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Nics Everblind (ニクス=エヴァーブラインド Nikusu Evuāburaindo?) is a Necessarius magician, who makes extensive use of prosthetics.[1]


His first name is taken from words like bionics and electronics, suggesting a magician specialized in a technological or academic field.[1]


Nics is described as a young boy in a baggy habit, the hem of which drags along behind him. He has one eye, with the other socket being used for ocular prostheses.[1]


Contrasting his attire, Nics is described as someone with no honorable poverty, piety or purity, and with the strong scent of someone who makes living through killing.[1]


Coronzon Arc[]

Main article: Coronzon Arc

During the invasion of the United Kingdom and the British Commonwealth by the Crowley's Hazards, while the enemy force was attacking the Strait of Dover, Nics went through his collection at Westminster Abbey, having been told that his choice was unrestricted. Nics selected the Shiva Imitation and inserted it into his eye socket before heading out with Ange Catacombs and Cutia Virginroad.[1]

The trio were assigned to protect the British Royal Family on their journey to Scotland and subsequently were forced to face the reproduced Golden Dawn. Nics was the first to be defeated and fell from the carriages onto the road. Kamijou Touma and the Female Knight nearly ran over him while riding Carissa's horse Alex to catch up with the royal convoy, and the knight set off a flare to mark his location.[2][3]

Kamijou Arc[]

Main article: Kamijou Arc

Nics, Ange and Cutia were among the Anglicans present at Windsor Castle when a party was held to celebrate Coronzon's defeat following the attack on the Queen Britannia and were subsequently involved in the battle arising from the events which transpired.[4]


Nics is a magician specializing in signs, specifically magical symbols which can be represented with the body. In order to overcome the limits of what he can express with his own body, Nics has a large collection of prosthetic limbs and organs which he can attach to his body in place of his own, allowing him to modify and increase his capabilities.[1] He embed artificial objects in his own body.[4]

One of his prosthetic eyes, #77, is the Shiva Imitation (シヴァ=イミテーション Shivua Imitēshon?), a spiritual item based on the eye of Shiva, which can see through to the evil of the world and learn if it is the proper time to destroy it. It is described as not excessively powerful, though Nics warned a colleague that he had an apocalyptic eye in and to not to look at his face too much.[1] The powers of his other prosthetic eyes come in a variety of forms such as petrifying the body, filling a heart with wickedness, reducing luck, etc.[1]



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