Nakahara Hiromi (名荷原弘見?) is a minor character introduced in the Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator anime. He is part of a group which attempts to steal Accelerator's genetic information.[1]


He is a tall muscular young man with dark hair and wears long sleeves and pants.[1]


He is the most taciturn among his accomplices, only speaking once to scold Youko for attempting to kill Yomikawa Aiho. Despite his stance on killing, he is still an accomplice to theft, the destruction of property, and assault, even allowing Youko to mutilate Anti-Skills.[1]

Regardless, he is quite protective of Youko and is the one who pushed her out of the way as Accelerator bursts through a wall.[1]


Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator E08 05m 43s

The trio search for the Stripping Lady.

At some point in the past, he along with his friends, Youko and Minori, mistook Esther for the Stripping Lady while they were in pursuit of the Urban Legend in Children's Park 5, School District 14.[2]


Toaru Kagaku no AcceleratorEdit

Early one September morning, Nakahara Hiromi, Takada Youko and Kidera Minori broke into the Atmospheric Continuum Mechanics Research Facility and stole a weapon which was being secretly developed for use against Accelerator. Using the weapon to cut through the floor and escape underground before Anti-Skill's arrival, the trio planned to target Accelerator and obtain a sample of his genetic material to sell for profit.[1]

Accelerator Episode 1 - Trio at Hospital

The trio arrive at the hospital

Later in the day, he accompanied Youko and Minori in their attack on the hospital where Accelerator was being treated after his brain injury, carrying the ammunition for Youko's weapon as she clashed with Yomikawa Aiho's Anti-Skill unit. He was protected by Minori's ability as Yomikawa tried to take him down to cut off Youko's supply but experienced the weapon's hidden effect. He pushed her back before Youko could cut her down and then scolded Youko for attempting to kill her. His last act was to push Youko away as Accelerator burst through the wall. The debris knocked him unconscious and he was subsequently arrested by Anti-Skill.[1]


Hiromi is used as the muscle for the gang, carrying the ammo for Youko's weapon in a military bag. He can easily push a grown woman like Yomikawa away.[1]


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