Natural Selector (ナチュラルセレクター?) was a tournament held on November 13th of the current year of the Toaru Majutsu no Index timeline, by the Anti-Academy City Science Guardians in Baggage City in order to create a global standard for the replacement of the espers of Academy City.


The name of the tournament is a play on the scientific concept of natural selection, the central concept of the theory of evolution.


After several citizens from Academy City (the Kamijou Faction), intervened during the invasion of Hawaii by Trident. Twenty-seven Cooperative Institutions that worked with Academy City, cut ties with it,[1] and immediately after, formed the Anti-Academy City Science Guardians. Due to Academy City being the world's foremost authority in scientific exploration in supernatural phenomenon (such as people dismissing things because it was not from Academy City), the Science Guardians decided to set-up Natural Selector in an effort to form a new global standard on supernatural powers for the replacement of Academy City's espers.[2] More accurately, it is to find or discover the existence of a superior power that could go against Academy City's espers, analyze them and create a large scale system based on that existence.[3]

However, the true nature of the competition was to gather the participants part of the Anti-Academy City Science Guardians. They needed only the strength of the participants supporting them from behind, as so they could expand their power, increase their range of control and try to fight against Academy City.[4]


Anyone participant who does not meet the below requirements will not be allowed to participate. Also, if non-compliance is discovered partway through, the participant's progress will be revoked and will be made to leave. If a non-compliant participant refuses to follow our orders to leave, they will be forcibly removed by our unmanned weapons:[2]

  • Tournament style: The victor will be determine in a 1-on-1 tournament style.[2] A competitor can only fight once a day.[5]
  • Venue: The competition will be held in a circle with a diameter of 30 meters. When the match begins, all entrances will be sealed, rendering escape impossible. Destroying the walls will not be penalized, but leaving through a hole or any opening created by an attack will lead to disqualification.[2]
  • Victory conditions: An immediate loss will be determined either by completely losing one’s consciousness or giving a sign of surrender. If the opponent is killed in the process of knocking them unconscious, the victor will not be penalized.[2]
  • Time constraints: The time for each match will be 15 minutes. Once that limit has been reached, a tournament doctor will determine the victor by measuring the physical damage to each contestant.[2]
  • Weapons and Items: Contestants can bring equipment including clothes so long as it does not exceed 80 kilograms. However, the contestant must be able to wear or hold the equipment in both hands at the time of the match begins. Platforms or tripods may not be used to hold the equipment in place. Futhermore, gunpowder, explosives, poisons, bacteria, radioactive materials, etc. as established by the Second Franfurt War treaty may not be used. Moreover, any material not covered by the are not restricted.[2]


The tournament provided a wonderful opportunity for those claiming to have supernatural powers to show and prove to the world that what they have is true. Moreover, it provided the participants the opportunity to get recognized around the world. People from UFO enthusiasts, magicians, and ninjas have entered the tournament. There are, at least, 100 participants in the tournament.[4]

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Baggage City ArcEdit

Main article: Baggage City Arc

The actual tournament is not shown, but through the eyes of Saflee Opendays, the tournament is shown to have been it's 35th match of the day, with 20 more matches remaining.[6] The tournament ends immediately after the Kiharas and Academy City attack Baggage City.

It is unknown if the Science Guardians will restart the tournament after signing negotiations with Academy City.[7]


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