Nathan Rosenthal (ネイサン=ローゼンタール Neisan Rōzentāru?), usually referred to as Nathan (ネイサン Neisan?), was the 5th generation head of the Rosenthal Family.[1]


Nathan is the name of two biblical figures; a prophet during the time of King David and the son of King David and Bathsheba.

Rosenthal is a surname of German and Jewish origin, meaning "valley of roses".


Nathan has long dark hair which covered his right eye. He wore Chinese-style robes, with a light inner robe.[1]


Not much is known about Nathan's personality, though Isaac's description suggests it might have been contrary to what Isaac hoped.[2]


Nathan was the 5th generation head of Rosenthal Family, who continued the work of their ancestor and founder Obed, who was banished from his homeland as a heretic for developing a method of creating golems from corpses, ending up in the East. Their greatest desire was the creation of the perfect golem, one with a perfect soul and a perfect body - a god.[1] The 4th generation head, Isaac, who was dedicated to this goal, held little hope for Nathan accomplishing it.[1][2]

As part of the development of the Rosenthal style, Nathan created four artificial souls with greatly increased abilities; Taowu, Taotie, Hundun and Qiong Qi, capable of producing superhuman strength when their charm was attached to a corpse.[1]

Isaac and Nathan

Nathan transfers the dying Isaac's soul into the Taowu.

When Isaac was on his deathbed due to disease, before his soul could be lost due to death, Nathan transferred it into the Taowu, imprinting it on its artificial soul. The Rosenthal style would continue to develop over the subsequent 19 generations but their ultimate goal of creating the perfect golem continued to elude them.[1]


Nathan made use of Rosenthal-style Necromancy, developed by his predecessor Isaac from combining the Kabbalistic method of creating golems by placing artificial souls into corpses devised by Obed, with elements of the Taoist Hopping Zombie Spell.[1] As part of this, Nathan was capable of creating artificial souls, also referred to as false souls (偽りの魄 Itsuwari no Tamashii?), which are stored in charms with a sephira inscribed on them and inserted into corpses to animate them.[1]

Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator E10 12m 05s

The four charms for Nathan's creations, the Evil Spirits of the Numbers

Nathan furthered the development of this style by creating four artificial souls with greatly increased abilities; Taowu (檮杌?), Taotie (饕餮 Tōtetsu?, lit., "Coveting of Wealth"), Hundun (混沌 Konton?, lit., "Muddled Confusion") and Qiong Qi (窮奇 Kyūki?, lit., "Thoroughly-Odd"). These four, sometimes referred to as Evil Spirits of Numbers (ナンバーズの悪霊 Nanbāzu no Akuryō?), are capable of producing superhuman strength when their charm is attached to a corpse.[3][1]

He was also capable of transferring souls to a certain extent, having transferred the dying Isaac's soul into the Taowu.[1]


  • It should be noted that Nathan (ネイサン Neisan?) has yet to be referred to by his full name in the series, by characters or narrative, being referred to only by his given name. However it is presumed that the name used in this article is almost certainly correct, given his position as a member and head of the Rosenthal family.[1]


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