Neoka Norito (根丘則斗ねおかのりと Neoka Norito?) is a member of the Academy City Board of Directors and a former rescue squad elite.[2][3][4]


Looking around 30, Neoka wears a fancy suit,[1] with some muscle tone visible through it.[5] He is described as not having the look of a businessman or executive, but that of a high-profile entrepreneur or film actor,[5][1] feeling more like a homeroom teacher than a principal or vice-principal.[1]


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GT1 - Cleanliness, manipulation, the dark side, cautiousness, magic, repelling malice/reaching for power, polite/courteous façade, rude/arrogant


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GT1 - Rescue squad elite, Director


Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Kamijou ArcEdit

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During the Board's meeting in the wake of Aleister's 'death' and the restoration of Academy City after the shutdown and evacuation, Neoka tried to seize the initiative during their discussion, but was interrupted by the arrival of Accelerator, who introduced himself to them as the new Board Chairman.[6][3]

Souyaku Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Christmas Eve ArcEdit

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On December 24th, with Board Chairman Accelerator preparing to eliminate the Dark Side of Academy City with Operation Handcuffs and standing to lose much from it, Neoka had Maidono Hoshimi attempt to kidnap Last Order to use as a hostage.[7]

After Maidono was defeated by Kamijou Touma and captured, as Anti-Skill made its move, Neoka attempted to escape while set off an explosion and fire in his home, intending to fabricate injuries and make himself look like a victim to have Anti-Skill take the blame, using rules as a shield so their investigation would be halted and he could eliminate the incriminating evidence.[8] Touma, together with Index and Misaka Mikoto, interrupted his escape before he could acquire injuries, prompting Neoka to attempt to kill them to eliminate the witnesses.[1]

While Neoka initially held the upper hand through the use of magic acquired from R&C Occultics, which he presented as an application of the 'Minimum Collision Theory', Touma and Index soon realized the truth, and after Touma called on Othinus, they were able to deal with Neoka's attacks.[4] When Othinus deduced the fact that he used to be in a rescue squad, Neoka spoke of his past and why he believed the city's darkness was necessary, but Touma refuted his reasoning.[4] Discarding his magical tools, Neoka turned to his physical abilities in order to defeat Touma. In a cross-counter, Neoka's fist connected while Touma's didn't, but Touma instead flicked the blood in his hand in Neoka's eyes, buying enough time to use his remaining strength to knock Neoka out before collapsing himself.[9]


Being a former rescue squad elite,[3][4] Neoka has had considerable physical training, maintaining his physical abilities even after becoming a member of the Board of Directors,[3][5][9] is trained in the proper use of rescue equipment (displaying certain visual indications in his movements as a result),[4] and has a degree of medical knowledge,[4] as well as considerable field experience.[3][3][4]

Neoka has a degree of the manipulative capability usually possessed by members of the Board of Directors, and he has access to numerous resources and subordinates due to his position, being particularly invested in the Dark Side of Academy City.[2][5][10][1][3]


Through R&C Occultics, Neoka acquired a method of casting magic, which he believes to be a method of utilizing elementary particles, their collisions and collapse, to simplify the world's composition and manipulate visible phenomena, something he mistakenly calls the Minimum Collision Theory (最小衝突理論 Saishō Shōtotsu Riron?).[1] In truth, it is a method of utilizing the association between the seven metals of antiquity, the seven classical planets, and seven of the ten Sephirah, to reach the twenty-two channels connecting the ten spheres of the Sephiroth, influencing the tree to affect the world.[1][4]

Metal Symbol 'Planet' Symbol Sephirah #
Lead Pb Saturn Binah 3
Tin Sn Jupiter Chesed 4
Iron Fe Mars ♂︎ Gevurah 5
Gold Au Sun Tiferet 6
Copper Cu Venus ♀︎ Netzach 7
Mercury Hg Mercury Hod 8
Silver Ag Moon Yesod 9

The technique is described as an adaptation of a sanctifying vocalization (聖化発声 Shōke Hassei?), with a familiar and tangible metal being used to envision an invisible Sephirah and embedding the extra sphere in the pathways between the existing spheres of the tree (which Othinus described as being like a woodpecker and an extra 'nest') to alter the rules of the world and produce the desired effect. It utilizes the idea that, based on the fact that the Sephirah are guarded by angels, the creation of a fictional angel could be used to create a fictional sphere.[4] The angelic construction is rehashed from a Golden-style method of forming the names of angels, with the cabal inventing and splitting apart 72 of them, to efficiently control the colorless and formless angelic power known as Telesma.[4] This in turn is connected to historical usage of the Book of Exodus (出エジプト記 Shutsuejiputoki?), which pre-Golden magicians extracted text from and created temporary angels by adding '-el'/'-yah' to the end of it - a simple way of extracting specific meaning from the full text.[11][4] In Neoka's case, he adds '-el' onto the end of a German word relating to the effect he wishes to produce to make the angel's name.[11]

