Nakimoto Rizou's Secretary (亡本裏蔵の祕書 Nakimoto Rizou no Hisho?) is an unnamed lady who acts as secretary to Nakimoto Rizou, member of the Academy City Board of Directors.[1][2]


She has long platinum blonde hair and wears a grey suit.[2][3]


She doesn't talk much except when talking to her boss.[2][3]


Toaru Kagaku no AcceleratorEdit

Necromancer ArcEdit

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Secretary, acting as a Breeder.

During the communication between Nishio, Hishigata Mikihiko and other parties involved in DA, she attended the meeting as Nakimoto Rizou's deputy.[4][5] Later, she gave her boss a call from Hishigata Mikihiko following the incident caused by DA at Heaven Canceller's Hospital.[1][2] After the incident at Seiin High School, she reported the aftermath of the incident to Nakimoto.[3]

Nectar ArcEdit

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During the inspection in the banquet hall of the Escoffier, she gave a napkin to Nakimoto.[6] Later, she reported that Nakimoto's train had been attacked by Accelerator.[7]


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