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The Church of Necessary Evil or Necessarius (必要悪の教会ネセサリウス Hitsuyōaku no Kyōkai (Nesesariusu)?, lit. "Church of Necessary Evil") is an international security maintenance organization created to counter magicians.[1] It is the 0th Parish of the Church of England, a secret branch of the church whose main purpose is to neutralize and destroy magic in England, and to investigate, arrest, and punish magicians. It is headed by the Archbishop of the Church of England herself, Dion Fortune, and is based in St. George's Cathedral.

As they need to use magic in order to subdue magic, all members of Necessarius are either outright magicians, or like Index, very knowledgeable with it. Most of Kamijou Touma's allies from the magic side come from the Church.


Due to the fact that Great Britain is a magical country, the Church of England were forced to do witch hunts, heretic hunts, and inquisitions, developing an anti-magician culture. Eventually, their operations materialized into massacres and executions.[2] In the end, in order to defeat magicians that are rampant in the country,[3] the Church established a special division, its 0th Sector, the Church of Necessary Evil, in an effort to know the ways of magicians as so they can defend against it, and in the process, become magicians themselves.[4]

However, because of the fact that they used magic, they were viewed poorly by the Church, and have been chased out of Canterbury Cathedral, which is the base of the Archbishop of Canterbury, leader of the Church of England, and sent to St. George's Cathedral. However, since the Church made numerous contributions behind the scenes, allowing for them to build a profile and power within the Church of England. Today, the power of Canterbury Cathedral has waned, and is only seen as a figure head of the Church of England, as the true decision-making powers have now transferred to St. George's Cathedral.[3]

Recent History

St. George's Cathedral, base of Necessarius and the seat of power of the Church of England.

In 1909, Lola Stuart became Archbishop of the Anglican Church.[5]

In 1947, the Church of Necessary Evil took part, along with people who are even the least related to magic, in an attempted assassination of Aleister Crowley, after he announced that he would give up magic and start all over again and analyze science and technology.[6] The Anglican Church later takes control of his assets after his presumed death.[7]

The Index Librorum Prohibitorum was established for the desire to counter, reverse-engineer, and neutralize magic, perhaps even neutralize all magic in the world.[4] With the cooperation of various churches and organizations of the world such as the Roman Catholic Church,[3] which has the Book of the Law, Index was filled with 103,000 grimoires.

In late December of the current year, after Coronzon's defeat, the recreated Dion Fortune became the next Archbishop of the Anglican Church.[8]


The Amakusa-Style Remix of Church. Necessarius accepts sects with many religious inclinations.

Like the whole of the Church of England, Necessarius bears the unique trait of taking in various factions and sects as part of it. It is as liberal when it comes to with what their various sects believe in. In fact, according to Tsuchimikado Motoharu, there is no other Christian denomination in the world that is as complicated as the Church of England. They have all sorts of sects and beliefs, such as the Kabbalah expert Sherry Cromwell and Amakusa-Style Remix of Church. Tensions between different factions will naturally rise, but because of this variety, the Church of England is composed of several belief systems that can be benefitted by them,[9] as Necessarius deals with international matters and may come head to head with different types magic each time. As such it is not unusual for magicians with magic that has no relation to Christianity, such as Stiyl Magnus and his runes.[1]

Agnese Sanctis performs a mock trial of sin on Orsola Aquinas, which Agnese claims that the Roman Catholic Church is apparently more lenient compared to Anglican Church.

Necessarius is a master of torture, inquisition, and execution of heretics, a fact that impresses Agnese Sanctis, who claims that their religious trials that are even hosted by the Cardinals are nothing but games compared to the Anglican Church,[10] and information gathering, having spells that allow them to get information out of a corpse's brain. Even Stiyl states that their torture and what the Roman Catholic's version of torture is different.[11] Prisoners of Necessarius are kept in the hidden spots in the Tower of London, where interrogations still take place, as experienced by Lidvia Lorenzetti and Biagio Busoni.[11]

The Church of England specializes in inquisitions and anti-magic.[4] Necessarius was born out of the need to deal with the magicians that ran rampant in Great Britain.[3] In the end, in order to defeat magicians, the Church became a magical organization themselves.[4] This unique trait of being both a religious and magical organization that is against, has Necessarius carry qualities of both types of organization. With people accepting that the interests of the parent organization come first such as Laura Stuart, and people who have personal objectives themselves and use the Church as a means to an end,[12] like Stiyl who is most likely only doing Laura Stuart's bidding in order for him to stave off any abuse she might do to Index.[12]

Foreign relations

As it operates internationally,[1] it can be assumed has good standing with the countries they are in in order to carry out their operations. Moreover, with Academy City, whom regularly allows other Churches to operate inside the city when it concerns magic and magicians, such as when the Thirteen Knights of the Roman Catholic Church hunting down Aureolus Izzard,[13] no other Church has a better standing in Academy City than the Church of England. It was due to Laura Stuart signing a pact of alliance after Kamijou Touma became the keeper of the Index Librorum Prohibitorum,[9] allowing the Church of England to receive aid and gifts from it, such as a washing machine.[14]


There is no mention of any formal ceremony involved whenever a new member of added to the church's affiliates, but it is implied that there are no such rituals, as Roman Catholic Church nuns Agnese Sanctis and her subordinates are automatically added to Necessarius's affiliates after they agreed to join, under the name of Roman Catholic Church London Branch.[14] The Amakusa-Style Remix of Church is also affliated with Necessarius, despite not having converted to the Anglican Church. Presumably, according to Stiyl, Necessarius was much more tense before Kamijou Touma became affiliated with it through Index and its members, apparently there were killings of comrades in order to gain another.[15] Moreover, members of Necessarius are members not because they are members of the Anglican Church, but because they have goals that they want to accomplish,[16] operating somewhat like a Magic Cabal.[12]

The varying girls of Necessarius in their dormitory, trying to calm Sasha Kreutzev of Annihilatus down.

Continuing with the fact that it is also a magic organization, the Church doesn't require its members to be part of the clergy, such as Sherry Cromwell who is not a nun, and there is no set dress code for the members, presumably to allow them use their own unique defensive spells on their clothes.[14] Members of the Church are given separate lodgings, with men and women having their separate dorms,[14] and for special cases like the Amakusa-Style Remix of Church whose residence is in Japanese Street in London.[17] Similarly, the Archbishop is supposed to reside in Lambeth Palace, but can stay in St. George's Cathedral if needs be[3]

Previously, membership in Necessarius forces one to access to its labyrinthine training facility, which are a series of subway tunnels in London, though it has now been decomissioned for being too dangerous, and that survival training has now been reduced to a member being thrown into an empty room, where one is forced to magically create necessities like food and water to survive.[18]

Known Members

Affiliated Factions and Sects

Roman Catholic Church London branch

Refers to the established Roman Catholic Church faction that was introduced by Agnese Sanctis after becoming affiliated with Necessarius. The Agnese Forces later return to the control of the Roman Catholic Church after the end of World War III.

Amakusa-Style Remix of Church

The sect is allowed to not discard their codes and teachings. The Amakusa-Style Remix of Church is multi-religious and is flexible enough to follow the rituals of the Church of England.

Unofficial Members

Former Members



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