaki intended to do Megumi asks her if she is truly going to use it. Decisively, Awaki confirms it to her and that she is going all out. Awaki teleports a metal stake into her hand, injuring her palm a bit due to the AIM Jammer's effects. Once again, Awaki used Move Point, but this time on herself. Awaki felt sick but ignored it as she tried to stab Megumi's gut with the stake, but Megumi simply stepped back to dodge it. Immediately after, Awaki tries to strike once more, but then realizes that her calculations were off and that her right leg got stuck in the ground. Awaki knew of the feeling well, remembering the time when she was younger when her leg got stuck inside a wall. However, despite the pain, fear, and shock, Awaki overcame it all. She tore her leg from the ground, tearing the skin, but Awaki did not avert her gaze. Awaki moved towards Megumi, the last BLOCK member standing, and struck her down. Teshio collapses, but whispers to Awaki that she went easy on her, revealing that Awaki used the flat end of the stake to hit Teshio instead of stabbing her. Awaki replies that it was the kind of leadership she wanted.[8]

After Etzali later successfully takes ownership of the grimoire that took over Xochitl's body, he meets up with the rest of GROUP, all of whom were not unscathed.[21]

Due to BLOCK's collapse things have settled down. Motoharu was taking care of wrapping things up, Awaki was taking care of her wounds, and Etzali was safe and likely took Xochitl to a hospital.[5]

Later, Awaki looks toward the Reformatory after having her injuries treated. Her bloody leg was wrapped up in an organic artificial skin made of corn fiber, which would later shape into human skin due to the body's regenerative ability, leaving without a scar. He contemplates on how the City did not call Anti-Skill when the Reformatory was attacked, but sent out the HsAFH-11s when the BLOCK mercenaries infiltrated the outer wall, proving to herself that Academy City can only be trusted so far. Despite the grievances she had against Academy City, she however knows that she can't just rise up in revolt against it, knowing of the city's power. She starts thinking that Academy City sent her out on a mission to suppress Skill-Out earlier in October in order to have Awaki get the connection that if she recklessly let her comrades flee then they would meet a similar fate. And yet, Awaki swore in her heart that she will definitely rescue them. After one final look at the Reformatory, she leaves.[5]

At some unknown point in time later in an unknown location, Accelerator, Tsuchimikado Motoharu, Unabara Mitsuki (Etzali), and Musujime Awaki gathered together. Motoharu shows the Tweezers that he had recovered from the confusion after Accelerator's fight with Kakine Teitoku, shocking him that he was hiding among the onlookers. Motoharu references on how SCHOOL was able to collect a nanodevice known as UNDER_LINE and store it inside the Tweezers in order to examine it. Accelerator becomes suspicious on how much Motoharu, and realizes that he may have been taking secret actions of his own. Motoharu shows to them the information inside the UNDER_LINE, the core of Aleister's direct communications network. Seeing that it was all a bunch of information they were able to get on their own, and that it was just information the higher-ups are gathering to keep an eye GROUP's actions, they become dismissive of it. However, Motoharu reveals that there is one more, and says the last one the list of information displayed on the Tweezer's screen is the word DRAGON. After all that fighting, they made at least one little discovery, a key that they could potentially use.[5]


Main article: DRAGON Arc

Awaki fought alongside the rest of GROUP to get to the bottom of DRAGON's identity. As both she and Accelerator are separated from "Oyafune Monaka", both GROUP members are confronted by Sugitani. Distracting both of the Espers with a conversation about the identity of DRAGON, Sugitani fires a sedative at Awaki before she can react and incapacitates her, noting that Move Point's mobility made her a higher priority target. She later arrives with the other members of the team at the heart of Shiokishi's shelter and attempt to interrogate him.[22] Unfortunately for Awaki, she was (again) knocked out along with Tsuchimikado Motoharu,"Unabara" and Shiokishi by Aiwass, who merely manifested in front of them.[23]

Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index

Homecoming Arc

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She happens to encounter a drunken Touma on the street, and she recognizes him as the one who called an ambulance for her after the Tree Diagram Remnant Incident. She, alongside at least nine other girls, clings to him and follows him to his house, but is asked to leave by Leivinia Birdway's subordinates.

Souyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index

Operation Handcuffs Arc

Main article: Operation Handcuffs Arc

After the events that happened during the Operation Handcuffs, she came out of her hiding spot which was a switched off morgue freezer.[24]

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun

Dream Ranker Arc

Main article: Dream Ranker Arc

Musujime met the Treasure Hunter App's creator.[25]


Awaki pointing with her military flashlight in order to use Move Point

She is a Level 4 Teleporter with her ability, Move Point (座標移動ムーブポイント Zahyō Idō (Mūbu Pointo)?, lit. "Coordinate Movement"). It's a more powerful version of teleportation that can move any object to the user's desired destination without the use of physical contact (long-distance teleportation). She has a maximum range of 800 m and can teleport objects with a mass up to 4520 kg, though the trainers told her that she'll damage her body if she moves anything more than 1000 kg. Because her powers are otherwise so free and unrestricted, Awaki tends to use her flashlight to focus her attention on the object she wishes to transport. She is, however, reluctant to teleport herself, and even when she does, she must take the time to re-calculate, leaving at least a 3-second gap between the moment she decides to teleport and the moment she actually does.

