Netta Fornario (ネッタ=フォルナリオ Netta Forunario?) is a posthumous character introduced in Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index.


When reproduced, Netta Fornario was described as a woman with two black braids, with a blackened silver accessory.[1]


Netta Fornario's personality is mostly unknown.


Netta was not a member of the original Golden Dawn, joining its remnants long after its collapse following the Battle of Blythe Road. She was among those who worked futilely to restore the cabal to its former glory.[2]

At some point after her death, Netta Fornario was reproduced along with other members of the Golden Dawn by Coronzon, through the application of Tarot-based grimoires, as part of her anti-Crowley countermeasures.[2][3]


Coronzon ArcEdit

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During the Crowley's Hazard invasion of the United Kingdom, Fornario was among the reproduced members of the Golden Dawn who confronted Aleister Crowley in the graveyard of Westminster Abbey.[4] Together with Israel Regardie, she was one of the members who approached the former Isis-Urania Temple in pursuit of Aleister's group.[1] She was also involved in the group's pursuit of the British Royal Family as they were being evacuated to Scotland, in order to protect the real Mathers' grave, and was among those who took aim at Kamijou Touma during his clash with Mathers.[5] When Aleister succeeded in disrupting the flow of power to the reproductions' grimoire bodies, Fornario and the others came apart and reverted to cards.[2]


Being a member of the Golden Dawn's remnants, Netta Fornario is a user of Golden-style Magic, though her specialities and primary tools are not known.[1][5] During the clash at the former Isis-Urania Temple, she was described as clinging to the outside of the building like a lizard or newt.[1] She held a blackened silver accessory,[1] and apparently used a silver cross discolored pitch black.[5]


  • In real life, Netta Fornario was a member of the Golden Dawn successor organization Alpha et Omega and a close colleague of Dion Fortune. She died on the island of Iona in Scotland in November 1929 under mysterious circumstances, with some other occultists claiming she was the victim of a spiritual attack and Dion Fortune blaming Moina Mathers (recently deceased).


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