The New Honolulu International Airport terrorist incident occurred on the morning of November 10, as a precursor to the invasion of Hawaii.

The cause of the incident was Leivinia Birdway's provocation of GREMLIN to make a move in order to draw them out, and gather information regarding GREMLIN's plans in Hawaii. This resulted in a fight between the forces of the Dawn-colored Sunlight with the Kamijou Faction and Cendrillon, an operative of GREMLIN.


Knowing that GREMLIN would start a large-scale operation in the Hawaiian islands, Leivinia planned to draw them out into the open, immediately after the arrival of Kamijou Touma party in Hawaii.[1] There, her cabal set up a suspicious suitcase, common in many bomb threats, to sound a terrorist warning on the airport in order to draw them out since GREMLIN is an ideological group, they would not want to be blamed for something that they themselves do no want, as such they are overly sensitive when it comes to their ideology. Leivinia also planned for most of the members of the Kamijou Faction to stop her plans, for efficiency's sake.[2]

The incidentEdit

The incident begins after all members of the Kamijou party slated to arrive in Hawaii, is already in the airport, there, Leivinia's cabal set up a suspicious suticase, forcing the airport management to make a fake announcement to force people out of a dangerous area without panic, which works. Touma later receives a message from Leivinia, and forces his way through security to the designated, with Mikoto on her trail. They later spot Shiage, Umidori, and Misaka Worst, as well from the distance, as security personnel surround the alleged bomb. After calling Leivinia, she states that GREMLIN is on the move as well, albeit discreetly with magic, but has managed to dispel it. Thereafter, 20 personnel from the Dawn-colored Sunlight, Leivinia's subordinates appeared before Touma, with Mark Space pointing at their enemy, Cendrillon.[3]

Struggle against CendrillonEdit

Immediately after appearing, Cendrillon initiates a Cinderalla-related spell, causing several of Leivinia's men to trip and convulse in pain, as her magic worked upon their feet. This forces Shiage, Umidori, and Misaka Worst to attack without approaching her.[4] Meanwhile, Accelerator is hanging around nearby in the central lobby, observing the battle and trying to see how he should confront a magic wielder. He later sees that Cendrillon begin confronting Touma, speaking in French.[5]

Meanwhile, Leivinia is outside on the third runway. Here, she talks to Touma regarding their battle with Cendrillon, expecting her subordinates to lose as just so they can stall for time. Later, she discovers from Touma that Shiage has made an improvized compressed gun made out of a fire extinguisher, though states that would not work as Cendrillon is too fast. Leivinia warns that Touma needs to buy some time, before she can get involved, and states that he must be careful as Cendrillon knows how to counter the Imagine Breaker.[6]

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Leivinia with Cendrillon, after initiating her own "breaking dawn" to defeat Cendrillon.

As predicted by Leivinia, all shots by Shiage's weapon missed her, and has now begun to target Touma. She tries to attack Touma between the legs, but he manages to dodge, however, she then grabs of his right arm, and made use of his right hand. She then used magic against Shiage, forcing him to retreat with the others. Meanwhile, Mikoto tries to attack Cendrillon as well, but she simply used Touma's right hand to negate her attacks. Having no further use to her in combat, she sends Touma towards Mikoto, making them fall. There, she prepares her footcrushing magic against Accelerator, whom she noticed. At that moment, Leivinia calls Touma to determine Cendrillon's position. Touma tries to dissuade Leivinia but it is too late, as Leivinia smashes a tanker truck filled with fifty tons of airplane fuel from the roof upon Cendrillon. With the help of Touma holding her down, it scores a direct hit upon her. Despite Touma's worries of killing her, Cendrillon emerges from the wreckage, though, heavily injured. Leivinia explains that Cendrillon based her magic off the story of Cinderella using her dress, and that it has a limit to its functionality, especially when there is something that represents that a passage of a new day, like midnight or the dawn. There, Leivinia ignites the airplane fuel, and an explosion fills the central lobby, forcing Touma and the rest to a retreat.[7]


Cendrillon survives the explosion with minor injuries,[7] and is later interrogate for information by Leivinia Birdway, along with Accelerator's accompaniment. She is later contracted by Saronia A. Irivika, and agrees to severely injure herself to throw off Leivinia in her interrogation, though Leivinia and Accelerator did not know of this at that time.[8]

Around 20,000 passengers and airport employees evacuate the airport after the explosion. Shiage and Umidori, and Misaka Worst, evacuate the premises as well to avoid suspicion and the authorities, and later meet up with Touma.[9] Misaka Mikoto and Misaka Worst end up together as well, unharmed.[10]


The terrorist incident did not make any impact in the media whatsoever, and maybe the fact that several events later would completely overshadow it, especially the invasion of Hawaii. This extends to the government as well, due to the fact that the president has recently become missing before the events of the incident.

Cendrillon's self-injury was successful in throwing Leivinia off from Saronia's powers, though she and Touma would later find another way discover the truth behind Saronia's powers. Cendrillon would later be taken into the custody of the United States, along with Saronia, though the former escaped despite her grievous injuries.


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