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Lessar working in the Nihon Daruma.

Nihon Daruma (ニホンダルマ Nihondaruma?) or Snack and Souvenir Shop Nihon Daruma (軽食・土産物屋 ニホンダルマ?) is the name of shop owned and run by the members of New Light in the shopping complex. It serves as a central location for the events of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun SS2: Shopping Mall Demonstration.


The name is a reference to the urban legend of the "Daruma Woman". Simply put, it says a woman was kidnapped overseas and years later was found alive with her arms, legs, and tongue cut off in a shop in a foreign country that had "Daruma" in Japanese on its sign.


Despite being in Russia, the shop stands out for having it's sign in Japanese which was rare for that city.


The inside was odd, while styled a lot like a Japanese convenience store, the interior seemed unnatural, however the contents it sold were quite different. On the magazine racks were old books made of parchment with mysterious cursive writing in an unknown language. Instead of plastic bottles in the glass door refrigerators covering one wall were bottles filled with a mysterious liquid as well as things like snakes and insects. Next to the register where heat insulated containers for hot snacks would usually be were small dried heads of animals. Everything inside the shop is declared as souvenirs and can stock and sell everything.[1]


  • (As Lancis said to Misaka Mikoto) "…I’m not sure what you’re expecting, but we can even get you things like human skulls."