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Nakimoto Rizou's Secretary (亡本裏蔵の祕書 Nakimoto Rizou no Hisho?) is an unnamed lady who acts as secretary to Nakimoto Rizou, member of the Academy City Board of Directors.[1][2]


She has long platinum blonde hair and wears a grey suit.[2][3]


She doesn't talk much except when talking to her boss.[2][3]


Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator[]

Necromancer Arc[]

Main article: Necromancer Arc

Secretary, acting as a Breeder.

During the communication between Nishio, Hishigata Mikihiko and other parties involved in DA, she attended the meeting as Nakimoto Rizou's deputy.[4][5] Later, she gave her boss a call from Hishigata Mikihiko following the incident caused by DA at Heaven Canceller's Hospital.[1][2] After the incident at Seiin High School, she reported the aftermath of the incident to Nakimoto.[3]

Nectar Arc[]

Main article: Nectar Arc

During the inspection in the banquet hall of the Escoffier, she gave a napkin to Nakimoto.[6] Later, as the banquet was underway, she reported that Nakimoto's train had been attacked by Accelerator, serving him wine as he pondered the reasons behind Accelerator's attack and the possibility of third party.[7][8]

Accelerator catches Nakimoto and his secretary

After Accelerator defeated Full Course, causing the loss of the Escoffier, she met Nakimoto in the car which picked him up from the harbour after escaping from the ship. She told him about the total losses they had sustained and received orders on the actions for recovery, but the discussion was cut short as the convoy was attacked by Accelerator, who tore off the roof above them and gave Nakimoto an ultimatum; tell him everything about his organization and turn himself in to Anti-Skill, or die there and then, with Nakimoto choosing the former.[9]

Character Art Design[]