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New Light (新たなる光N∴L∴ Arata naru Hikari?) is a magic organization based in the United Kingdom, which specializes in Norse-based magic. They were hired to work as couriers by the second princess of England, Carissa,[1] they later change sides at the climax of the British Halloween and are apparently still free to operate as an organization.



Just like many other groups from Scotland, New Light is a "Cabal reserve army" which by definition are not like the polished organizations known as Magic Cabals, but instead are more like "a club created from the gathering of novices who are merely interested in magic".[2]

New Light has the usual structure of a cabal reserve army, but their refinement outdoes all the others; thus it seems they are only using the cabal reserve army structure to maintain their current position.[2] New Light's headquarters are arranged in a way that allows for excellent conditions for creating spiritual tools; furthermore, the group possesses several hideouts meant to be used if their main headquarters was to be compromised.[3]


All their members wear a jacket bearing the logo of the group (N∴L∴, which represent the initials of New Light) and the symbol of a red dragon on their shirts. Their specialty is Northern European magic otherwise based off of Norse mythology.

Bayloupe pointed out that all members of New Light aim to be gorgeous girls [4] - it should be noted that this premise did influence the weapon selection and magical practices of the cabal, rejecting methods that they consider "unfeminine".


New Light specializes in magic based on Norse mythology:

  • Skíðblaðnir: The Skíðblaðnir is a Norse design ship which can shape shift. 5 are known to exist.
  • Steel Glove: The Steel Gloves are magic tools which aims to mimic all of the attributes of Thor's several magic tools. Magic spears which can use it's claw shape to move it's 4 blades as fingers. Most likely every member of New Light has one of these, however only Lessar and Bayloupe were actually seen using them while fighting.
  • Scissors (ハサミ Hasami?): A magical tool that apparently was not properly prepared for the mission and thus went unused.
  • Seiðr (セイズ Seizu?): Magic which is used primarily by female Norse magicians; it uses a certain type of song to cause one to see an illusion while it is used, but it also has a spell that can be used to remove its ‘intoxication’. This works with both illusions that trick the brain and illusions that directly cause an image to appear. It is not known if this magic came from a spiritual tool nor who would or could have used it.
  • Dromi (封の足枷ドローミ Fuu no Ashikase (Dorōmi)?, lit. "Shakles of sealing"): A spiritual item which looks like a wire, needs to be put around the ankles and with that it can completely restrain it's target.
  • Communication Spiritual Item: An unnamed item of which everyone in New Light is in possession of. It allows for heart to heart communication of whoever is using it at the time and more than one type of information can be broadcasted by it (for example, Lessar transferred the smell of fresh food to the at the time hungry Bayloupe).[5] Just as it's name, the full characteristics of the item are unknown.
  • Gold searching magic: According to Elizard, New Light may have magic that allows them to search for gold veins in the earth that have been passed down in relation to the Dvergr.[6] This spell is apparently automatic, allowing New Light to do other missions while it searches for Curtana Original and alerts them when it is found.[7]

Other equipment

Furthermore each member is in possession of a magical item exclusive to them, these are:

  • Gjallarhorn (知の角杯ギヤッラルホルン Chi no Kakuhai (Giyarraruhorun)?, lit. "Coup-Horn of Wisdom"): This has the shape of dragon horns and is used by Bayloupe; it allows Bayloupe to use the Steel Gloves to it's fullest, adding extra effects to them.
  • Tail (尻尾 Shippo?, lit. animal tail): This is used by Lessar and is naturally shaped after a dragon tail; it allows her to make great jumps and with them, easily climb buildings.
  • Wings ( Tsubasa?): These are in possession of Floris and as the name and New Light's theme might suggest, are shaped as dragon wings and are known to allow a certain degree of flying ability.
  • Nails ( Tsume?): Resembling dragon claws, these are used by Lancis but as of now its effect and abilities are unknown.


Toaru Kagaku no Railgun

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun SS2: Shopping Mall Demonstration

Main article: Toaru Kagaku no Railgun SS2: Shopping Mall Demonstration

At the start of July in the current year of the story timeline, New Light were running a shop named Maguro Hiroi in a Russian shopping mall complex while pursuing a certain goal. As a result of Lessar giving information to Misaka Mikoto which got her into trouble, New Light became involved in a series of events which unfolded due to the schemes of the mall's higher-ups and certain parties associated with them. After the incident was resolved, New Light left by charter plane. Just before take-off, they learnt that one of their spiritual items had located the Curtana Original.[7]

Toaru Majutsu no Index

British Royal Family Arc

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New Light, driving to London.

