Nakimoto Rizou (亡本裏蔵 Nakimoto Rizō?) is a character introduced in Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator. A man with an appetite for fine dining, he is a member of the Academy City's Board of Directors making him one of the most powerful men in the city.

Because of his direct involvement with the Dark Side of Academy City and has control over different organizations, he is considered to be the main antagonist of the series.


He is a man that is probably middle-aged, with his age showing on his face as wrinkles and line have begun forming on it. He wears his black hair in a ponytail, showing his forehead and forming a noticeable widow's peak. He also has a beard on his chin.[2]


He is a stern high-class man who uses food metaphors in his speech. He enjoys fine dining, praises those who provide him with an excellent meal. He is also rumored to partake in cannibalism.[2]

He rides a subway train that never stops in any station, showing that he is concerned for his safety and security very highly, though it is unknown who he is afraid of.[2]


Not much is known about him. He is a member of the Academy City's Board of Directors. As a member, his task is to manage the city's food including the farm buildings. He also finances many of the defensive forces that protect the city's infrastructure. He himself secures a high level of safety by remaining in constant motion aboard a fully-armed battle train, though it is unknown why he does so.[2]

Being the financier of the city's defensive forces probably allowed him to gain control of the rogue Anti-Skill group, DA. Reasoning that they could be useful as they are an organization with technology and difficulty, though underestimating his control over them.[2]


Toaru Kagaku no AcceleratorEdit

Necromancer ArcEdit

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He first appears eating in his subway train, immediately after the chaotic scene DA caused in Heaven Canceller's Hospital. Speaking over the phone regarding the situation (with Hishigata Mikihiko in the anime), Nakimoto agrees that DA has gone too far, deciding they have become a liability to him and that it was time to dispose of them. He decides to use the opportunity to test the Scavengers, dispatching them to destroy DA.[2][3]

Nectar ArcEdit

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At the time of Last Order's encounter with Tobio Yumi, Nakimoto was in the empty dining hall of the Escoffier following a cancelled party and asked one of the chefs how they planned to make up for the losses. On being informed that Full Course was out to collect an 'ingredient' to provide good flavouring for the next party, Nakimoto replied that he hope it went well, for the sake of their survival.[4]

During the banquet on the Escoffier, Nakimoto received a report that his train had been attacked by Accelerator and pondered the reasons behind the attack, considering the possibility of a third party.[5][6] Not long afterwards, he observed Full Course confronting Accelerator, who had boarded the ship in search of Tobio Mami and the captured Himegi Matsuri.[6]

Nakimoto's comeuppance

Accelerator catches Nakimoto

After Accelerator defeated Full Course, causing the loss of the Escoffier, Nakimoto arrived at the docks via life boat and was picked up by an armored car. Looking back at the ship, he muttered that this would cost Accelerator. As the convoy drove off, he asked his secretary about the in the total losses they had sustained (the loss of the train and ship being equivalent to 60% of the yearly profits) and gave her orders on the actions for recovery, but the discussion was cut short as the convoy was attacked by Accelerator, who tore off the roof above them and gave Nakimoto an ultimatum; tell him everything about his organization and turn himself in to Anti-Skill, or die there and then, with Nakimoto choosing the former.[7]

Tree Diagram Remnant ArcEdit

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Toaru Idol no AcceleratorEdit

Nakimoto was on the panel of judges at the cooking contest.[8]

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