Awaki losing control of her ability.

Her ability had the potential to be elevated to Level 5, but trauma from using her powers on herself in a past incident where she teleported part of her leg into a wall and after pulling it out it became a bloody mess, causing her ability development to stay capped at Level 4 ever since. This trauma also causes her to feel like puking whenever she teleports herself, and she estimates that she can only do that about 3 to 4 times consecutively.[26] She is also noted to lose control of her abilities when she experiences mental trauma.[27] After her fight with Shirai Kuroko on September 14, Awaki became unable to use her powers any further due to her strong mental break down. When she was recruited for GROUP the specialists gave her a small machine which is connected to her shoulders by electrodes, this machine can be only described as a "massage machine".

Awaki's "massage machine".

The machine will monitor Awaki's internal body signs and at the sight of any raising of the stress level it will apply "therapy" through vibrations which will always keep Awaki at the calmest disposition possible. Without stress nor suffering, she is able to use her Move Point ability almost freely; but her reliance in a machine creates a weak point for her just like it does for Accelerator, meaning that if the tool were to break down, she would be certainly left at the opponent's mercy. Even with the help of the machine, Awaki can not completely quell with her trauma and thus can't teleport herself freely. During the battle between the underground organizations, she gets her leg stuck in the ground, but manages to overcome her trauma in order to save her comrades.

Much like Shirai Kuroko, Awaki has an affinity for throwing weapons, although she prefers corkscrews over Kuroko's spikes. The nature of Move Point allows Awaki to be a more lethal ambusher with her projectiles as demonstrated in GROUP's assault on Spark Signal, where she is able to quietly teleport multiple corkscrews into the terrorists from afar without giving away her or her teammates' positions.[28]


Tsukuyomi Komoe

After her defeat at the hands of Accelerator Komoe took in Musujime. Since then the two have grown much closer, and Musujime is very grateful to her. It is implied that Komoe is a mother figure to Musujime. In volume 19 she was going to teach Musujime to cook before Musujime had to leave for a GROUP mission.


After Accelerator defeated her and destroyed the Tree Diagram Remnants she hated him for ruining her chance of rescuing her comrades. When GROUP is formed she agrees to work with him but sees him only as a means to an end. By Volume 15 she isn't openly angry at him, and by Volume 19 she is much more comfortable around him, enough to tease him about being a hero.

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Preliminary designs had Awaki wear thigh-high socks, and a tartan skirt as part of her Kirigaoka Girls' Academy clothes, though it is only because Haimura forgot that Aisa also enrolled there prior to her transfer to A Certain High School, as well as Kazakiri Hyouka. This was later changed, with Awaki losing her long socks, and with Awaki's skirt changed, it as well as standardizes the Kirigaoka Girls' Academy's winter uniform with her look. Haimura also increased Awaki bust size in the redesign.[29]

Awaki's design, according to Haimura, was to make her the complete opposite of Kuroko, though there are some similarities.[29]



  • She is the only member of GROUP who doesn't personally know about Touma, nor know about the power of his right hand. However, as seen in the New Testament series, she does recognize him as the one who called an ambulance for her and seems somewhat grateful to him.
  • She apparently doesn't know how to cook a single dish.[2]
  • She is a vegetarian.[15]
  • She is implied to be a shotacon.[2]


  • (To Shirai Kuroko in vol 8) “If I’m not the only one with this sort of power, why must I have it? If it’s not just a power that only humans have, why must humans have it? If it need not be me, why must it be me? Shirai, oh so gullible, and yet never thought a thing about it. Shirai, let me tell you, those ESPer children that were with me just now have similar thoughts. Of course, that’s not including the adults. In that building, I did indeed use them as shields, but I did that on their suggestion. Before they were unconscious, they even smiled, saying…“We’ll leave it to you.”
  • (To Accelerator in vol SS1) “Did you forget? The only reason I’m here is because you interfered with my fight on that day. If it weren’t for you, I could have hidden and gotten more people to help me. Then I could have attacked the facility my comrades are restrained in and rescued them.
  • (To Accelerator in vol SS1) “Heh. Heh heh. If you use your powers to help me with my work in GROUP and my comrades are released as a result, I’ll forgive you. But if you get in my way, you’re dead. Make sure your value to me doesn’t fall any farther. If you don’t you’ll have corkscrews all over your body.
  • (To Teshio Megumi in vol 15)“I was once obsessed with ‘truth’. But I didn’t obtain inner peace by chasing after it.”
  • (To her team in vol 19) "Sheesh, am I the only person in this GROUP that isn’t a pervert?
  • (Teasing Accelerator in vol 19) "Thank you for your hard work. You did a good job, O Great He~ro~ ♥


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