Nephentesion No. 7

Accelerator, holding a flash of Nephentesion No. 7.

Nephentesion No. 7 (タンパク質溶解液?) is a chemical used by DA.


The name is a reference to the Nepenthes genus of carnivorous plants. They are pitcher-like plants that lure in insects with an alluring fragrance before trapping them in in their pitcher filled with flesh-dissolving enzymes to dissolve them. Whether Nephentesion No. 7 is made out of their acid is unknown.


Nephentesion No. 7 Chemical

The chemical and its effects

It is a protein solvent that can apparently be used in destroying corpses. DA uses the chemical substance to destroy corpses in order to cut their connection to them.[1][2]

In the anime, the chemical is a blue-colored liquid.[2]


Necromancer ArcEdit

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DA attempted to use the chemical on Hitokawa Hasami but were prevented from doing so by the return of Accelerator, who was waiting to catch them in the act.[1] In the anime adaptation, Accelerator secretly took the Nephentesion No. 7 from the DA members as he left, before throwing the liquid towards them on returning.[2]


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