The 'new world' (新たな天地 Aratana Tenchi?, alt. 新天地 Shintenchi) is a spare region of the world's timeline which the World Rejecter exiles its targets to.[1][2][3]

Principles[edit | edit source]

Though parallel worlds are not known to exist, and the world or universe is confined to a single world's timeline, the timeline can expand or contract like a rubber string, and as such it has a fair amount of unused space. Such excess regions within the timeline form the 'new world', which victims of the World Rejecter are relocated to. The nature of the normal world and 'new world' has been compared to only using ten frames in a sixty fps film, with no one noticing if subliminal footage is slipped into two or three of the leftover frames.[1]

The 'new world' follows most of the physical laws which the normal world follows[2] and its landscape resembles that of the normal world, with features and objects recreated, without any sentient entities besides individuals exiled by World Rejecter.[2]

Actions and events within the 'new world' can cause changes to it, however it doesn't affect the regular world and the individuals and objects in the 'new world' cannot interact with the regular world.[2][4] However actions and events in the regular world can affect the 'new world'.[2][4] At precisely midnight, the 'new world' is remade based on the state of the normal world at the time. If an object has changed in the regular world, its counterpart in the 'new world' will be remade to reflect that change. For example, if a tree is cut down in the 'new world' but its counterpart in the normal world remains standing, it will be repaired, but if the tree in the normal world is uprooted and replanted across a road, the counterpart in the 'new world' will be restored across the road. Objects and individuals exiled to the 'new world' by World Rejecter are not subject to this recreation.[4][5]

The fact that actions do not leave lasting consequences in the 'new world' makes it appealing to the Magic Gods of the true Gremlin, as it means that they no longer have to worry about unintentionally bringing harm to others due to their immense power, even when using magic capable of planetary-scale devastation.[4][5]

Access[edit | edit source]

The primary way of reaching the 'new world' is through the World Rejecter. When a target is erased from the regular world by World Rejecter, it is relocated and exiled to the 'new world'. World Rejecter's victims are not technically dead,[6][7] however it is noted that their situation, being erased, separated and exiled from the regular world and unlikely to return, is such that they might as well be to those left behind.[6][7] Though the World Rejecter can send people and objects to the 'new world', it cannot return them to the regular world.[4]

It is also possible to enter the 'new world' through relativistic effects. Approaching the speed of light causes the flow of time to slow, so if for example one sets out on a long-distance space journey intended to leave the solar system and then makes a U-turn, it is possible to be shifted from the origin point and end up on the time axis of the 'new world', though it would take miraculous odds to happen.[8]

Though it is extremely difficult to reach and interact with the 'new world', it is possible to form a connection to it through application of Magic. To do this however, parts of a specific object or entity must be present in both the regular world and the 'new world', in order to make use of the connection via Imitative Magic and Infection Magic.[9][10] The spell devised by Toyama Luca for this purpose, initially using the Anti-Art Attachment's core and later Nephthys's body parts for the link, incorporated a variety of concepts from Thelema, Voodoo, Kabbalah and Egyptian Mythology.[10][11]

While there are ways to reach or interact with the time-shifted 'new world' from the normal world, there are no known ways to reach or interact with the normal world from the 'new world'. Coronzon was somehow able to return after being unknowingly shifted there, though the exact means of return are not currently known.[12]

Background[edit | edit source]

Though the spare regions of the timeline have always been present,[1] it isn't known if the 'new world' existed as it is now before World Rejecter came into existence.

Chronology[edit | edit source]

Magic God Invasion Arc[edit | edit source]

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On December 3rd, during the High Priest's rampage in Academy City, the remaining Magic Gods of the true Gremlin were attacked by Kamisato Kakeru and exiled to the 'new world' by the World Rejecter, with only part of Nephthys escaping erasure.[1]

Kamisato Rescue Arc[edit | edit source]

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Kamisato Kakeru in the 'new world'

On December 9th, after Kamisato Kakeru was forced to use World Rejecter with conflicting desires and was exiled himself, he ended up in the 'new world'.[2] Though he was beaten up by the Magic Gods on arrival,[2][3] he ended up being protected by Nephthys and Niang-Niang when the other Magic Gods decided to escalate their punishment and started using magic capable of planetary-scale destruction,[4][5] long enough for Toyama Luca and Karasuma Fran to devise and cast a spell to return him to the normal world on December 10th.[13][14]

Processor Suit Arc[edit | edit source]

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The Windowless Building's impact

On the morning of December 12th,[15][8][12] after being launched into space aboard the Windowless Building by Aleister Crowley on December 11th, Coronzon was unknowingly shifted into the 'new world' through the machinations of Aiwass and relativistic effects as she turned the spacecraft around and brought it back to crash-land on Academy City.[8] After being played with by the Magic Gods, Coronzon managed to escape back to the regular world, bringing Nephthys and Niang-Niang back along with her.[12]

References[edit | edit source]

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