Nancy (ナンシー Nanshī?) is a minor character in Toaru Majutsu no Index. Introduced as a member of Hound Dog ordered to kill Accelerator during the Academy City Invasion Arc, she is most notably known for her incredibly horrific death at his hands.


Nancy is described as an ordinary person of the mongoloid race, with black eyes and hair. She is also described as having a body of fully mature woman.[1]

In the anime adaptation, she is featured as a little homely, wearing her seemingly rough hair in a ponytail and having smaller pupils than what is regularly featured on most characters.[2]


She is shown to be snippy regarding having her codename as Nancy, and would rather have it in kanji.[1] She also seems to display a greater degree of level-headedness during tense moments than her colleagues during their hunt for Accelerator, that is until Accelerator began hunting them down himself.[3]


Nothing about Nancy's past is known. However, what is known about her is that she is capable enough to become a leader of a squad of Hound Dogs.


Academy City Invasion ArcEdit

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Toaru Majutsu no Index II E20 14m 00s

Nancy at the head of the squad tracking Accelerator.

She is first seen after Kihara Amata forced the Hound Dogs to form groups to do specific missions after Accelerator's escape. Here, Nancy and her team are assigned to kill Accelerator, which leads them to the Third Resource Recycling Processing Facility.

Later, when trying to track down Accelerator in the facility, she is caught in an exchange of friendly fire in her squad after Accelerator began using mind games against them.[3]


Nancy before getting ambushed by Accelerator

She is last seen separated from her squad, alone and vulnerable. She later has the displeasure of being the victim of one of Accelerator's most gruesome attacks. Here, she is ambushed by a shotgun wielding Accelerator, severely disabling her movement. Afterwards, she gets a final look at the person that would inevitably kill her. Accelerator then presses the shotgun against the side of her face and blows her jaw off, some of which (flesh and blood spray) gets into his mouth, which he later consumes. Accelerator remarks it tastes like normal meat, better than Misaka 10031's finger (too chewy).[4]

In the end Nancy lives through the ordeal of having her entire jaw blown off, and tries to struggle, however, she is ultimately (slowly) killed by having her body kicked into a metal recycler and crushed by the machine press.[4]

In the anime adaptation, she dies after being kicked over a ledge and falling to her death (after the shotgun scene), though Accelerator still tries to crush her with some sort of lift/platform. In both incarnations, Vera later witnesses Nancy's death and try to stop the machine press; however, in the anime adaptation, Nancy has already died and the machine has yet to crush her body while in the orginal light novels, she completely breaks down after touching and seeing the broken-up and crushed body parts of Nancy, some of which were on the emergency stop button.[5]


Like all Hound Dogs, she is trained to be able to handle weapons, and is trained to kill quickly and efficiently.[6] Her most notable ability is to command a small squad of Hound Dogs, and have at least some knowledge regarding tactics.[1][3]


  • (To Accelerator)"Y, you're joking, right...?"[4]


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