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The official emblem of Nagatenjouki.

Nagatenjouki Academy (長点上機学園 Nagatenjouki Gakuen?) is one of the top five most prestigious schools in Academy City (supposedly the best).


Nagaten means “rating to add to excellent work of a waka or a haiku.” Jouki means “the best ability that can attain higher perception.”


Unlike Tokiwadai Middle School, entry is not restricted to espers—students without esper abilities are admitted as well. It was also stated to have beaten Tokiwadai in last year’s Daihaseisai.

Despite its status as one of the highest-ranking schools, Nagatenjouki admits to have been struggling in creating Level 5s from their school, as noted by Jounan Asako, who was acquitted of her Power Development Supervisor position for being unable to produce a Level 5 within her period of office.[1]


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