The Necessarius Special Admission Test or Necessarius Special Entrance Exam (必要悪の教会 (ネセサリウス) 特別編入試験編 Nesesariusu no Kyōkai Tokubetsu Hennyū Shikenhen?) is a test conducted by Necessarius for prospective members of the organization. When passed, they become official members of Necessarius and are handed with a "Free Pass", allowing them access to Necessarius-run facilities.


Someone who wants to apply for membership has to go through a test that would test their skill and mettle, where they are given objectives to finish under a certain amount of time. The information meeting prior to the test, where the applicants give a speech on how they would be useful to the organization, is just for formality as according to Freadia Strikers Necessarius will use anyone they know they can use in a fight.[1]

At least one examiner is present during the test to observe the applicants outside of texting grounds, providing them with the basic information on what they should do, but not provide help and control none of the traps to hinder them as the test is carried out automatically.[2] Although they are only there to observe, if they so choose they can converse with the applicants during the test. An example of this is when Freadia talks about her own exam.[2] They examiner seemingly has power over the applicants as a form of security, as with the case of Freadia who has a crystal radio that she can use to put a curse on the Amakusa Christians to incapacitate them if they disappear in the middle of the test.[1]

The TestsEdit

Although Necessarius has special facilities to conduct the test such as the Necessarius Underground Labyrinth, exams can apparently be taken anywhere if they choose to, even outside of England.[2] An example of this would Freadia's own test, where she was thrown into the North Sea onboard a broken submarine, where she is then told to make it to the ocean's surface within the timeline. Once the time limit passed, the explosives attached to the submarine would detonate.[2]

The standard test however up until recently was the use of Necessarius Underground Labyrinth, where the applicants were forced to navigate the underground tunnels of London and map it along with locations of the traps, danger zones, and power supply routes and are then scored on how accurate the map came out.[3] However, tests like these as well as ones like that of Freadia's were too dangerous. And with the case of the labyrinth people kept dying in it, and it was eventually decommissioned for being too dangerous,[4] though periodic tests are apparently still carried out there.[5] This is the test the Amakusa Christians took part in in spite of the fact that they were to take the "mock test". This is due to the magic cabal Dusk Waiting to Awaken's interference in order to get the Free Pass themselves.

It is likely the current form of the special admission test was the result of this, as Necessarius realized how pointless it was to kill off the useful people they had scouted from around the world.[2]

The current form of the test is a mock test, where the applicants are told to go to the labyrinth and are then promptly sealed inside a white colored cube-shaped room. Inside the room are parchments and things that are similar to tabletop game components.[6] These things have magical symbols incorporated in it that perfectly simulates a nonexistent incident based on a prepared rulebook, parameters, dice, map, and the temporary character explanation they were meant to role play as. It was more of a mental task similar to meditation. The purpose of this was to test the applicants' ability in converting their body's life force and temporarily twisting the laws within in order to call in the power of ley lines, telesma, or something else.[7] Here, they would then be under the belief that they were truly be in the setting the rules of the "mock test" has them up for. However, in spite of this, it was still difficult enough that a slight mistake could be fatal.[2] In fact, Freadia references that a single roll of a dice is directly linked to one's life or death.[7]

Orsola Aquinas went through this test and is successful in passing it. Later in the timeline, when Freadia observed the Amakusa Christians, the setting she had for them was the Necessarius Underground Labyrinth, not knowing that they were actually physically present in the labyrinth.

The Free PassEdit

The Necessarius Free Pass (フリーパス Furī Pasu?) is a spiritual item that is rewarded to those who has passed the test by the examiner or observer the test, making them official members of Necessarius.

The Free Pass has a spell that allows one to pass through the magical gates of Necessarius-run facilities as proper members of the organization.[6] The spiritual item takes the form of a silver and red rosary. According to Freadia it is more valuable than the life to whomever it is given to. Freadia gives the spiritual item to both members of the Dusk Waiting to Awaken under the assumption they were the Amakusa Christians as well as to the Amakusa Christians themselves after they passed the actual physical test, cleared their names of suspicion, and assisted the Anglican Church against the machinations of Cynthia Exment the true cause of the whole incident where the Amakusa Christians were implicated in the first place.[8]


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