Initially, it was revealed that New Light interfered with Necessarius counter measures against the terrorist hijack of a plane[8], this was done because if successful, Necessarius plan would have forced the plane to perform an emergency landing and terrorist containment efforts would have caused certain highways to be sealed off,[9] this would have hampered New Light's actual assignment.

Their task is to transport the newly-excavated Curtana Original to England using the boat Skíðblaðnir. They had encounters with Touma and the other members of Necessarius while he was staying in London. Bayloupe was caught by Itsuwa in one of Necessarius's labyrinths[4], Floris was easily defeated by Kanzaki Kaori[3], Lancis didn't fight and remained outside of the area[1] (her part on the mission required her to be 30km outside the combat area) and the last one, Lessar, decided to go after Touma once the revolution was done and is assisted him in fending off Fiamma while harboring the desire of recruiting him so that he works for England.[10]

It should be noted that once Queen Elizard used Union Jack and scattered Curtana's power, Bayloupe and the rest of New Light unanimously decided to lend their help to the efforts of stopping and saving Carissa,[11] all of this despite the shame that the act of switching sides might bring upon them.

Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index

Homecoming Arc

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Lessar and Lancis are seen at New Light's apartment in Edinburgh discussing the news that Bayloupe intercepted from the Anglicans about Touma's mysterious return to Academy City with the aid off the leader of Dawn-Colored Sunlight Leivinia Birdway. Lessar then rants that she was trying to seduce him for the sake of England, before striping off her clothes to reveal a dominatrix suit underneath. Lancis then shows her photo intercepted from the Anglicans showing Kamijou Touma standing in the center of a number of people after reading the annotations left by the Anglicans (the notes identifying the girls around them and their breast sizes) and declares that it is the time for Lancis' major debut and to put on a white Japanese school swimsuit and head to Academy City for the purpose of seducing Touma, to which she replies, warning Lessar that one more word and she will punch her.[12]

Magic God Othinus Arc

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Lessar mentions that she and the rest of New Light played rock-paper-scissors on who will get the plane ticket to Japan and see Kamijou Touma on their upcoming counterattack against GREMLIN. Lessar states that she won the plane ticket after beating Floris who cried during the final match.[13]

Coronzon Arc

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While only Lessar's movements were shown during the Crowley's Hazard invasion of the United Kingdom and the emergence of the reproduced Golden Dawn,[14] New Light was referred to as one of the later iterations of the Golden Dawn.[15][16]


Name Accessory Details
Bayloupe Horns The Leader of the New Light. She is the eldest of the group with silvery hair. Like all members in her group they have spear-like weapons and dragon-like accessories. She wears metallic dragon ears. Like the other members of her team she wears the spiritual artifact called "Steel Gloves" which was created to simulate the weapons that Thor, the God of Thunder, used. It gives the holder a great power, physically and magically. Only she can use the power to summon thunder, which is a simulation of Thor's short-handled hammer, Mjölnir.
Lessar Tail A member of the New Light with black hair. During her introduction she was being chased by Touma and Oriana, both managed to defeat her, after that she revealed that New Light was hired as couriers for an artifact for one of the princesses but before she finished her story she was almost killed by the English Knights. Touma managed to save her life in time by bringing her to Orsola Aquinas, after that she took a liking to Touma and often tries to seduce him. Afterwards, she accompanies Touma on his trip to Russia and fights alongside him against Fiamma of the Right. She is noted to be the one with the strongest magical power in New Light.[5] Lessar is notable for being the New Light member with the most reappearances in the story.
Floris Wings A member of the New Light with blonde hair. She is the second member of the group to be taken out during their operation in transporting Curtana Second, and was taken custody by the Amakusa Christians after easily being defeated by Kanzaki Kaori.[17] After being captured by the Knights of England during the British Halloween, Touma accidentally returns her into the custody of the Amakusa Christians not knowing that they are the same people that captured her in the first place prior to the knights, earning Touma a grudge from her.
Lancis Nails A member of the New Light with brown hair, possessing the ability to sense danger. She is the only one who wasn't captured by Necessarius during the events of the British Halloween.

Character Art Designs


  • Considering the similitudes between New Light's logo and Golden Dawn, it might be inferred that the name should be read in Latin, thus becoming Novum Lumen.



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