Neoka uses this magic via a pair of spiritual items, resembling assassination handguns the size of cards, which could be overlooked while being hidden in the user's palms or sleeves. The guns are double-barreled but instead of steel barrels, they have glass containers reminiscent of vacuum tubes.[11] Enclosed within each of these flasks is a girl with a halo, smaller than an index finger,[11] called a filament (フィラメント Firamento?) by Neoka.[4] Of similar essence but varying nature,[1][11][9] they can easily be dyed in any color, with their hair, clothing and halo changing in response to the user's voice.[11][4][9] The guns can make a sound similar to a clockwork contraption.[11]

When using his spells, Neoka speaks the constructed angelic name as well as a command including the metals and path involved (usually after the name); "Construct a fictional port between (Periodic Symbol) and (Periodic Symbol), aka Path (Number)"[1][11][4] (e.g. for Wasser (Water) with Mercury (Hg), Silver (Ag) and path 20; "Wasserel. Construct a fictional port between Hg and Ag, aka Path 20" (ヴァッサエル。HgとAgの間、すなわち経路20に架空の端子を設けよ Wassaeru. Hg to Ag no ma, sunawachi keiro 20 ni kakū no tanshi o mōkeyo?)).[1] The hair, clothing and halo of a girl in one of the flasks changes in response to the vocal command before coming apart, being unleashed through the gun muzzle in the form of the desired phenomena.[11][4]

Name German Metals/
Path Effects
Feuerel (フォイアエル Foiaeru?) Feuer ("Fire") Au - Cu
6 - 7
14 The girl in the barrel takes a red form with a glowing halo before unravelling to produce a flame-related effect, such as:
  • A pinpoint targeted explosion.[1]
  • A supersonic shot that scorches the air and obstacles in a straight line, capable of melting a coin to the color orange.[1][4]
  • Immense flames which appear from thin air then spiral and gather around the user's right hand. These can be combined with water gathered similarly with Wasserel to produce a steam explosion.[1]
  • A thrown fireball.[11]
Wasserel (ヴァッサエル Wassaeru?) Wasser ("Water") Hg - Ag
8 - 9
20 Produces water which is gathered around the user's left hand. The water is compressed to increase its pressure, producing a straining sound like an old rope as it gathers around the hand.[1] By gathering flames around the other hand with Feuerel and bringing both hands together, the user can combine the two to produce a powerful steam explosion, with temperatures exceeding 100 degrees several times over.[1]
Windel (ヴィントエル Wintoeru?) Wind ("Wind") Pb - Fe
3 - 5
8 Produces a wind which whirls around the user, allowing them to stand at the center of a steam explosion (produced through a combination of Feuerel and Wasserel) without harm.[1]
Erdeel (エアデエル Eadeeru?) Erde ("Earth") Sn - Fe
4 - 5
9 Causes the ground to swell up and produce a thick rock shield.[11]
Schmetterlingel (シェメッターリンクエル Shemettārinkueru?) Schmetterling ("Butterfly") Au - Hg
6 - 8
16 Causes a swarm of glowing butterflies to appear, which swallow up targets in torrent and can corrode metal.[11]
Lichtel (リヒトエル Rihitoeru?) Licht ("Light") Pb - Au
3 - 6
7 The girl in the barrel becomes a glowing white light before coming apart, with the light being unleashed from the muzzle in a beam, being described as a warship-class beam weapon which could accurately shoot down ballistic missiles.[11]
Explosionel (エクスプロジオエル Ekusupurojioeru?) Explosion ("Explosion") Fe - Au
5 - 6
12 The girl in the barrel changes into a mass of red, unravelling in the air, and is fired onto the ground to trigger an explosion.[4]
Schneide- (シュナイデエ- Shunaidee?)
Schneid ("Cutting")

Schneide ("Cutting edge/Blade")

N/A N/A The girl in the barrel becomes lead-colored and on emerging from the tube, shatters and transforms into razor steel blades which scatter out like a shotgun blast.[4]

As pointed out by Othinus, Neoka's unoriginal magic has a number of key weaknesses. With one angel in each barrel, he is limited to a stock of four and he needs to state their names when switching from one to another. An attack seen before can be more easily dealt with and the movement of his mouth can provide warning of a new attack.[4] Neoka is also limited by his lack of knowledge and imagination concerning the technique, only caring that it works and provides him with the power he wants.[11][4]


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