The  Nectar Arc (神の飲み物 (ネクター) ?) is the second and last story arc of Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator.[1] It involves Accelerator and Last Order encountering and getting involved in the circumstances surrounding Himegi Matsuri, a princess-like girl with a mechanical heart,[2][3] who is connected to a case involving one of the Board Directors and pursued by the dark side group Full Course,[4][5][6] as well as twin sisters Tobio Yumi and Mami.[5][7]


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Accelerator's Condition, Nakimoto

The Tobio SistersEdit

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Childhood, Present Day

Himegi MatsuriEdit

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Heart, Case/Escape


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Himegi Matsuri (Ch37-43), Tobio Sisters (Ch43-51), Banquet on the Escoffier (Ch50-)


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