Nao (ナオ Nao?), called Nao-kun (ナオくん?) by his friends, is a young esper of yet-unknown Level introduced in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun whose ability is Electromaster. He is friends with Hazamaya Kana.


He has light-colored hair and blue eyes.[1]


Toaru Kagaku no RailgunEdit

Sisters ArcEdit

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He and his friends play with Misaka Mikoto, who has nothing to do all afternoon. After one of their friends comments on how he will become a Level 5 to challenge her, Kana gets Mikoto's attention and tells her of Nao's powers. Nao shows it off, and is only capable of creating a small spark if he concentrates, to which Mikoto says that everyone is like that in the beginning.[2]

Kana then entertains the idea that if he was more powerful, Mikoto could communicate with Nao like a "Radio". Mikoto initially scoffs at the idea, as there are too many interference in the city, but then ponders that it could be possible if there was a brainwave network like that of the Level Upper previously set up by Kiyama Harumi. After exhausting all capsules in a gachapon machine just to get a Gekota badge, Mikoto sticks several badges on Nao and his friends. Mikoto later leaves them as she senses a power that is incredibly similar to hers, which leads to her discovery of Misaka 9982.[2]


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